1. Redstrike

    Dust issues with Mulch and Coco Coir

    Hi all, I've kept redfoots (4) in the northeastern US for about 9 years. I see a lot of recommendations for cypress and hardwood mulch and coconut coir for our tortoises. I've used both and I have to say I'm concerned with the level of dust present in each. Occasionally I turn-over my mulch...
  2. Aidan ❤️

    Bedding for Russian tortoises?

    I’ve had my female Russian tort for about two years and I’ve bounced (safely) around about 7-8 beddings. At first, I had Guinnea pigs and I got the tort as a surprise so I used some wood shavings that I used for my Guinnea pigs and it worked temporarily. Then I got mulch shavings and different...
  3. Geode890

    Cypress Mulch Alternatives

    Hey everyone. I asked a tangentially related question quite awhile ago, so sorry for the potential double-posting, but would anyone happen to know of any alternatives for cypress mulch in a tortoise enclosure? For the past handful of years, I've been using cypress mulch, but for some reason I've...
  4. Geode890

    Cypress-Rose Blended Mulch for Russian Tortoise?

    Hey everyone. For the past year or so, I've been able to get pure cypress mulch for my Russian tortoise's enclosure, but as of late, many places seem to be stopping selling it, with only one selling pure cypress mulch at a rather high price and a few others carrying this cypress-rose mulch...