1. T

    Tortoise lighting/heat

    Would one of these dual light fixtures be suitable for use when hung over a tortoise table, one with a UVB bulb and the other heat bulb, each socket has independent switches so both can be thermostatically controlled. And if not what would you recommend as I need to upgrade both. Thanks!
  2. L


    Hi everyone. I need help, advice on how to keep Dudes hide warm. Thanks.
  3. C

    Getting winter ready

    So, I’ve had my Hermann’s tortoise for a couple of months now (he is 14) and it has been super hot here in the UK, he goes in my garden and free roams during the day and at nighttime he goes in his tortoise table in my shed. I want to start getting prepared for winter, I can’t have him in the...
  4. texastort17

    Russian Tort burrowing during the summer heat

    Hello, I’m trying to find out what may be going on with my tort. She’s always been an outdoor tortoise and was previously with my father—now she’s living in an outdoor enclosure at my house. The enclosure is 8x4 and about 3.5-4ft deep soil. It’s been a bit warmer since it’s August now and we...
  5. TurtleLadyKatie

    Star Tortoise Cool End Too Cold

    Hello! I recently changed the ceramic heat emitters for my 2 year old Indian stars because I discovered using a probe thermometer that their hot side temps were too high. I moved them down to a 50 watt instead and now hot side temps are perfect (high 90s Fahrenheit directly under the bulb, about...
  6. S

    Help for a new owner of a red footed tortoise

    Hi! Nice to meet you all, I'm a new owner of a red footed tortoise, possibly a girl and around a year old. We are looking for advice around her vivarium, heat and humidity please ?. I'll include pics aswell as description so you guys can hopefully help. There is coco coir over the bottom of the...
  7. Scollins17

    Enclosure Temperature

    Hi @Tom I have a yearling marginated I posted for about a week ago. I bought a glass terrarium like you recommended to help keep better control of the humidity. This terrarium is much taller than the box I was using so my 100w ceramic heating element is only getting the basking spot to about...
  8. A

    How and what type of heat source should I add here?

    Hey guys any ideas on what type of Heat source I should add here and how? There’s a power source at the back, don’t know if you can see the wore
  9. daddy_frankenstein

    Is my hay-obssessed Greek tortoise getting enough light?

    Hey everyone! I've got a 9 month old Greek tortoise who's had a little extension put in on her enclosure about 2 weeks ago- At the start all I put in the extension was hay (she loves sleeping and digging in hay), and she seems to enjoy it. But now she spends all of her time in there...
  10. T

    Heating my new viv

    Hi, I have just bought a new viv for my tortoise. His old one was 2 foot tall and his new one is 14 inches tall inside. I don’t know what’s the best way to heat it as the basking spot I have currently is about 6.5 inches including the bulb. If I put this in his new viv there would be about 7...
  11. B

    Heat lamps heating room too much?

    Hi I currently have a Russian tortoise in an indoor enclosure. For her heat lamps I have the mini combo deep dome set from zoomed. The issue I’m facing is that my room is physically getting really hot for me. Her tank temperatures and humidity is perfectly fine though. What could I do to help...
  12. S

    Should I turn off the heat lamp and the UVB lamp during the day?

    My tortoise’s enclosure is right by the window and she gets direct sunlight throughout the day. Should I turn off the heat lamp and UVB lamp during the day? She also has another heat lamp that doesn’t have the light, just the heat. I’m thinking of leaving that on and turning off the other one...
  13. baileypete

    Heat Emitter Questions

    I've been looking into getting a ceramic heat emitter for my baby leopard tortoise.. but I have some questions. My first one is what fixture do you use? I've seen those cage ones, but is that the only type of fixture you can use? My second question is what wattage should I get? My tortoises...
  14. F

    Looking for heating suggestions for a large enclosed space.

    I have a few redfoot tortoises in an enclosed space which is wrapped in plastic wrap. It works well in keeping humidity in, but now I need ways to keep it consistently warm. Under the heat lamp is fine, but around the area can go below 70. Whats a cost effective way to keep it warm throughout...
  15. atx95

    Outdoor baby Sulcata

    Hello forum! I have been keeping my Sulcata baby outdoors in the Texas heat for the last month. Temperatures get above 100 degrees everyday. He has plenty of shade and I soak him 3 times a day. I was wondering if there is anything I should keep a eye on or pay special attention too. He is very...
  16. Kale

    Tortoise not eating in the summer

    Hi guys, This has been going on honestly for years now but I feel like I finally want an answer. I have had my Russian tortoise Griswold for almost 7 years now and in general he seems to be doing as well as I can tell from a tortoise's demeanor. His shell is round and his eyes and bright and...
  17. M

    My Russian tourtise- I am an overthinker and need help.

    Hi! I made an account to post this and am excited to meet new people. I need help with my Russian tourtise named Tuttle. He is 8 years old and got him when he was around a year old. History: I changed his cage from a terrarium to basically what is a 6 × 3 box of wood less then a year ago. In the...
  18. E

    New Owner Needs Help!

    So I am preparing to get a new babu russian tortoise in March. This is my first reptile and tortoise! I have a few questions about the lighting and heating. - Do I need to use a ceramic heat emitter 24/7 or only at night? - Does a UV light keep the tortoise warm? - Do I only get a UV and...
  19. L

    Greek tort lighting

    Hi! So I need a new lamp of some sort, my current one is a UVB but I fear that the effectiveness of a UVB lamp has worn out (I bought it secondhand). I recently acquired two young Greek torts, Luna is 6 weeks old, Neville is 4 months old. The live i a 90x40cm wooden enclosure, after days of...
  20. Hsenfow

    Hot Weather

    We've been having some hotter weather lately (in the UK) and the vivarium I'm using has been getting hotter than it should be. That is, the temperature in the middle is 82-83F, compared to the 80F I aim for. Whilst our weather doesn't tend to get too hot compared to some other countries, my...