ornate box turtle

  1. Bryanna

    Florida box turtle enclosure.

    Hello, I rescued 3 box turtles back in February. I was told they were all ornate box turtles but after feeding them and watching them grow after a couple of months i noticed that all 3 are different from each other. After researching and reading about box turtle breeds, come to find out I have...
  2. J

    HELP (swollen eyes)

    Hi I have a 9 month old ornate box turtle. I’ve had it for a month (give or take) now and so far it’s gone quite well up until about a week ago. I noticed he was CONSTANTLY keeping his eyes closed and sleeping and burying himself. I called the vet to make sure all is well and they suggested I...
  3. J

    Help!! Questions!!

    Hi! I am a very new tortoise owner. I just got an ornate box turtle of 8 to 9 months old. So far it’s been good but for the past day he hasn’t moved but he is alive cause I check on him every so often under his wood cover and he looks around when it gets lifted. Yesterday he was active and...
  4. M

    Box Turtles Wanted

    I have owned, bred, rescued, rehabilitated, and rehomed North American Box Turtles for over 9 years. I am currently looking for any adoptions, surrenders, or rescues available. Please contact me with any questions or leads at my email: [email protected]
  5. B

    Looking to adopt a box turtle

    Have been advised to not take one from wild and am looking to adopt one box turtle in St. Louis, MO. Eastern, Ornate or three-toed box turtles are fine as they can be kept outdoor here based on my research.. I've built a pen in the back of my house...
  6. K1RK

    Two Ornate Box turtles helped across the road.

    Top four are a shy little male I helped off the road this morning. The bottom four are a little female I helped off the road about ten miles further down the road. I really enjoy helping these lil turts out of the road. I take pictures of every one and determine a sex. Been thinking about...
  7. M

    Betty's the Bomb

    .I picked my Ornata Ornata up from the middle of the highway on my way to work. She was a healthy ornate box turtle. I released her in a "perfect" location near a friend's home, away from traffic. A few weeks later, as my friend and I were enjoying morning coffee in her garden, Betty came...
  8. K1RK

    My Morning with the Turts.

    Day off so spent the morning with the turts.
  9. K1RK

    another ornate saved from the road.

    This has the be the prettiest turtle I’ve help so far this year and figured i’d Share the beauty I briefly had in my company with all of you. She is safely in an adjacent pasture now.-
  10. K1RK

    My Outdoor Ornate enclosure

    My outdoor enclosure. Hope you like it. Any questions feel free to ask.
  11. D

    EXTREMELY Picky Box Turtle. Will not eat any greens.

    I recently inherited a (what I believe to be) ornate box turtle. I've read that their diet should be pretty much 50/50 greens and protein. He goes nuts for some worms, but won't touch any greens. I feel like I've tried absolutely everything. I didn't feed him for a few days and then offered him...
  12. K

    Baby Box Turtle found after hibernation

    I have two ornate box turtles in an outside enclosure. One of the females had a clutch over the winter. I've found one baby the size of a quarter. He is out and about. When do I need to bring this little one in and start caring for it? Or should I leave him in the outside enclosure and just...
  13. S

    New Ornate Box Turtle owner

    Hi there! I'm a relatively new Ornate box turtle owner and am looking for some advice. I have had a female Ornate box turtle for about 6ish months now, and I believe she is 2-3 years old. In her first home, the people who had her were raising several box turtles in their backyard. They are...
  14. LostRock

    Greetings, my turtles, & questions (long post!)

    Greetings! I've kept turtles since I was three years old - I'm 21 now and I'm getting a lot more into the hobby recently. Little story: My 3 toed boxie, Roger (not actually sure if male or female, but I will get to that later), was kept in my parent's backyard for most of his life. Typically...
  15. Chase Richardson


    We've been looking for our girl for awhile now and I'm hoping that she may be in the hands of someone else rather than the worst case scenario.... Live in Burbank, CA