1. feralbookeater

    Is there a tort that would be happy in a 59 gallon fish aquarium?

    We have a large fish aquarium, low sided and long. It's 59 gallons, and I was curious if there was a tiny tort species that would actually do well in such an environment. Obviously I'd be doing lots of outdoor exploration in the summer and spring, but for the winter I was curious. If not, I'll...
  2. X

    keeping redfoots indoor

    Im looking at getting a tortoise within the next few years (or longer depending) as they're one of my favourite animals and I absolutely love redfoots they're my favourite species but I do live in canada so i would not be able to keep one outside. I would probably have an indoor enclosure and...
  3. P

    Aldabra babies not pooping for 6 days

    6 days ago I got two baby Aldabras from floridaiguana.com. They are 5'' and 6 1/4'' They eating good. I feed them spring mix, collard greens, mustard leaves, yellow squash, zukini, Mazuri Tortoise Diet, turnip greens, kale. I noticed they eating several times during a day, so I refresh their...
  4. U

    Enclosure size suggestion for 2 Greek Tortoises.

    Hello, I recently visited a family member who was gifted two Greeks (I don’t agree with this practice whatsoever). Just by looking I felt like their enclosure was too small; from amateur measuring it seems like they have 11.5” x 17” in a plastic container with a tick paper sheet as bedding and...
  5. goldjackhammer

    My enclosure setup + Pyramiding

    Hello! I'm raising two 7 month olds and a 4 month old. Thank you for all the information. I wish I had known this website earlier. Can you guys give me some feedback on my setup? and I have a few questions. After reading Tom's sticky thread, I extended my humidifier into their enclosure. I...
  6. MesOak

    New Build Design Questions

    Hi all, I'm designing an enclosure for my Redfoot, ~15M. Just have some design and placement questions Specs: 8'x4' x2' tall. Two hides, second story over the larger one. My first question is if there are any design flaws any veterans can identify, things like hides being too big/ too small, or...
  7. saaba041

    Hibernating my Hermann tortoise

    Hi all tortoise-friends! I have just got into this forum, and I need som tips and advices on my Hermann Tortoise. Franklin Dumbledore is a 4 year old Hermann Tortoise. I’ve had him(I think it is a boy..) since October 2020. I have never hibernated him before, but I’ve read that he should be...
  8. B

    Waterproof plastic tortoise table vs waterproof wooden tortoise table

    A while back I got a new tortoise table built, I lined it with plastic pond liner and roof liner to try and make it water waterproof as possible. Unfortunately, as time went on water got through and now the wood on the base of the tortoise table is starting to get mould on it (starting to worry...
  9. P

    Preparing for Aldabra hatchling

    I plan to buy two Aldabra hatchling next spring and want to start preparing. I couldn't find detailed information about enclosure. I live in Houston, TX where it seems to be perfect natural temperature and humidity during 8 months/y or so excluding bad days like hurricane or rainfall. I think I...
  10. F

    Preparing to get a Burmese Star! Please help me with more care information

    Hi TFO! I'm preparing an enclosure for this Burmese Star : After reading countless threads & care sheets, I'm still not sure about some care information.Please help me out with it 😃 1. Does this star tortoise look healthy? He is around 4" now 2. From what I read, it's still too early to tell...
  11. M

    Food and Enclosure

    Hello again. It has been a hot minute since I posted last, and I have some more questions for you guys. 1. My Leo in this past year has been particularly picky when it comes to grasses and hay. I’ve done my best to mix in tortoise diet in to get her to eat it with her other foods, but she will...
  12. M

    Enclosure advice needed

    A few weeks ago we got a Brazilian Cherryhead red footed tortoise, but we are first timers and learning. It was born 6/3/2022. I bought a larger enclosure for it so it will last it a couple of years before we transition them outside. I have looked through threads for hours and figured it was...
  13. D

    Getting my Leopard Tortoise through the Winter

    Hey guys my leopard tortoise, Sharpie is about 9" x 12" and will be 6 years old in November. We built her an indoor enclosure that she's just too big for now. It's 27 sq ft. It's in our sunroom/ extended kitchen area which stretches about 9' from wall to wall. Her outdoor's a little bigger at 48...
  14. J

    I can’t tell if my Box Turtle loves or hates enclosure :/

    TLDR: I replaced the substrate and my box turtle hasn’t settled down…keeps making a mess and walking everywhere ..same substrate I’ve always used I just added more than usual so she could burrow and added potted sedans…I can’t tell if she’s just very stimulated or stressed out I have a baby box...
  15. Wookie

    New enclosure

    Hi all! I've been on here awhile now but this is the first time posting. We have had our little guy or girl (not too sure on gender yet) just coming up to a year now. From seeking plenty advice from here we realised that the table top we were sold at the pet shop with our little horsefield...
  16. T

    Excess little flies in Hermann's enclosure

    Hi all, I'm currently keeping my sub-adult male Hermann's in a wooden indoor enclosure. It's laid down with fine bark bedding for him to dig through, with some pieces of decorative wood jutting out from the floor. I keep his feeding dish full all the time. There's always veggies and grass in...
  17. Mluxo91

    Humidity - Northern Ibera Greek Baby

    Hi all - I am a new tortoise owner. My new baby Northern Ibera Greek tortoise should arrive tomorrow in Vermont from Tyler over at Tortoise supply. I have the baby enclosure set up and have been working on dialing in the temp/humidity and would like some input. I set up the enclosure/lights...
  18. IMG_20220809_074924_7.jpg


    Speedys outside enclosure set up for a day. Plenty of shade provided along with fresh food, water and damp substrate.
  19. N

    Enclosures Size, And it's impact on the tortoise's well being mentally/physically

    Greetings! I've been questioning about this for a while and it's starting to haunt my thoughts since im also gonna adopt a baby sulcata (3-4 months old)and the day is getting closer and closer, having done a decent amount of research (like 2 months or so) Still, i just think there is still so...
  20. Y

    Where to buy a tortoise enclosure

    I'm thinking about getting a Russian Tortoise. Could any one recommend an enclosure that I can order online?