help and advice

  1. P

    Questions about lighting

    I have a few questions regarding lighting required and I'm finding it really difficult to find some information that makes sense to me on this topic. For context, I'm currently looking into getting a russian tortoise (haven't bought anything yet). I live in the UK and would be housing indoors...
  2. A

    Can you please tell me what’s around my tortoise eye and what’s causing it

    so u just noticed my tortoise had these white stuff around his eyes… can you guys help me out:( I’m so concerned and I have no idea what is it or what to do
  3. Emilyheartt0rtoises

    Can my tortoise eat this??

    Hi guys! I am getting a Hermanns tortoise in August and wanted to make sure that these random plants in my garden are safe for him/her to eat. If you could help that would be awesome! (Also sorry if the camera quality sucks I took these on my computer so they aren't the best :/ ) Fyi I have...
  4. Y

    Would an AC UNIT bother my tortoise?

    I am looking to build my 2.5 year old leopard tortoise an outside enclosure for pretty much permanent living (unless temps get extreme). He is going to be about 4 feet from my ac unit outside that goes on every now and then and is a loud humming. Could this possibly bother my tortoise? Also any...
  5. T

    Help! Baby northern red bellied cooter floating

    I have a northern red bellied cooter, I'm not sure how old he is but he's about an inch big and I've had him for three days. Ever since I put him in the tank he's been floating with his butt higher than his front. I'm pretty sure it's a gas issue but I'm super worried about accidentally harming...
  6. X

    Reptimat plastic thread fibers wrapped around tail what do I do!?

    Hello I'm Kiki I have a tortoise named herman he/she is a Hermann's tortoise who is 3 my husband named him. I notice this morning that my tort had fibers wrapped around her tail enough to indent into her tail an I'm currently soaking her and put some coconut oil to soften an maybe untangle the...
  7. M

    What turtle am I?

    Hi y’all, A friend of mine found this turtle, it was abandoned. Does anyone know what kind of turtle this is? Anything would help so they could take care of it properly! Thanks.
  8. K

    Misled about age?

    Hello. This is Coaster. I got him yesterday from a reputable pet store. They told me over the phone that he was six months old but, when I got there, he seemed waaaay too big. I still wanted him but, if they couldnt tell he wasnt under a year old, I feel I will need to be extra vigilant in his...
  9. Leomama422

    Tortoise hibernating during beginning of spring?

    Hey so I got my testudo a few months ago he is turning 1 in a month. He recently started not moving much and staying in one place for days, he hasn’t been eating and doesn’t regularly drink so I mist him whenever i feel necessary. It’s beginning of spring and I don’t think it’s his hibernation...
  10. elel

    Tortoise not eating?

    Hey! Lately I've become quite concerned of my tortoise ): We took him out of hibernation 8 days ago on sunday. On sunday he seemed usual to me, like what he's always been after hibernation. He went in his water container, drank some and then went to sleep, wasn't awake too much. Now he has eaten...
  11. irot

    In need of answers and advice

    I dont even know where to start.. I am concerned about my baby sulcata tort Lewy. It has been a rough start from the beginning. We got him in November 2022 from a seller in California who wasn't very informative and gave us incorrect instructions for his care. We live in Utah so we have been...
  12. R

    Over Weight Sulcata

    Hey Everyone, My sulcata just turned 1 and he was super normal and healthy. Then all of a sudden, within like a week or two he got a really fat neck kind of like a double chin, and his bottom seemed fatter. The only difference in his diet was we started giving him Rep-Cal tortoise food, as a...
  13. CashewtheTortoise

    Did my tortoise poop out a worm?

    I'm not so sure what this is, I'm concerned it might be a worm. I left Cashew to soak and came back after he defecated, and this was wrapped around his leg. Not too sure if it is a worm or not. The rest of the stool and what had separated in the water did not have anything moving or worm-like...
  14. scoutkegs

    moving to the UK from the US with our 3y/o Marginated Tortoise- help!

    Hi everyone, I have seen posts about this before but never find any clear answers. We could use some advice! We're moving to the UK this spring from LA and we have a 3y/o Marginated Tortoise (Atty, he's the cutest). We have been reading about airlines not allowing exotic pets and the UK being...
  15. W

    Help?? Tortoise only hibernated one month?

    Hello please help, My parents recently moved and brought their desert tortoises with them, but the enclosure had to be moved, and outside was too cold to leave them out there. They kept the tortoises inside, and they entered hibernation for what they said was about a month and a half, but now...
  16. R

    Redfoot Whistling

    Hi, I just got an 8" redfoot 3 days ago and since then I have noticed that she has been whistling through her naves. It is pretty constant and noticeable whether basking after her bath, excited or exercising. Alongside that, we noticed that she has watery eyes sometimes. I think it could be just...
  17. H

    Will Casey my Russian tortoise be able or be smart enough to survive the winter? In terrifyed.

    If you look at my first post thread on here you will see that a family member lost my precious tortoise in late June.Now that it is November and closer to thanksgiving I’m absolutely terrified. I hate the dark now and I hate the fact that it’s getting colder,All I can think about is my tortoise...
  18. F

    New Russian tortoise and would like some help.

    I bought a Russian tortoise from pet smart. I talked to the managers at the store and they told me that their Russian tortoises we all CB and younger then a couple years. So I got the tortoise and I have been planning on getting a Tortoise for some time. But now that I have the Tito the tortoise...
  19. S

    Worried about my new russian

    Hi all. I am a first time tortoise owner and I just got my russian tortoise, Spike, from backwaterreptiles yesterday! I have done a lot of research but some things are contradictory and I just want to make sure he is OK and healthy. He has these white spots on his shell, they feel and look...
  20. L

    Bouncing back from worming treatments

    Hey, Both torts successfully worm free. My question is how long to let them recover before winding down for hibernation? Younger is still chomping away but older is properly off her food as she knows it's wind down time, feel bad trying to get her to eat everyday 🥺 Lizzie