not eating

  1. Dennisshell4

    Dennis isn’t eating

    I’ve recently bought a baby Hermann Tortoise. I’ve had him for 5 days now and he hasn’t eaten or drank anything as far as I know. I’ve tried feeding him iceberg lettuce, tomato and cucumber along side his vitamin and calcium pellets. All he does is sleep! Any suggestions on what might the issue...
  2. Kittychu

    Sulcata Brumating? Or just not eating?

    I have a 12 year old Male Sulcata I've raised from a baby. This November, I moved out from a stressful living situation. My new room is an attic room, and its typically colder in the winter than the last couple places I've lived. Since we moved, my tortoise has not been eating. It's been a month...
  3. Nogoodnames

    Turtle isnt herself no more..

    Hi, ive had a russian tortoise for about three to three and a half years, her name is Basil and she used to be so energetic (for a tortoise at least) and she is my first tortoise- her tank has a log for her to sleep under- a small dish of shallow water just for humidity- three big glat rocks...
  4. Cosmoandwinnie

    Tortoise not eating, darker colored skin

    I have a smaller female Herman’s tortoise, who normally gobbles up everything in her food dish. This past month someone else has been taking care of her since I’ve been sick with pneumonia. I’ve had no contact with her to make her sick, and it’s been an overnight change. She didn’t eat any...
  5. Taylorannc

    Tortoise Stressed from Moving?

    Hi All, I adopted a tortoise last year who was ill to the point of collapse. He is a 20 year old male horsfield who was kept by an elderly lady who kept him in sub-standard living conditions to say the least. He was intensively cared for by exotic specialist vets and made an amazing recovery...
  6. Sheldonsspot

    What is wrong with my Russian tortoise?

    I got a Russian tortoise online almost 3 months ago. The breeder obviously neglected him because when he arrived, his shell is covered in different dents and scratches from what I can only assume was a bad environment. Anyways, everything was going smoothly until about a week after I got him he...
  7. P

    Russian tortoise not eating and drinking

    i have a new tortoise i have had him for about 4 months we got him from a reputable breeder at a reptile show. I followed all instructions including correct temperature on both sides of the controller, correct sub straight, correct food, including different variations. my tortoise ate regularly...
  8. S

    Tiny spot on baby sulcata's head and cracking on its cheeks.

    Hi, this is my first post on this forum and I hope that it would potentially solve my problem or at least decrease my paranoia. So recently I purchased a baby sulcata from an 'experience' breeder. When I first got it it was a typical baby sulcata, energetic, eats a lot and yeah. After a month it...
  9. K

    4 year old horsefield tortoise hasn’t moved for two weeks, help please!

    Hello My horsefield tortoise is three and a half and over the last month he hasn’t eaten much and the last two weeks he hasn’t surfaced! Two weeks ago my partner cleaned out his house so we put fresh top soil in, about two/three inches thick. Since then he hasn’t come out to eat or drink. We...
  10. E

    Redfoot won’t eat

    i have a year and a half old redfoot and she’s never eaten a lot and is very fussy, but usually eats the mazuri I give her but for the last week she has barely eaten and I’m struggling to even get her to eat the mazuri now and she’s starting to seem very weak and I’m not sure what to do
  11. B

    Hibernation advice

    Hi all I am new to this site but I am hoping someone can help me. We have two spur thighed tortoise, that are approximately 18 months old. One of them has been eating less over the last day and the other one has not eaten for two days. Do tortoises of this age hibernate? We are a bit...
  12. km1913

    New here & need help with baby sulcata not eating, etc.

    I have read a lot of post here. I know a sick sulcata isn't unique, but I am really hoping I can nurse her back to health. Problems: - hasn't eaten since I've owned her (9/22/18) - rarely opens eyes except while soaking - have only seen one poop - bottom of shell is starting to get soft...
  13. Polli

    Taco has changed his habits - please help!

    Hi everyone I’m hoping someone can help me. I’ve had Taco for just over 12 months. He’s a 2/3 year Greek (mix) thanks @HermanniChris for the confirmation, possibly female but too early to tell. Since I’ve had him he’s lived outside in the Mediterranean Sun, he has quite a large enclosure with...
  14. B

    Tortoise just eating tortoise diet

    Hi i have a red foot tortoise that will just eat tortoise diet if i give him/she tortoise diet he/she will not eat his/she greens what should i do to get him/she to eat his/she greens or she/him is ok to eat tortoise diet
  15. D

    Box turtle hatching not eating

    About a week and a gal ago I got a hatching box turtle and since I got him he hasn't eaten a single thing every morning I take him out of his encloser and put him in a little bit of water and then take the water out and put a worm in with him but he doesn't act interested at all he either goes...
  16. Sarahjayne1991

    Hi could do with all the help I can get with a russian baby tortoise

    Hello, I'm new here so please be gentle with me. I'm pretty scared to post if im honest. I hope I'm posting in the correct part if not I'm really sorry. Please no one tell me off because I already know I shouldn't of done what I have and I'm a sensitive soul! It's not hard to make me cry ...
  17. Tortface

    Russian torts please help

    I have two russian torts CJ n FIN....CJ not eating, wont lay under heat lamp...if i take him out he will eat by hand feeding n loves it outside... which he is every other day for about n hr, n then gets a soak for about 15 min....FIN is super active. Any ideas what could be wrong w CJ. They are...
  18. kevvmic

    Trouble with food!!!

    Hi all, this is my first post here :D So I have 2 tortoises, one is around 34 years old an another greek tortoise that is 20 months old now. The elder one eats everything, but the youngest one is only eating lettuce. I tried carrots and tomatoes without any success, she just doesn't eat, than...
  19. K

    Getting Large Map turtle to eat

    Hi, I have a fully grown five year old map turtle living in a 300 litre tank with two musk turtles. On the outside he seems to be in perfect health but has stopped eating the last week. He has eat some food but only about a tenth of what he normally does. I feed them dried shrimp and some...
  20. TinkFoxclaw

    Please help! My tortoise isn’t eating.

    Hi can somebody out there please give me some much needed help and advice. I have had my tortoise for about 6 months from a family member. I have been told he is a Russian tortoise so I have been researching all about Russian tortoises. When I was given him he was in a tiny little Vivarium with...