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Apr 6, 2022
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Hello, I rescued 3 box turtles back in February. I was told they were all ornate box turtles but after feeding them and watching them grow after a couple of months i noticed that all 3 are different from each other. After researching and reading about box turtle breeds, come to find out I have one ornate, one desert , and one Florida box turtle. I already have 2 desert box turtles so I know how their enclosure should be but I never owned a ornate of Florida . I heard ornate is close to the desert box turtle in terms of care and habitat so I’m not worried about him.
My Florida box turtle is what I need help with. How should the enclosure be? What type of substrate should I use for an outdoor enclosure? I want to make it look like what their natural environment would be but I can’t really find any ideas on google.
And since all 3 box turtles are about the same size could I keep them together in the same enclosure or should I remove the Florida box?

(I live in Tucson Arizona so it gets really hot. their outdoor enclosure I have set up right now has a deep pan they can swim in but can’t drown, 3 leaf clovers (and a bunch of 4 leaf clovers!!) ,branches and mainly soft-ish dirt. They also nave a sun shade hanging for shade and a mister system that comes on 2 times a day)

Sorry it’s a lot, and thank you in advance. 😊❤️🐢


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