1. S

    Hermann Tortoise Hatchling - when to eat/soak?

    Hello, Brand new owner of two 6 wks old Hermann Hatchlings. I know they sleep a lot and like to browse when they are awake. My question is should I wake them up to feed them and if so, what is a good feeding schedule for them? 3 times a day, 2 times a day? My biggest concern is they are tiny...
  2. T

    Breeding and lost clutches in large ‘natural’ enclosure

    Environment: Central Texas Species: Radiated Tortoises (adults had 2 yrs); Ornate Box Turtles (adults had 10 yrs) Enclosure: 18x24’ outdoor with a variety of ‘micro-environments’: rock overhangs/ledges; hills; pool; waterfall; low bushes; sand pit; edible cactus, native grass, weeds; ground...
  3. M

    Breeders in Canada for yellow foot

    Hi Everyone! I'm in Alberta, Canada! And we're thinking of getting a yellow foot hatchling. Can anyone direct me to anyone in Canada that are selling these little guys??
  4. LRZtorts

    CB Russian Tortoise hatchlings

    I have some Russian tortoise hatchlings that will be ready for new homes in August. I am currently taking deposits for anyone interested. They are $200 each plus overnight shipping via FedEx (anywhere between $40-75). Local pick up welcome as well. I’m located in TX south of Dallas. Deposits are...
  5. N

    Hatchlings with enormously big yolk sacks

    Hello everyone! I have critical situation with my RT hatchlings. Eggs are from the same clutch, incubation time 92 days. I know - bit too long. Little tortoises broke eggs easily but it occured that both of them have enormously big yolk sacks with visible blood vessels. How can I help them to...
  6. Isabel Casiño

    Baby Red Foots

    Hi, I’m not really sure if this is normal baby RF behavior but my RF Coconut is VERY inactive and sleeps all day, she is only awake for about 1-2 hours. I currently have a ceramic heat emitter and a night lamp in her enclosure making it very warm, around 70-90, but she still won’t roam around. I...
  7. J

    hatchling help!

    hiya, new owner to 2 spur thigh hatchlings. we've had them about 2 weeks now, and they're about 9 weeks old! They seem to spend a lot of time under the lamp and not so much time moving around, is this normal? also how do you accurately measure basking temps, do you use a probe thermometer to...
  8. Successor4

    Seeking CherryHead hatchling(s) or baby

    Hello everyone, What an Awesome forum - so glad I found this! I am looking to buy 1 or 2 CherryHead hatchlings or babies. I live in central Florida. Any recommendations on where or from whom I can buy are greatly appreciated. ~Thanks
  9. Shaztorts

    Hello! First time owner with Hermann's Hatchlings :)

    Hi everyone! My name is Sharon and I have become the owner of 2 Hermann's tortoises for a month now. Lucky and Mbappe are 6 months old captive born-and-bred tortoises from Hungry but now live with us in England. This is the first time I own tortoises and I just want to do my very best at...
  10. Trish33

    How much time between hatchlings?

    Hello all! Newbie to the forum and I hope someone can give me some advice. I've had painted turtles for over 10 years, never any eggs or babies...which I am completely fine with. And then Chewetta came into my life...my boyfriend was on a job site and rescued an Eastern Box Turtle that was...