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  1. N


    I just got the new bulbs are they gonna be to bright or will they work, they are flood bulbs but idk if they are incandescent.
  2. V

    Redfoot Bought From Petco

    I recently got a redfoot turtle at petco and as I’m slowly making his enclosure the best I can . He’s been eating not as much as I would like him too but aside from that I noticed the bottom of his shell looked really dry . Just asking for help if anyone knows how to prevent and treat this on my...
  3. N

    Tortoise RI and overweight and general help

    Hey yall, I have 2 babies and 1 maybe 1 year old. I bought them from a sketch person. I didn't know they were going to be very sketch until I went to pick them up. My friend's cousin(who also owns a tortoise) is friends with them sho I figured they were good. I was wrong. I bought the 1 year old...
  4. hazelnut_twirl15

    Getting my baby russian settled in.... advice welcome!

    Hi, I would just like to run past you guys here if everything I'm doing is ok for my little russian tort that I've had for nearly a month now, he is about 2.5'' long. I have learnt so much from you all since being on this forum! He will soon be moving into his new enclosure which I'm very...
  5. T

    Pleaseee help Torty!!!! (cracked beak)

    Hello everyone, I am a first time tortoise owner of a Greek tort that I received as a hatchling in late 2018. Unfortunately I've never met any other person who keeps tortoise(s), there are no nearby vets that know anything about tortoises and my local pet shops know nothing at all. Most of my...
  6. D

    Looking into Re-homing options for a 3 year old female Russian.

    When I bought my tortoise from PetSmart, I was 19 and stupid... I have since been browsing this forum for a while, looking into ways to better care for her. Over the years, I've gotten better at tortoise care, though I'm not sure if it's enough. At the moment, I have her in a 3X4 indoor...
  7. X

    Tortoise in my garden!

    Today i found a tiny baby tortoise in my garden and i’m not sure what to do! I’m afraid to let it go free since it’s so small and could possibly be run over or something like that, i also have a bunch of cats in my garden too so maybe something will happen to it?? I’m currently just keeping an...
  8. S

    Anyone know this plant?

    Hi all. I have this weed in my garden that my tortoise absolutely adores eating but I am wary about putting it in her food rotation since I have no idea what it is and what the long term effects might be. I live in South Africa if the locality helps with the identification.
  9. KeithTheLeopard

    Can my tortoise be away from home?

    Hi, I have a 1 year old leopard tortoise, I go back and forth between my mom and my dads house and I recently set up a second enclosure for him at my dads. Initially, he lived at my moms in a 20 gallon tank, and I gave him the exact same set up at my dads. I’ve heard that with some turtles and...
  10. S

    Closed eye

    Hello everyone! I am not so sure what’s going on I noticed my tortoise has one eye more closed than the other at times. It’s not always sometimes they’re both wide open. I don’t know if that’s normal so I was hoping to get some advice or help. Thank you!
  11. Kbeth

    New and moving to TN

    Hi all! I have two rule-breaking turtles. A red eared slider and I believe a yellow bellied slider. My son... or I, really, was given them by a teacher right before moving to FL (essentially, she brought over her three turtles from her classroom, right before school let out as a "going away...
  12. BuddysMom2005

    Transitioning about 20 year old desert tortoise

    Hello everyone! I am new here & could really use some advice. I have a desert tortoise, who is about 20 years old. His name is Buddy. We adopted him when I was in about 5th grade. We live in Las Vegas, NV. When we got him, my dad went through the process of making sure he had a super amazing...
  13. Lou1

    Guys im scared

    I found this turtle and i kept it as a pet. Ive had around a week. When i first found it it dint eat it just pooped. And like to days ago it ate very very little like 5 bites of some leaves. Ive never knew how take care of a turtle but now ive been researching and triying my best. Financially i...
  14. Itachi

    Giving away my Russian Tortoise

    Hello, as you can see I just now signed up to this forum in hopes of advice on giving away my Russian tortoise for a couple reasons. To keep this short this is kinda the classic parents gave me one when I never asked for it when I was young and most likely not researching enough before getting...
  15. J

    Weird white thing around my Russian tortoises mouth

    Hi recently I’ve ntocidd some white stuff that have been arpumd my russian tortoises mouth at first I thought it was calcium so I wiped it off but literally 1 hour later it came back does anyone know what it is? Also I am aware that his beak needs trimming :(
  16. D

    Mr. T’s Hurt Leg

    We have, some type of, California Desert Tortoise that has recently been injured. For some time, not sure how long, he was stuck with a lead/rope around his front arm that was left on a chair in the yard after a dog bath. Somehow the tortoise had managed to get it so tightly wrapped around his...
  17. Kembry

    Box turtle needs help, suggestions?

    Hello, this is my first post here but my girlfriend works at an apartment complex and a tenant left and couldn’t take this little one with them, as you can see she clearly has some shell problems, when we got her she had worms In the front part of her shell. We gave her a good soak and clean and...
  18. T

    Bump on tortoise neck concerned

    What is this bump on my 3 year old tortoise? I’m concerned if I should get him checked or if it will go away randomly it looks like a pimple. Any advice what I should do?
  19. SuperReggie64


    Hello I just wanted to ask what temperature is not okay outside for my Russian tortoise. My tortoise lives inside but he trys to climb out a lot so I built a big outdoor enclosure for him to play in. He spends an hour outside a day. Sometimes 2. I worry about heat out there which is why I don't...
  20. SuperReggie64

    Help. (some general questions)

    Hello I'm a new tortoise owner. I just wanted to ask people what's the normal time to feed and how long should they be asleep? Today my tortoise slept for over 15 hours. His 11 years old we think (his a rescue) and is a horsefield tortoise. I have been giving him food twice a day. And I also...