1. Wayfarin

    Ideal plants for an outdoor red-eared slider pond? Any plants that can withstand grazing?

    Hello, folks! As I've mentioned on other threads, we have a female red-eared slider named Teresa, and after her spending years in a rather undersized aquarium, I am interested in the idea of moving her into an outdoor enclosure with a large pond and a land area for basking and digging. My...
  2. N

    Best indoors habitat for red eared turtles.

    Hi, I was hoping y'all could help me build my habitat for my one-year-old turtle. I've tried to do my best but I'm completely lost. I don't know what is the best filter to buy, what water heater, what heat lamp. I thought I was doing a good job but while doing more research I realized that I...
  3. Wayfarin

    Questions and discussion about naturalistic ecosystem enclosures for red-eared sliders

    Hello, folks! As you may have known from my previous post, we currently have an adult female red-eared slider turtle named Teresa. She's a medium-sized specimen, small for a female, at about 8 inches of shell length. She's a little over 12 years of age, and at this age I don't suspect she will...
  4. NewtThePinkbelly

    Where to buy large tanks?

    Newt is still a little baby, but depending on wether he's male or female (too small for us to tell) we might need a pretty big tank in the long run. From the information we have found online, pink belly sidenecks can grow up to 11inches, which means a 110 gallon tank or more. Where could we find...
  5. Morty'sMamma

    Slate purchasing?

    Hi! I have been looking for some slate to use as a place to feed my Sulcata, Morty in his habitat. I’m having a difficult time finding some and I’m going to try some local tile places tomorrow.so, friends I was wondering if anybody had any ideas of where to find a smaller piece or pieces...