leopard tortoise food

  1. Beetle_Rain

    Food suggestions for leopard tortoise!

    Hi! I wanted to share everything I provide for my baby Leopard Tortoise it’s going to be a long list but I’d like to know if anyone thinks I am missing anything important or need to take anything out! Fresh greens: - endive - escarole - arugula - hibiscus leaves - spring mix (spinach removed) -...
  2. Coconikki

    Kapidolo Farms- Leopard Tortoise

    Hello! I have a 5 month old Leopard Tortoise and have already ordered Hibiscus from Kapidolo Farms. My tortoise loves it! I am looking to order additional products from them. What do you guys recommend I order from Kapidolo Farms? Any pellet recommendations? Thank you!!
  3. L

    Help with Leopard Tortoise food

    This is my baby Leopard Tortoise, I need help with suggestions with her diet. I been feeding her romaine lettuce, guava, and giving her calcium at least twice a week. I sometime give her hibiscus flowers but she doesn't eat them. I try feeding her Mazuri kibble but doesn’t eat it. What are some...
  4. L

    Leopard Tortoise Plants

    Hi I'm pretty new to the form mainly because I got my first tortoise about a week ago and I live in a colder climate with my new baby leopard tortoise Zarha meaning she has to stay inside all the time and she's only 32grams so pretty small I was just wondering what kind of plants I could put in...
  5. C

    My leopard tortoise refuses to eat grass

    I've read that grass should be a big part of leopard tortoise diet. However, he/she refuses to eat them. I also give him/her some lettuce. Once, I gave some kale and carrots too for a few days. And everyday, I mix the grass with the lettuce (and other vegetables, depends on what vegetables are...
  6. Y

    Help identify some weeds and food help!

    I have these 2 types of weeds growing like crazy in my back yard! I haven’t used weed killer since February and it poured for weeks in the past couple months. Would they be safe at all to eat for a leopard? I also have a watermelon plant that he loves to play with and was wondering if that’s...
  7. ZahraE

    Ixora flowers and leaves

    Hi Everyone, I have this plant in my garden: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ixora I was wondering if it is safe for my leopard tortoise to eat as I'm still looking to plant some plants that I know are safe for him, such as hibiscus, dandelions etc etc. Responses will be much appreciated.
  8. O

    My leopard tortoise picky eaters and didnt grow

    Hi all.. I get a leopard tortoise on September 2020. He weighted 45gram and 6 months old at that time. Now end of January 2021, he weighted ranging from 46 grams to 51 grams (as I weight him everyday). Is it normal? It may 48 gram today , then 51 gram the next day, back to 46 gram the next day...