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  1. N

    baby russian behaviour

    hi everyone i have a 4 month old russian tortoise and we got her 2 days ago. i just wanted to ask some questions based on what sort of behaviour they should exhibit? she sleeps a lot during the day but she will roam, she burrows and scratches at the wall but it looks like she’s digging down...
  2. I

    Age and gender

    Can you tell me this hermann's tortoise's age and gender. And is his mouth ok? please help
  3. Beetle_Rain

    Is my leopard tortoise to small for its age?

    Hi I got my leopard tortoise from a breeder at Repticon January 21st of this year and his first documented weight was 43 grams it’s now a little over three months later and he’s only about 2.25 inches long and he kind of fluctuates between 46 and 50 grams. I was not told a hatch date so I’m...
  4. I

    New hermann baby care

    my uncle's friend brought me a baby Hermann's tort. I did make him a good place for start and feed him with cucumber carrot and lettuce. he only eat when i give him lettuce. I bought cuttlebone today and crushed it for give him. i think i should sprinkle on top of the food. can you give me some...
  5. Beetle_Rain

    Our current enclosure!

    Hi I wanted to share my baby’s current enclosure and maybe get some feed back on how I can improve! He currently lives in a 4 foot by 2 foot custom built wooden enclosure the inside is lined with plastic then a garden fabric to keep the moisture in along with a completely covered top! This gives...
  6. P

    Newbie - Advice Appreciated!

    Hello everyone!! Super excited to finally be here. I’ve wanted to own a tortoise for quite some time now. My wife and I just bought our first home and I feel I can provide a tortoise with the environment/space that it needs and deserves. I live in South Georgia and I’m considering either a...
  7. G

    Help and advice needed- red footed tortoise

    Hi everyone. I know that all the information I'm about to ask would be here so I apologise for not searching and starting a new post but I need to be quick 😅 Basically I picked up a 5 year old red footed tortoise, from someone i know, who In the best words hasn't been taking care of "him"...
  8. Kisobel

    I need advice / help with my 10 month old hermann tortoise.

    Hello there, I'm new to this forum and actually got told to avoid it from the pet shop however im in need and I'm here to ask for some advice and just overall knowledge / advice on my Hermann tortoise. I bought them (I refer to them as a he for easiness) from a PetShop about a month and a...
  9. Turtwig the tortoise

    Accidentally woken up my tortoise from hibernation (female, aprox.3 years old).

    Hiiiii, I am a bit worried about my tortoise (female, 3 years aprox.) She is an inside tortoise, She entered hibernation late November 2023, and I live in a really irregular temperature environment. And i accidentally woke her up 4 days ago. When I woke her up I was cleaning her enclosure, After...
  10. fangurley

    Red Rash on Leg

    Hello! I have a leopard tortoise with a red rash on their back leg. About 2 months ago I got my tort a new large water dish but over time I realized that that particular dish grew algae pretty easily and had some sort of leak underneath that caused the substrate around it to mold. I tried doing...
  11. C

    Too much uvb?

    Hello, my sulcuta’s head has been looking a little more dry then normal after I changed his uvb I have a reptisun 10.0 or if he has dried calcium in his head. He’s in a 33 x16 x16 in tank.he had a respitory infection last year and has been great since then please help I don’t want him to get sick
  12. K

    Help for Indian Resident

    I am a student living with parents in India. As a country which is just developing an interest in exotic pet keeping (dogs and cats being the majority), I find it very difficult to understand exactly what to do with my tortoise. Given as a gift, we had no prior setup or the time to research a...
  13. P

    Red foot tortoise lighting

    Hi everyone! I’ve barely had my tort for about a week now. I have a dual dome lamp, with 60W heat bulb and a 5.0 UVB bulb. I got a thermometer and the temp was 74-76s. So i changed my 60w heat bulb up to 100w PLUS a nano dome with a 40w CHE. And I still cant get the temp into the 80s🥲 I dont...
  14. D

    Indoor Russian tortoise enclosure help

    Hi guys, I’m picking up a Russian tortoise as soon as I’ve finished building the enclosure. He’s a rescue and approximately 6-9 years old. I’ve read a fair bit but was hoping for some ideas. I’m thinking of putting his basking spot up in the top right corner. He has an open hide under the log to...
  15. P

    Tortoise on trains

    Hi! Has anybody travelled on trains with a Greek spur thigh tortoise? We are going to Devon but I will be taking trains and I was wondering how safe that would be? The journey is around 3.5- 4 hours but he’s never been on a train so I’m worried it would just terrify him? I feel very anxious as I...
  16. Coconikki

    Worm in enclosure

    Hello! I have posted before asking about a tiny worms I found in my Leopard Tortoise enclosure. This evening I found this worm. It’s seemed bigger than the others I found previously. Could it be a garden worm of some type?? I do purchase local organic greens and I do my best to rinse well before...
  17. lambylemons

    HELP my baby redfoot is not eating

    Hi I live in Florida and my baby redfooted tortoise Mary Shelly has not been eating we've tried making her warmer she's been drinking and peeing every day and she is very active she usually eats a lot but lately she hasn't been interested we put food on her tray and she doesn't eat it we put...
  18. W

    Hi Im new and looking for starter info.

    My new sulcata tortoise is about 8 weeks old. I'm terrified lol. How much humidity and how do I control it. I read to soak them then I read not to... I read don't change what they eat alot (they were feeding spring greens) then I read feed them what is good for them. Also spring greens has...
  19. Coconikki

    Fungus Gnats/ larvae/ worms

    Hello! Last night while I was doing enclosure maintenance I found a few worms in the substrate. They appear to be Fungus Gnat larvae?? And as you can see in the water dish, I have a gnat problem. What do I do? Is this bad? In my closed indoor enclosure I use Eco Earth under a layer of orchid...
  20. A

    Help!! Missing Tortoise!!

    Hiya, I'm new here, so not entirely sure how this works, but I rlly need some help & advice. I have 2, seven year old Mediterranean tortoises, which I keep in a heated greenhouse, with access to an outdoor area. However, one of my tortoise hasn't been seen since yesterday afternoon, in the...