1. J

    Babcocki vs pardalis?

    Hello, I have two leopard tortoises a little younger than 3 years old. I bought both of them at the same time and was told they were both Babcocki but I’m starting to have some doubts. I believe one of them could possible be a hybrid while the other is definitely a Babcocki. I recently...
  2. Vegas_Leopard

    Proven Adult Female Leopard Tortoise Pardalis Babcocki

    7 year old proven adult 13”-14” female Leopard Tortoise Pardalis Babcocki (possibly gravid) I personally raised her from a hatchling in an enclosed chamber to produce a smoother shell than most captive raised Leopard Tortoises. She was raised in a high humidity enclosure and was being fed on a...
  3. yusufning

    Leopard Tortoise: Pellet Addiction

    Hi everyone, Background information: so I have a leopard tortoise which Ive kept for about 1.5 yrs. When I bought him he was arond 130grams and now he is arond 250grams. The problem: The first month he was fine (eating all sorts of greens and vegetables). Then he got sick with runny nose...
  4. adptorts

    Adult Male Leopard Tortoise

    We have an adult male leopard tortoise (giant South African) available. He’s over 12” and 5.8kg. Pictures available here