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  1. V

    Hi all! Pebbles (Hermann Tortoise) is not pooping or urinating or eating

    Hi all! Our turtle, Pebbles (Hermann Tortoise), has not been pooping or urinating or eating. A bit over a week ago (29 or 30/05) we noticed her breathing started to sound like wheezing sometimes and at one point there were bubbles. Suspecting a respiratory infection we took her to a vet...
  2. D

    My new baby russian hasn't eaten for 11 days

    Hi just looking for some reassurance I brought home a new baby russian nearly 2 weeks ago and she still hasn't eaten she comes out in the morning to bask walks around for abit then goes back to bed for most of the day and night her diet is romain lettuce and a mix of dark multi leaf lettuce red...
  3. I

    How to upgrade Hermanns enclosure?

    Hi! It's my first time writing on this forum. I got a Hermanns tortoise yesterday and didn't even know I was getting it, so I couldn't prepare properly. This is what I managed to do with things I already had in my house. The tortoise isn't that old yet, it's about 7cm long. How could I improve...
  4. bezthehee

    Russian Tort Hiding/Sleeping All Day

    My Russian tortoise is about 4 years old (guessing because I got her as a ‘yearling’ 3 years ago). In the last couple of weeks she’s been in her hide most of the day and she only gets out if I grab her and place her in front of food. She eats a little bit and eventually makes her way to the...
  5. P

    New 6month old leopard tortoise isn't eating.

    I am new to reptiles, and I recently purchased a leopard tortoise from a breeder, and it seems decently active and healthy. However, it isn't eating the greens and hibiscus that I set out for it. It's been three days, is this normal? Could it be that it doesn't like the food that I put out?
  6. T

    Sulcata hatchling isn’t eating

    Hi I have a baby sulcata that I got about a month ago so she’s around 2-3ish months old. As soon as I got her she was already squeaking but with some soaking and consistent misting the squeak has mostly gone away. These past few weeks she’s been eating less and less except for an occasional...
  7. Y

    Not eating

    Have a 8 year old bix turtle. She doesn't seem to have much of a appetite for the last month or so. She active when we let her wonder. She just nibble a bit of food once a week
  8. G

    Brumating or sick? Losing weight. Help!

    I have a 5-10 year old female Russian tortoise named Sprinkles. I got Sprinkles in mid June. Up until a few weeks ago she had a great appetite, eating most of the food I would put in her 8 inch terracotta dish, a very large handful. She eats mixed leafy greens and sometimes she gets radicchio as...
  9. L

    African Side Neck Turtle Will only Eat Live

    Hi everyone! So we just got an African Side Neck Turtle a week ago. We have tried every kind of food under the sun. We even went to pet smart and asked them what diet they feed their turtles. We had the water at 78 (heater). The basking area between 85 and 90. We have a hiding area for him etc...
  10. K

    Tortoise not using back legs, not peeing, sensitive shell

    My Russian tortoise has stopped eating and she is dragging her back legs and I'm worried. She is like 15 years old. Took her to the vet. X ray and blood taken. No eggs or broken bones or kidney stones. I have her in a 40 gallon tank with a power sun light bulb (heat and UVB and UVA all in...
  11. B

    Is this shell rot

    The vet said she has an infection and she got 2 antibiotic injections but he didn’t tell which infection she had He’s just a normal vet not reptile one and he doesn’t look very experienced with tortoises Anyway she has 2 more injections due today should I take her I’m worried about stopping the...
  12. S

    Can I force feed my lizard? And when would be best to do so?

    So, some of you may know that I recently got a new lizard, and that it has been eating really (2-4 dubias a day, 4-6 mealworms) well up until recently, where it just stopped eating, barely eating 1 mealworm a day. We did call multiple vets, all of them are full and one still needs to get back to...
  13. S

    Agma Atra lizard not eating

    I got an Agma Atra (AKA. Bloukop Koggelmander) a few weeks ago, and it was surprisingly easy to get it to eat and calm down, it even started taking the food out of the feeding tongs, but recently it stopped eating, it usually ate about 2 small-medium sized dubia roaches and 4 mealworms/day, but...
  14. P

    Tortoise not eating ANYTHING!

    Good evening, I have a 14 year old Russian Tortoise. Historically, she is an incredibly picky eater. We have given her all of the (tortoise-edible) greens (Dandelion, Mustard, a little Collard, a little arugula etc) under the sun and she will take nibbles at it, sometimes like it, and then not...
  15. D

    Roughly 4 Month old Sick/Refusing to eat Redfoot!

    Hello, this is my first post but I've been reading this forum religiously for months now. Unfortunately my first post is a very sad one, I purchased 2 baby redfoots which I recieved on Sept. 30, I was told they were roughly 3 months at the time and they weighed in at 68.5 & 63 grams. When I...
  16. Z

    Jumping in water!

    Hi! I have a Herman’s tortoise who is only one year old, and we currently bathe him once every two days, as advised. The water is always no higher than his chin, and the water temperature is always the same, as it comes out of a controlled tap. We have had him for 8 weeks now, and he normally...
  17. tamzsturg

    Kidney failure/ Renal problems

    Hi there, I recently made my first post discussing my little Horsefield Tarquin’s situation. He had stopped eating (apart from a mouthful a day seemingly just to please us) and just wanted to sleep and hide in a dark corner completely avoiding his bulbs. His bloodwork came back from the vets and...
  18. tamzsturg

    Newbie here with poorly tort:(

    Hi I’m new to this so apologies if I’m not posting this correctly! My names Tamzin, I’m 19, living in the midlands UK and have a 12 year old Horsefield tortoise named Tarquin. I go to uni but come back home pretty regularly to see my pets who live with my parents. Over the past few weeks Tarquin...
  19. J

    Picky eater all of a sudden, advice welcome.

    I have a 6 year old, male, horsefield. A couple of weeks ago he decided to become extremely picky eating only banana and apple, we found this out through experimenting with different foods. We've also tried finely chopping and mixing foods together but he'll not touch it. This seems so strange...
  20. N

    Russian tortoise not eating, puffy eyed and sleeping

    Hi! I hope you guys can offer some help. I’ve had my Russian tortoise most of my life - he’s around 18 years old now and has been completely fine until the past few weeks. Usually he’ll hibernate and slow down a bit because we have cold winters here in NYC- but the past few weeks we noticed that...