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  1. W

    Russian Adult Male - Rat Injury - Leg Amputation with Complications

    To the wonderful folks here at Tortoise Forum, I have two adult Russian tortoises, which I have taken care of for roughly 15-17 years. One (Piggy, male) was adopted from a friend of a family member. The second (Pokey, female) was purchased from a local pet store a few years later. These two...
  2. T

    Help! Baby northern red bellied cooter floating

    I have a northern red bellied cooter, I'm not sure how old he is but he's about an inch big and I've had him for three days. Ever since I put him in the tank he's been floating with his butt higher than his front. I'm pretty sure it's a gas issue but I'm super worried about accidentally harming...
  3. Q

    Cats/Dogs Pyrantel Pamoate

    Hi, I found an item for sale online for treating worm infections which is intended for cats and dogs, but I also heard people using a similar product so I wanted to know if it is safe for a medium sized Russian tortoise and if so how much is the doze and how should I use the medicine
  4. I

    **URGENT** Sleeps all the time, poor appetite

    its currently summer here with average temperatures over 30 C (80% humidity) and my tort used to eat properly in winter and somehow, since it transitioned from winter to summer, my indian star tort has been sleeping most of the time and very little physical activity and eats food very rarely...
  5. H

    Scale on head peeling and getting stuck?

    My tortoises head is a little dry and peeling. Normally I would just soak him and let it work itself out, but the placement of the peeling is getting his head stuck. It was hard to get a picture at a good angle but the big scale right at the top of his head is peeling up right above his nose...
  6. C

    Are clear gelatin capsules ok for sulcata?

    Hi, Razie has been prescribed Marbofloxacin 6.5ml every other day. Its dose 3 and he is now suspicious of the fruit I bring him and he will not eat it if he smells the medicine. I have tried poking holes in fruit with a straw to put the medicine in. I was wondering if I could put the medicine...
  7. tamzsturg

    medications made my tortoise ill?

    Hi everyone, so my tortoise’s appetite decreased over the last few weeks to the point where now, he doesn’t want to eat at all. We persevere, and usually manage to get him to eat a couple of his wet pellets, a small bit of broccoli, or a tiny bit of lettuce/kale, and then he gives up and...
  8. T

    Skin tag/bump on tortoise's neck?

    Hi, I have a four-month-old eastern Hermann's tortoise named Valentino and he/she has this small bump/piece of skin that hangs off the side of his neck (I attached pictures). I purchased Tino from a reliable breeder in my area at 45 days was told Tino was perfectly healthy. The bump hasn't grown...
  9. A

    Hey guys I need little guy is very sick

    My little guy is very sick Hey guys, so my little sulcata Tortoise is very sick. We took him to the vet and they told me that for being at least 4 months old he's very little and he has a soft shell. They wanted to intern him but we can't afford it cause we don't have that type of money. We...
  10. AwwShucks

    Bloodwork caused my tortoise's neck to!

    So on Wednesday, I took my tortoise into the vet for a beak trim. He's a ~7 year old Hermann's tortoise. The vet was an exotics vet, and after trimming called me to ask if she could do some bloodwork. She said that this was all part of his check-up and that his skin seemed a little thick...
  11. T

    Possible Prolapse of Penis, Urgent Help (Sulcata Tortoise)

    Today when I went in my backyard to check on him, I noticed a poop mostly comprised of pits and some wet stool in between them. It was not long after I saw him standing on his penis but keeping it out for longer than usual, then trying to pull it back in but the tip of his penis was still...
  12. P

    Injured Sulcata

    A neighbors dog jumped our fence and I believe it got a hold of our tortoise or possibly she got stuck somewhere at injured herself trying to get out? It looks to be injured a gular horn and some blood on its front legs with scales missing. Do I need to take her somewhere immediately? Will...
  13. M

    Shell is soft in young tortoise

    Hello, I have an approximately 4 month old suclata hatchling. Over the last few days I've noticed his shell is soft all over both the plasteron and carapace. He also seemed to have changed colors to a darker tan. He is kept in a large bin with coco chips substrate with a humidity hide with wet...
  14. M

    New box turtle - sores around mouth help

    Hi everyone I rescued a Chinese box turtle on Monday. She has been kept in **** poor conditions (no heat/UVB lamp, improper diet, extremely dry and dusty bedding) for many years. I knew shed be dehydrated but I was surprised to see she was worse off than I expected (pics when i first picked...