box turtle

  1. C

    ISO baby box turtle

    Looking for a baby box turtle. I have relevant set up and ready for a new addition
  2. BoxTurtleWhisperer

    My Baby Box Turtle is friends with worms.

    So I just got a baby 3 toed box turtle a couple weeks ago and at first I setup a realistic enclosure with dirt, hides, leaf litter and all that good stuff but the box turtle completely stopped eating and was just burying himself. So I changed him into a water setup with some sphagnum moss and...
  3. Y

    Not eating

    Have a 8 year old bix turtle. She doesn't seem to have much of a appetite for the last month or so. She active when we let her wonder. She just nibble a bit of food once a week
  4. Crazyturtlelady

    Box turtle help

    I am hoping someone can help me with understanding what is going on with my turtle. I inherited a western box turtle in late spring, and have tried to research and do my best to take care of her. While I am not a newbie to tortoise keeping, I am unfamiliar with raising box turtles. Her history...
  5. D

    Water Food Dish

    Anyone ever try one of these for putting greens in?
  6. J

    I can’t tell if my Box Turtle loves or hates enclosure :/

    TLDR: I replaced the substrate and my box turtle hasn’t settled down…keeps making a mess and walking everywhere ..same substrate I’ve always used I just added more than usual so she could burrow and added potted sedans…I can’t tell if she’s just very stimulated or stressed out I have a baby box...
  7. Starlight_kitsune

    Box Turtle Identification

    My partner recently received this little guy from a former coworker who couldn't keep him anymore. We were told that he was a western ornate box turtle / Terappene ornata ornata like our 2 others, but I've had some doubts from the beginning. The longer we have him, the more I'm unsure what kind...
  8. Kris B


    Lost turtles and tortoise. On 7-22-22 A hide in my tortoise pen collapsed allowing 2 box turtles and a Hermann's tortoise to climb it and escape. They will be in the E.214th area of Euclid Ohio Which is right outside of Cleveland. A reward is available if found. I just want them back home...
  9. C

    Desert Box Turtle - Shell Damage Please Help

    A desert box turtle wandered into my back yard. I live in the middle of a New Mexico city in a neighborhood with small townhouses and small yards. There's really nowhere for him to live around here except in someone's yard and it's luck of the draw with that I suppose. So I've been leaving a...
  10. Bryanna

    Florida box turtle enclosure.

    Hello, I rescued 3 box turtles back in February. I was told they were all ornate box turtles but after feeding them and watching them grow after a couple of months i noticed that all 3 are different from each other. After researching and reading about box turtle breeds, come to find out I have...
  11. 2

    Reputable Breeder for Box Turtles

    I’d love to get in contact with a reputable box turtle breeder. I’m just about ready to welcome one into my home and I’m starting to look for breeders, but I’m having trouble finding any. I’m in the Ohio area but I’m also willing to pay to have a turtle shipped to me. Thanks in advance!
  12. F

    Referral Request/Advice Request

    Hello...I hope I’ve come to the right place. In mid-June I found a 3-legged baby box turtle in our driveway. I’ve kept it in an aquarium & have been doing the “hunting” for it...catching roly polies, worms, slugs, etc. as well as giving it fruits & veggies. My concern is it is completely...
  13. K

    How can I help this little one?

    I recently acquired a turtle from a family member. The turtle spent most of his 25 years of life in a dismal situation. He inside on glass and flat newspaper in a ten gallon tank all of his life, no bedding or substrate, among rotting iceberg lettuce and cat food and absolutely suffocatingly...
  14. newboxiemama

    Hornworm addiction

    How often can I feed my boxie hornworms? I know they are notoriously fussy eaters, but since I gave him his first hornworm it is almost impossible to get him to eat anything else. He was even eyeballing my turquoise ring the other day! Earthworms are no longer interesting and vegetables are...
  15. TurtleEarther

    Box Turtle Health Concerns

    Hello. I am a new turtle owner and new to the site. This is Jeffery my wild caught (Eastern?) Box Turtle. He has some existing injuries to his shell like the the healed wound on the left side that he had when I found him. Recently though the lower middle part of his shell has started to curl...
  16. amberlypage

    Box Turtle Burrowing to Sleep

    Hi everyone! I’m a new box turtle owner. I’ve had Sammie for about 2 months now! In the past week, he’s been burrowing in his substrate to sleep and isn’t moving around as much. He’s usually pretty active climbing and trampling his enclosure, and I feel like he’s been acting a little odd. Any...
  17. kitt3nfangs

    Turtle nudging my feet and peeing - weird or normal behavior?

    I have a box turtle, I'm guessing eastern but not entirely sure, who I estimate is about 5 years old and I think is female. We got her 2nd-hand from a friend who rescued her from a garage sale. We've had her for a little over a year now, and she's finally getting used to my SO and I handling...
  18. Kembry

    Box turtle needs help, suggestions?

    Hello, this is my first post here but my girlfriend works at an apartment complex and a tenant left and couldn’t take this little one with them, as you can see she clearly has some shell problems, when we got her she had worms In the front part of her shell. We gave her a good soak and clean and...
  19. A

    Please help: My Box Turtle laid eggs but I can only find egg shell pieces!

    About two months ago my friends came to my apartment with a surprise for my five-year-old (and it was a surprise to me too): a Turtle. They reassured me that he was a low-maintenance pet and then they left. Well after completing some research I discovered that the turtle, my son named “Mr...
  20. L

    CB Box turtle wanted

    Looking for a yearling /juvenile captive bred box turtle, eastern or three toed please!