1. R

    Substrate Sticking to Food

    Hello guys. I usually soak my tortoises foods before putting them into their enclosure so they get hydrated. I use this organic forest floor bedding and my tortoises actually like it a lot but when I put their soaked food into the enclosure the bedding sticks to the food. Do you guys have any...
  2. R

    Infrared Bulb For Daytime Basking Spot

    Hello folks. I use a infrared bulb (not CHE) for my tortoises basking spot during the daytime. I have seen some people say the infrared is bad for daytime basking spot because their tortoises try to eat the substrate but my tortoises don't do that and they seem to care about the food more than...
  3. R

    Fluorescent Uvb

    Hello guys. I have recently bought a 13w coil bulb from exo terra but while I was doing some research I learned that it was bad for the tortoises eyes. Thankfully I have never used it before reading that. I have decided that I'm going to buy a new fluorescent uvb and I have 3 greek tortoises and...
  4. C

    White spots around redfoots eyes

    My partner and I are brand new Tort parents. We've only had our little lad for a few months. In the last couple days there seems to be small white spots on the corner/just above his eyes. We tried to see if they would come off while he was soaking, but it doesn't seem to be effected. I noticed...
  5. N

    Advice please for new Sulcata rescues.

    Hi everyone! I would appreciate any suggestions and insights. I run a animal rescue, primarily dogs and farm animals. We occasionally take in reptiles, though I am no expert. Our policy with reptiles is that we reach out to other reputable exotic rescues and if we take them in, they go straight...
  6. N

    Enclosures Size, And it's impact on the tortoise's well being mentally/physically

    Greetings! I've been questioning about this for a while and it's starting to haunt my thoughts since im also gonna adopt a baby sulcata (3-4 months old)and the day is getting closer and closer, having done a decent amount of research (like 2 months or so) Still, i just think there is still so...
  7. PiL71

    Wood protectant

    Hello - I've been off and on planning a final enclosure for my Russian, Herb. I've had some run ins with people on here before, so I'd really appreciate only help, no harm (unless the harm is for the safety of the tort) As everyone here knows, tortoises can eventually scratch thru wood sealant...
  8. M

    My tortoise died (i think) in hibernation.

    Basically I took my pet Herman tortoise out of hibernation yesterday she was very stiff and not responsive. I tried everything I bathed her in warm water, I pinched her limbs to try to get some movement. This was her 5th year with me and so her 4 hibernation,(since I did not hibernate her her...
  9. yay14

    Bladder stone

    This can't be a bladder stone right? I found two of them in the enclosure and they're pretty much rock hard accept i managed to break of the tip of this one
  10. yay14

    How much to supplemement?

    Hello everyone i was wondering how much i should be supplementing my yearling hermann tortoise with calci dust, nutrobal and miner-all when the miner-all arives The last time i went to the vet he wanted me to send pictures and ingredients of the supplements i was giving so i did and heres the...
  11. yay14

    Basking alot

    Hello everyone, i have realized that my yearling hermann has been basking alot recently like maybe 5-6 hours a day. I looked it up and was confused becuse everyone said that it could be becuse of low temps but his temps are good, ambinent 76-78 warm area 83-84, basking 90-95. But i now realized...
  12. yay14

    Sunked in scute

    So i just noticed on my yearling hermann that one of his scutes is sligtly sunked in. Is this normal?
  13. yay14


    Hello everyone i recently found out my yearling hermann was not getting enough minerals in his diet. I was giving him calci dust once a week and Nutrobal once a week. So i went ahead and ordered some miner-all to give to him and while waiting for it i was going to give a mineral suipplmement i...
  14. yay14

    Strained to poop

    Hello everyone, today when I soaked my tortoise it seemed like he was struggling a bit with pooping he got it out but it took like 10 minutes. Also he was pulling his head in when pushing. So since he had some trubles going to the batroom i have heard cucumber could help loosen things up, is...
  15. yay14

    Sanitizing water bowl

    Is sanitizing water bowls really that important becuse i just usually throw away the substrete that has gotten dragged in to the water dish and rinse the water dish under a fosset and then refill. Is this bad? i mean they drink out of puddles and ponds in nature.
  16. J

    Should you bake, boil or freeze loose coconut fiber substrate?

    Hello everyone, I just bought some Zoo Med eco earth loose coconut fiber substrate but i’m worried about having a mite infestation. I wanna know if others have had pleasant experiences with this substrate, or how I should clean it before adding it into the enclosure. - Thanks in advance!
  17. F

    Looking for heating suggestions for a large enclosed space.

    I have a few redfoot tortoises in an enclosed space which is wrapped in plastic wrap. It works well in keeping humidity in, but now I need ways to keep it consistently warm. Under the heat lamp is fine, but around the area can go below 70. Whats a cost effective way to keep it warm throughout...
  18. F

    What gender is my redfoot tortoise?

    I recently got a redfoot tortoise and was curious to see if it is old enough to tell. To me, it looks like a female, but from what I read, they all kinda look like females until you can properly tell.
  19. C

    Looking For UVB Fixture Options

    Hello, I'm looking for suggestion for what type of light fixtures I should use to provide my tortoises with the UVB they need. They have a 6'x5' enclosure, and I am looking at what light fixture to use to spread over most of the enclosure. The only fixture I know that would work well are the...
  20. C

    Need suggestions to enclosed outdoor space for tortoises

    Hello peoples, Attached are photos of the enclosure we made using the under part of a children’s playhouse. I’m looking for suggestions on how to fully enclose this space for my tortoises. It is starting to get cold and I’m trying to figure out how I can transform this space into an enclosed...