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    Speedys outside enclosure set up for a day. Plenty of shade provided along with fresh food, water and damp substrate.
  2. N

    Enclosures Size, And it's impact on the tortoise's well being mentally/physically

    Greetings! I've been questioning about this for a while and it's starting to haunt my thoughts since im also gonna adopt a baby sulcata (3-4 months old)and the day is getting closer and closer, having done a decent amount of research (like 2 months or so) Still, i just think there is still so...
  3. M

    Where to buy a tortoise enclosure

    I'm thinking about getting a Russian Tortoise. Could any one recommend an enclosure that I can order online?
  4. Q

    My first enclosure, less than $75 spent

    My very first enclosure, it sure needs some more decorations and hiding spots, but it covers most of the basic needs. I take it outside during the morning if its sunny until around 4 when I take it back inside under a UVB and heating bulb. I’m searching ideas on how to make a closed chamber to...
  5. Williammurphy

    Horsefield Tortoise

    Hi! My name is William, I am 21 from Glasgow Scotland. I purchased my first ever tortoise, Chelly (I'm creative can't you tell ;)). The breeder told me she was a Horsefield Tortoise from Russia and provided certificates showing her egg number and DOB etc. So I am certain that this correct. I...
  6. F

    Little spoiled Sulcata Baby

    My little guy got his new habitat updates today. Including auto sensing temperature and humidity gauge with timer light and edible decor 😊 2” coco coir bedding and layer of orchard bark with a coco coir exclusive dig down humid hide.
  7. AgataP

    Herbie outdoor living and a general update.

    Figured it’s update time since Herbie will be turning 2 in 2 weeks. He weights close to 12lbs. He spends his life doing tortoise things. Lots of outside time in the sun, snacking, throwing dirt on his shell and adventuring. This is his relaxing space. Has everything he needs. Little “pool”...
  8. Speedy and Pokey TheTorts

    Custom Tortoise Table For Sale?

    I’m looking for a 2x6-8ft indoor tortoise table with legs. I own two 6in marginated tortoises. I would like to keep them outside but have a lot of raccoons, coyotes, and predatory birds. This is the best I can do for now.
  9. Bryanna

    Florida box turtle enclosure.

    Hello, I rescued 3 box turtles back in February. I was told they were all ornate box turtles but after feeding them and watching them grow after a couple of months i noticed that all 3 are different from each other. After researching and reading about box turtle breeds, come to find out I have...
  10. Citron Elegans

    Bug Identification Help

    https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qshm05ydwimhmch/AABA-tv9mhFCcWSFdtwsv2WOa?dl=0 The link includes videos, my apologies but this is the best quality I could muster. There aren't many of these bugs and they only are in the areas that are constantly moist and have plant life. I have not seen any on my...
  11. O

    Yellowfoot indoor enclosure

    To my fellow Yellowfoot owners, I was wondering if some of you could share pictures/details about your indoor enclosures. I’ve been researching Yellowfoot enclosures and I’ve been finding inconsistent results. I have a nice large outdoor space for my Yellowfoot but I live in Northeast Ohio so...
  12. T

    Shell Health

    Hi all, Fairly new to tortoise keeping and still getting the ropes. I have had my 2 year old Russian Tortoise for 5 months now and I love keeping him. I was just wondering if anybody is able to advise me on him and his shell. Does he look healthy? I have a mercury vapour bulb on 12-14 hours a...
  13. E

    Sulcata Re Homing

    Hello everyone! I have a Sulcata tortoise that I am looking to re home. Unfortunately, I don’t anticipate having enough space for the tortoise in the near future as I had hoped. I am hoping to re home her to someone who has experience with Sulcatas and perhaps other Sulcatas with space for...
  14. L

    So confused

    Hi all, tomorrow I will me making a enclosure in my garden for my Horsefield tortoise. I’m in the north of the uk and concerned about how to protect it from the rain. I have done some research on waterproof pain and varnish but still unsure what is safe and what’s not. Any help would be greatly...
  15. SinLA

    Trouble getting basking spot hot enough? Please advise re: my setup...

    So I've had Fezzik about a month now (~4yo, 4.5" male russian), and I inherited various lights and lighting setups that are not good. He had a red floodlight that was 75 watts that he very much likes sitting under, but it only got the spot underneath into the mid 80s. I replaced it with a 100...
  16. A

    Looking for an appropriate sized tortoise table!

    Hi everyone! I recently, and a bit abruptly, acquired a Russian Tortoise. I temporarily have him in a 40 gallon tank which I know is not ideal for him so I was looking at some tortoise tables to get him into something more comfortable ASAP. I came across this Tortoise Table on Etsy and wanted...
  17. vexy

    Plant ideas for inside enclosure

    Hey all! Wanted to drop by and ask about what kind of plants you wonderful girls and guys use for your tortoise enclosures. Something to break up line of sight, places to chill and hide the little torts. Wasn't too sure what's safe, or they don't decide to destroy. I recently got a lavender...
  18. C

    Rate my enclosure please

    Hey! I’m thinking of having some Egyptian torts! This is a 8ft long by 5ft wide table with a layer of cactus substrate bellow a clay and coco fiber bed. These are just grow light , But how many heat lamps would you add? And where ??? How many torts can fit here ? The walls will be higher once...
  19. Sulli1423

    Leopard tortoise outdoor habitat

    I have 2 leopard tortoises and I feel they are big enough to keep outdoors now so I made this “tortoise table” habitat for them and I was looking for some more advice. I live in Orange County Southern California so temperature ranges from 70s-90s in spring and high 70s to 90s most of summer. I...
  20. G

    Found bug in my red foots substrate😢

    Recently moved in to a new house, made sure it had a whole room I could dedicate to my guy, but I’ve had a juvenile redfoot since mid December and have been around enough forums and talked to enough people to know I have his enclosure at the proper temp and humidity, I know I have the right...