1. T

    HELP! Tortoise not moving after soaking

    As I do every morning I put my 2.5 month old leopard to soak in water just above its head. It likes that and usually just walks around, trying to climb out of the tub. Today I put her in and she was fine, walking around like normal. 15 mins in I felt the water and it felt a little cold so I...
  2. AJPotato

    Leopard Tort Weight

    First off, thank you to everyone who posts on here... as a new tort owner this forum has answered a lot of questions and eased a lot of worries :D But this is my first actual post as I need specific advice lol. Just over a month ago I got my 9 month old Leopard tortoise, Butters, weighing in at...
  3. T

    Two Adult Female Leopard Tortoises in Virginia

    Time has come to sell my two leopard tortoises. I am selling them because I am attending University in the Fall. They are currently living in my family's large backyard in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I have had both of them since they were hatchlings, purchased from a private breeder in central...
  4. E

    Egg tooth still after 6 months?

    Me and my brother bought a 6 month old 3 inch leopard tortoise a few days ago from a breeder. We are committed to looking after him, we have plans for his enclosure for years to come, and we have researched his needs and are following guidance from this forum, but I still find myself worrying...
  5. T

    New Leopard Tortoise, water dish and burrowing

    After months of consideration and a week of setting up the enclosure, my hatchling Leopard Tortoise has finally arrived, and I have given her the name of Miira! (I'm a writer and gave her the name of a character I love, I later learned what the name means in different languages!) She's been so...
  6. F74D02BD-1246-4253-B9F8-0B50B38CA488.jpeg


    I write a To do list every day on my personalised tortie paper, got to write these things down when you’re busy busy busy like me!! Can you relate? 🤓📝 #workhardplayhard #grindneverstops
  7. S

    Adult Leopard tortoise - Am I doing it right?

    Hello everyone! I very recently acquired my first ever tortoise! This is NOT my first reptile, but it is my first tortoise and I want to be absolutely sure I am giving him the best care. I decided to start this thread because: There is much less out there on leopard tortoise care than I had...
  8. baileypete

    How to avoid bugs when planting grass in enclosure?

    Hi! I've been wanting to plant grass in my enclosure again for Vic, my baby leopard tortoise. He loved having it in his enclosure before, however, after awhile of having it, there were very small bugs flying around the grass, and also flying around Vic and crawling on him. I took the grass out...
  9. T

    Bubbly noises when eating

    Was Feeding my tortoise cucumber and I was hearing bubbly like noises coming from her. Is this just the water that it’s holding?
  10. F

    Is this a leopard or a sulcata? Please help

    Got this tortoise to dai in my yard is it a leopard or a sulcata?
  11. T

    Leopard Tortoise Hatchling 4/5 months Shell

    Hi everyone! I noticed these new spot like things on the bottom of my leopard tortoise shell and ay a couple of tiny areas on the top of the shell. I was wondering if this is normal due to shell growth or is it shell rot or some sort of sickness? I use coconut fiber substrate as suggested by a...
  12. lionheartHC

    Wanted: Sulcata or Leopard tortoise (Ohio)

    Hello all! I’m looking to adopt a Sulcata or Leopard tortoise into our family. I’m located in Ohio and am more than happy to travel. I work from home and have the land, facilities and time to give them the perfect life.
  13. E

    Trying to eat a stone or concrete

    Hi, I am raising 1.5 year old leopard tortoise (hatched on November 2018). Since I am living in Illinois, I keep my tortoise in indoor enclosure all the time. Recently, the weather is quite hot, so I sometimes let my tortoise wandering outside. I noticed that my tortoise trying to eat a stone...
  14. A

    Leopard Hatchling diet

    New member!! I just got a leopard tortoise and I have been feeding him squash and Zucchini leaves and softened Mazuri pellets. Should I give him more of a variety of food, maybe throw in grasses with the leaves? Also I have found I need to buy a thermostat due to the ambient temperature changing...
  15. terra731993

    My new baby!!!

    I am so excited to show you guys my new baby South African Leopard Tortoise, Charlie! I won’t have her for another month of so but I cannot be more excited! Drop photos of your leopard tortoises! I want to see them all!
  16. terra731993

    Recommended Breeder?

    Hello everyone! This is my first post here and I would like to know the best place/person to purchase a Giant African Leopard tortoise from? My husband and I have done a lot of research and decided this would be the best tortoise for us, however I don’t want to make a mistake and purchase from a...
  17. yusufning

    Leopard Tortoise: Pellet Addiction

    Hi everyone, Background information: so I have a leopard tortoise which Ive kept for about 1.5 yrs. When I bought him he was arond 130grams and now he is arond 250grams. The problem: The first month he was fine (eating all sorts of greens and vegetables). Then he got sick with runny nose...
  18. P

    Hey there

    Hi! I'm Brandon.I'm 27 and from eastern Ohio. I have a leopard tortoise named Freyja and a redfoot named Spock. I love reptiles in general and have owned quite a few. I hope to get to know some of you and learn what I can from all of you :)
  19. E

    Am I right?

    Hi, My tortoise hatched on November 2018. So, soon it will be 1 year old. This is my first time to raise tortoise. Just I would like to share the weight of my tortoise for one year. How does it look? Is everything fine? Also, should I concern about any pyramiding? Thanks in advance.
  20. S

    Pyramiding? Leopard tortoise hatchling

    Hi everyone, I have had my little tortoise for over a month and wanted to think if you guys thought he had any signs of pyramiding. I'm pretty sure was he overfed and not kept in the best environment previously. I keep convincing myself that I can see super slight signs of pyramiding, but I may...