heating and lighting

  1. Zenpsyche

    Baby leopard enclosure 🐢

    Hi everyone! My name is Kristin and I am new to this forum. I’ve been doing a lot of research and reading about how to care for leopard tortoises and in particular when they’re babies. I have an idea how I want her space set up but I need help on how to either build or find someone who can make...
  2. unifiedsouls122333

    Redfoot “cool spot”

    Hey I guys I am new to this forum.. however I have always came here for info on my now 11 year old redfoot tortoise Loki. I live in the Northeast of the US where we have pretty cold winters (can get down to about 10 degrees at lowest) I have a 8 by 4 enclosure (stock tank from tractor supply)...
  3. N

    Tortoise upgrade advice.

    Hello! I have a 5 year old russian tortoise in need of an upgrade. would a 150cm x 60cm enclosure be big enough? we have limited space but i do want the best for him. I also need heating and lighting recommendations, i usually use a 12% tube and a heat emitter. Thank you!
  4. obiwantortellini

    Red foot hatchling light + heat

    I have researched so much and still am not 100% sure about lighting. We are getting a red foot hatchling next week, we will set it up in a temporary 20 gallon terrarium which is a 2x1x1 i think (yes it’s small but the breeder actually recommended this for a temporary enclosure) i know that i...
  5. graciemay98

    Heat Emitter Gas Smell?!?

    Hi, I use a double dome unit with 2 zoo med heat emitters in it. i have used this set up for years, and replace the heat emitters when burnt out or stop producing heat. the last 2 weeks, the unit is letting off a horrible toxic gasoline/burnt smell! it’s strong and filled my entire house with...
  6. LifewithFrank

    2 Year old Russian Hibernating? or Is the heating too cold/hot?

    Hey everyone, I have a question my 2 year old Russian tortoise has started to slow down in pace as the winter rolls into California. He's an indoor tortoise and says inside, except for the occasional outings to his outdoor shelter once in a while when it's not too cold, and not raining...
  7. ashleymiller28

    Proper lighting for youngSulcata Tortoise tank?

    Hello! I recently just read somewhere that mercury vapor bulbs are too strong/bright/dry for young sulcata tortoises. What is a better option that will still keep temperatures hot enough?
  8. V

    Rehoming my Hermanns?

    Hello, I am new here so sorry if I am posting in the wrong place. I have had my hermanns tortoise for about 12 years, since he was 7 years old. I didn’t keep him very well for a long time, partly due to where I was living but also my mental health has always been poor and I have struggled to...
  9. R

    Is this the right heat lamp?

    Hi all! This is just a small question but i was hoping some of you may be able to help. It's been six months since we last bought our heat lamp so it was time to buy a new one and my mum picked one up from Pets At Home from her way back from work today and it's different to the one i had...
  10. Turtlemomof2

    I need advice and ASAP about lighting (i know how vital it is but hopefully im not too late)

    Im afraid my turtles may be suffering and on the verge of letting go. I didn't know about the importance of ubv lighting until a couple months after housing my turtles. Luckily they were in hibernation so I think that's what has saved them so far. I feel terrible.. so please I'm only asking...
  11. L

    How long for light to reach temperature and how far awAy?

    Hi everyone, I have had my two hermanns for nearly two weeks now. My question in the uva/uvb light and heat. 1, how long should it take to reach the optimum temp? I aim between 28-30 as advised. It gets there but seems to take ages. Ive lowered it on occasions but then the basking spot gets...
  12. oneilmatt

    Specific Questions About Hatchling Care

    Hi all, I just received a pair of 3-Toed Box Turtles about 2 months ago. These are my first turtles and my first reptiles. This lack of experience is the reason I am posting. I keep them outside in a spacious enclosure, and the female just laid a clutch of eggs about a week ago. I have...
  13. E

    Need advice about baby red foot tortoise

    Hi, I’m new to this so I don’t even know if I’m posting this question in the right place but I bought two baby (6month) red foot tortoises and a ‘beginners set up’ from my local pet shop and basically I think they didn’t give me enough information and was just misleading me and wanting to rip me...
  14. Maidens Hill Farm

    new adult Sulcata: light / heat q's outdoor

    Man, I have gone down the rabbit hole of Forum posts, trying to absorb much needed info. Huge thanks to all these experienced owners. I feel like Im on a first named basis with folks Ive never even met! My husband keeps asking who TOM and Yvonne are! I skipped an intro post before, so I figured...
  15. V

    Red foot tortoise enclosure help

    I'm going to built my 7 year old female red foot tortoise a new tortoise table and I'm wondering what heat bulb/lamp is recommended, and what wattage/heat it would need to be, I got recommended a ceramic bulb would be best as it gives out no light. Also what type of UV bulb should I get, a...
  16. V

    Red foot tortoise heat lamp and UVB lamp

    I'm going to built my 7 year old female red foot tortoise a new tortoise table and I'm wondering what heat bulb/lamp is recommended, and what wattage/heat it would need to be, I got recommended a ceramic bulb would be best as it gives out no light. Also what type of UV bulb should I get, a...
  17. R

    New Horsefield Tort owner!!!

    Hi everyone!! Hope this message reaches you in good health :) I got a year old, female horsefield tortoise yesterday and I wanted some clarity on the heating situation. I was told to keep her UVB light on at all times (including night time when she's sleeping) however there are many posts...
  18. M

    Russian Tortoise not eating

    Hello! I have a russian tortoise that is approximately 3 years old. We recently got her July 1, 2018. We used to take her outside for walks when it was warm out. Now we are in the fall and it is too cold for her. She is kept indoors. Last week she started eating less and burrowing. We would...
  19. B

    Worried first time owners (11 month Horsfield)

    Hello guys. I bought my fiancee and I a Horsfield at the start of the year (it was via www.thetortoiseshop.com) and we've called him Peewee. When we got him, he came with a tortoise table, a lamp with a combination UVA/UVB bulb, bedding (I think it was aspen) and the food bowls etc. (I've...