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    Tortoise rescue advice

    Hello! My family is thinking of rescuing a tortoise that is currently on craigslist. Although we have experience with tortoises and many other reptiles, we are looking for some advice. This tortoise was found on the side of the road and was turned into a pet store. The owner of the pet store...
  2. I

    First enclosure , any advice or changes needed?

    I recently acquired my first tortoise a leopard tortoise and it’s quite different from my normal reptile and invert setups that I’m used to . Is there any advice I can get to improve what I have and make his home as best as it can be ! (here’s some pics of his crib )
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    My tortoise one eye have become white.. what to do
  4. L

    HELP!! 6-8month old Hermans tortoise (Septicemia?)

    Hi everyone, I just became a tortoise mom. I purchased a baby Herman’s, estimated to be 6-8 months old. I looked at the bottom of his shell and it looks very odd. I contacted the seller and they told me it’s just new growth lines but I’ve been seeing things online about septicemia and I’m very...
  5. A

    Hey guys I need little guy is very sick

    My little guy is very sick Hey guys, so my little sulcata Tortoise is very sick. We took him to the vet and they told me that for being at least 4 months old he's very little and he has a soft shell. They wanted to intern him but we can't afford it cause we don't have that type of money. We...
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    Emergency! Born June 24th, 2020 this little girl Honu was always a sweet, active, happy baby tort. Out of the litter some liked to charge but this girl was always very sweet. Hence why I think she's a girl. Here's a ton of pictures to help describe her issue she's going through. Im fairly...
  7. tortiella

    Outdoor snake concerns

    Hey everyone. I won't be letting my little one out until he's big enough to at least try to protect himself, but I wanted to ask this now ahead of time. I'm in sunny Tucson AZ, and I'd love to build an outdoor enclosure. The only issue is that we have an unholy amount of rattlers where I live...
  8. O

    Red line near face?? (nose and eye)

    Hello!! I’m so sorry if im posting in the wrong place or wrong way, but this website is a little confusing to navigate 😅 My tortoise (I don’t know the exact species, but if I had to make an educated guess I would say Russian) (I also have no idea what gender he is) just got this red line that...
  9. tortiella

    Suggestions for new owner?

    Hi, I'm looking to get a baby Hermann's tortoise in May-ish. I've compiled a list of supplies I'm getting for them in advance. If you have any suggestions please let me know so I can update my list. Thanks! Food/Water (hibiscus...
  10. K

    My young Sulcata tort has weird flaking on his shell?

    Just recently I’ve noticed these strange little flakes in between the scutes of my tortoise and I can’t figure out anywhere online what it is. His behavior seems normal and the temperature in the tank stays around 80-90 on the hot side. He gets at least 10 hours of light. Idk what it is at all.
  11. Richardidn

    Hi from Indonesia ! Got a couple of question here

    Hello Im Richard, just recently got myself a lovely little sulcata fella named Coco (cho'-cho'). A month at most. So I've read couple of newbie guide from this forum, saw lot of youtube and taking advices from local tortoise farm owner (they're pretty nice guys). But, i would like more in...
  12. M

    How do I know if my tortoise is dead?

    my tortoise was acting weird today and i gave him collard greens and baby arugula this morning and put him outside on the grass in the sun so he could eat and he barely ate and had his head out a lot so i brought him in and put him on the carpet and when i came back he was in his shell and...
  13. F

    Help! Getting a tortoise from a bad situation. Never had one before

    Hey everyone new to the group and owning a tortoise This little thing was given to a friend of mine. He has no idea what to do with it but original owner didn’t take good care of it. The tortoise is very small about 4 to 5 inches big and five years old. Breed unknown I don’t know anything...
  14. M

    Identification please

    Hi All, As a child I had a mature Horsfield tortoise and always wanted a pet tortoise with my kids. I love them, but confess to being a novice. Completely out of the blue and with no prior warning my farther-in-law bought his grandchildren a tortoise for Christmas. He doesn’t know the...
  15. G

    Help! My new turtle is sleeping all the time

    My brand new Southern Painted Turtle has not eaten since I got it on Tuesday and has been sleeping day and night since Wednesday. He has a heat lamp and uvb bulb that I keep on during the day, I got a heater on Thursday because the tank water got colder than expected and is set to 76 f. Is he...
  16. Marisa_marie17

    Russian homes

    Hey I was looking for some ideas to further update my tort enclosure. Was wondering if anyone would be willing to share some ideas or post pics of theirs. Also if you would share the dimensions of your enclosures too, I’m considering trying to make mine bigger but don’t know if it’s really...
  17. handyw

    One of my 6cm Sulcata baby doesnt want to eat,move,and only sleep.

    I just bought 2 sulcata baby yesterday,and they was eating fine in the pet store I bought them,and 1 of them already lethargic when arrive at my home,i thought he's just sleepy and leave him at the morning i soaked him,and hes sleeping in his bath time,and doesnt want to eat. the other baby is...
  18. mikaylasii

    Hi!! Looking for suggestions!!

    Hi, I am new to this and was look for advice for my Russian Tortoise!! I recently have got him and have only had him for a couple days. I have been feeding him mustard greens and carrots, as this is what my research has said is okay. I’m looking for suggestions so he may live his best life! I’d...
  19. D

    help with diet and other things!!

    hi, so i would like some assistance on what to feed my two sulcata tortoises to help w pyramiding. back to my tortoises, they are around 3/4 years old. during the summer they mostly ate grass and vitamins sometimes. you see these tortoises arent exactly mine, they're my sisters but my parents...
  20. U

    Baby sulcata not eating? Pls help

    Hello there, I’m new to having a tort so suggestions and advice are most definitely welcome. I got my baby sulcata last Friday. For the past few days he has not been eating very well.. I don’t know what else I should do to stimulate an appetite? I’ve read all the posted sticky threads on how...