help and advice

  1. E

    HELP swollen tail

    After his soak i noticed my russians tail was inflamed and swollen. I am very concerned does anyone know what could be causing this?
  2. J

    First time tortoise owner with 2 cherry heads needs advice

    Hello, My wife and I got 2 cherry heads (Cherry (F) and Berry (M)) 6 months ago we really like them and things have be going well so far (the forums have been very helpful). They are currently in a 2'x4' enclosure and I'm getting ready to build them a larger one. Reading that they...
  3. P

    White spots on shell

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to this forum and just wanted some advise. I have a horse field tort called Totty (she is actually a he as we found out recently) Totty is around 10 we think, we had her of a friend who had her off another friend... I've noticed Totty's shell is looking different, almost...
  4. E

    Something sticking out of its behind!

    Hello everyone. Today, my husband noticed something hanging out/ sticking out of our tortoises behind. I am that tortoise parent that freaks out about everything and this object i did not recognize! If anyone can please help? Should i be rushing him to the vet?
  5. M

    Help, Tortoise randomly stumbled into my house.

    Hello everyone, I'm really looking for guidance here with a very unusual situation, my dad found this little guy/girl hiding outside our house and we are confused as to what to do because we live in an area where tortoises are just not a thing (Central Mexico in what is basically a forest), we...
  6. Grxciea

    gooey bloody poo?

    My 5 year old female greek tortoise has what i can only describe to be a gooey, jelly like bloody substance coming out of her. We’re taking her to the reptile specialist but to calm my nerves does anyone have any idea on what this may be?
  7. W

    Missing Mediterranean (Greek) tortoise help

    Hi all, it’s been 18 hours since our Delia escaped from our garden. I’ll detail our search and what we plan to do- if anyone has anything to add/any advice please comment on this post. Delia escaped through the garden fence when my mum popped out to the shops yesterday. She left around half...
  8. R

    Help! Setting up new terrarium for my Hermann

    Hi guys, I've recently adopted a 11 year old Hermann tortoise who's previous owners had him in a 42inch wide and 18inch deep table top with wood pellets as the substrate. He currently has a arcadia D3 basking lamp. His current temperatures sit between 16-28 on the cool side in the day and...
  9. Henry_andres

    Sulcata help

    Hi my name is Henry my friend bought a sulcata tortoise about 2 years ago he moved away and decided to give him to me his name is Carlos. I don’t know too much about him so I have been reading constantly about how to raise him. I have been feeding him all the greens I can buy going from lettuce...
  10. J

    HELP. is his eyes ok?

    So I’ve had him for maybe two months now, and have recently noticed his eyes look a little different, I’ll leave some Info for so you know abit more but any help please. • A Hermanns tortoise • will only eat lambs lettuce, won’t touch anything else. • rarely comes out of his house • has a 10.0...
  11. monmcqueen

    Whats this stone

    Hi everyone, I have a Greek spur thigh whose nearly 1 year of age and they've had two stones within a week and a half, I've attached a picture which was the size of his head. Any information would be helpful
  12. S

    Merwin needs help 🙂

    Hi everyone! My name is Shalom and I was able to bring home a class Tortoise pet for the summer. I was incredibly excited until I started doing research and realized that the poor Tortoise has been grossly mistreated. I only brought him home Friday and am slowly gaining knowledge. Merwin is a 7...
  13. J

    Help needed

    What’s this on my tortoises shell? Help? My horse field tortoise is 13, I was just giving her/him (not sure on gender lol) a bath and noticed this on there shell, he’s been pretty lazy the last few days just sleeping and not really eating. Not sure if it’s maybe abit of shell rot? Or just a...
  14. SArchieIII

    Possible systemic issue: Liver problems or kidneys - Now, what?

    The Vet called me today. He has seen Archie yesterday (we didn't pay the check-in), I couldn't go as I am myself not well lately, he mentioned that in his opinion, all we have done it is all that we can do at this stage, and there should have been improvement already. It is not the case...
  15. Timmy22653

    Welcome home Timmy - is this normal behaviour?

    Hello all, Today’s the day! We finally brought home Timmy (inherited from elderly family member) We gave him the run of the garden so he can explore and get used to his new home. We have placed 4 hides around the garden for him. He also has a house where he’ll sleep. We put him inside one of...
  16. P

    Questions about lighting

    I have a few questions regarding lighting required and I'm finding it really difficult to find some information that makes sense to me on this topic. For context, I'm currently looking into getting a russian tortoise (haven't bought anything yet). I live in the UK and would be housing indoors...
  17. A

    Can you please tell me what’s around my tortoise eye and what’s causing it

    so u just noticed my tortoise had these white stuff around his eyes… can you guys help me out:( I’m so concerned and I have no idea what is it or what to do
  18. Emilyheartt0rtoises

    Can my tortoise eat this??

    Hi guys! I am getting a Hermanns tortoise in August and wanted to make sure that these random plants in my garden are safe for him/her to eat. If you could help that would be awesome! (Also sorry if the camera quality sucks I took these on my computer so they aren't the best :/ ) Fyi I have...
  19. Y

    Would an AC UNIT bother my tortoise?

    I am looking to build my 2.5 year old leopard tortoise an outside enclosure for pretty much permanent living (unless temps get extreme). He is going to be about 4 feet from my ac unit outside that goes on every now and then and is a loud humming. Could this possibly bother my tortoise? Also any...
  20. T

    Help! Baby northern red bellied cooter floating

    I have a northern red bellied cooter, I'm not sure how old he is but he's about an inch big and I've had him for three days. Ever since I put him in the tank he's been floating with his butt higher than his front. I'm pretty sure it's a gas issue but I'm super worried about accidentally harming...