1. S

    Plastic Enclosure and heating

    Hey everyone, I've used wooden enclosures for my red foot tortoise but keep having issues with mold due to high humidity so I was looking to get a plastic container (outdoor storage box, opaque + ill be adding in some modifications to make it more home-y for my tort). Any tips on how to keep...
  2. Beetle_Rain

    Our current enclosure!

    Hi I wanted to share my baby’s current enclosure and maybe get some feed back on how I can improve! He currently lives in a 4 foot by 2 foot custom built wooden enclosure the inside is lined with plastic then a garden fabric to keep the moisture in along with a completely covered top! This gives...
  3. M

    New two-room house: how best to set it up?

    I've had a new house built for my Greek Spur-Thighed tort. It is identical to the one pictured (without the water damage), except with a beam across the apex of the roof to aid in installing lamps etc. It's this bit that I'm looking for advice on: I have a basking lamp, heat pad (which will be...
  4. M

    Rate enclosure(just bought)

    Hello i just bought this enclosure is it fit for a red foot tortoise?
  5. eliseandboris

    Looking for finishing advice 🐢

    I’ve started caring for a Russian tortoise who lives at my work in a tank. Please know I’m aware a 2 x 3 table isn’t enough room, but this is the space available for now. Bigger things in the future. This will double his current space he’s been living in for years so I’m happy to improve things...
  6. eliseandboris

    Russian Tortoise Friends

    Hi Everyone! I was told I should introduce myself and Boris:) He’s come a long way since I started helping him. Please don’t judge as I’m step by step providing him with what he needs. He’s in an office situation, and hasn’t had an ideal set up. I’m currently working on building a “table” out...
  7. Daddy_alpaca


    Heloo, just to be quick i have a russian tortoise who is about 4 or 5 years old and the enclosure i have for him is way too small, its about 4 x 3 feet, and i really want to upgrade him to a bigger enclosure. Ive heard people say that the ideal size is about 4x8, i dont mind the size however...
  8. Mulgore

    Tears in greenhouse kit

    Hello friends there are tears in my boys greenhouse kit i was wondering if anyone had ideas on how to plug it up i tried duct tape but it didnt seem to work the enclosure is 8x4 so if someone has a better greenhouse kit too i would love some links thanks!
  9. R

    Outdoor Red Foot Enclosure in North Caralina

    Hi all! My wife and I will begin looking for someone to build us an outdoor enclosure for our 3 year old red foot. We live in Asheville, NC and it does get pretty dry/cold during the winter (30 degree temps with 30% humidity).. The plan is to restrict her to the indoor portion of her enclosure...
  10. S

    First Red Foot Enclosure - Advice Appreciated

    Hello everyone! First time posting here, and I apologize because it’s a long one. I am currently working towards getting a red foot tortoise. I don’t have one currently but have been doing research for years on and off, knowing I would one day be getting one. I found this forum a little while...
  11. D

    Is this a good enclosure for Russian tortoise

    During the day she stays out in the large space but then at night I keep her in the tank, Wich has a digable material. I’ve never had a tortoise before and I want to make sure I’m not doing anything wrong or harming her health. So if I am doing something wrong please tell me 🙏
  12. W

    Can not Find PVC Foam Board for Tortoise Enclosure

    I live in the Phoenix Az area and have had little success finding a 4' x 8' sheet of PVC board in my area. It is all out of stock at Lowes and Homeport. I do not think they carry it anymore. I located local sign and plastic shops that have it at 250-300 a sheet. If there is anyone in the...
  13. L

    is moss peat a good substrate

    i am looking for a good substrate coco coir is not available in my area
  14. M

    Enclosure Review

    Hi All, I've had my little dude for a month and got his enclosure to a state that I'm happy with but I would love you experts to look over it and tell me if I'm missing anything. I started with this terrible 5 gallon glass enclosure and after reading Toms guide while looking for answers on...
  15. ArtemisRedFoot

    New redfoot owner -- enclosure set up help

    Hi! I am new Red foot owner and was wondering if someone with more experience could look over my current setup and give me pointers. I just got him a week ago. I've been browsing the forums and have been trying to update it where I can but am nervous there is still so much more I could do. I...
  16. P

    Feel like a steam room inside the enclosure

    Hi folks. For the past month, my baby sulcata has lived in the new enclosure, a closed chamber enclosure. I've put all the light bulbs inside the enclosure and completely shut the lid. I've used coco coir and usually sprayed some water on it about 2-3 times a day to keep humidity high. Sometimes...
  17. M

    Help finding a film to see through condensation

    Hi All, I finally got myself a baby sulcata and after reading Tom's guide I've had a lot of fun building a better terrarium for my little guy. I was able to achieve a good humidity but now I can't see my tortoise because the plexi glass is always fogged over. I know this isn't important to...
  18. IMG_7589.jpeg


    My Greek’s set up. I think he loves it ❤️
  19. K

    Advice on Growing Greenery in Sulcata Cage and Shell Health (pyramiding)

    Hi Everyone! I live in New Orleans and we have had our little guy (or girl!) For almost 2 years now. We unexpectedly took it home from deplorable pet store conditions at a garden store on Christmas Eve 2021. He was itty bitty when we got him so I assume he's almost 2 years old now. We've built...
  20. P

    Is this new environment good for my tortoise?

    Hello guys it's me again. I just purchased a new substrate from Exo Terra, The plantation soil. It's made of coconut fiber which is not recommended in Mr.Tom's care sheet (the care sheet suggests coconut coir). It looks quite okay except I don't know if it can completely be replaceable or not...