red foot tortoise

  1. K

    Large red footed tortoise for adoption - SWFL

    Mature Red Foot Tortoise for Adoption Large (24 pounds, 18” x 11”) male red footed tortoise is available for adoption. I can include many items that are needed to care for him, including a light, heater, mister, enclosure cover, and more. He was abandoned and has been in my care for seven...
  2. Littleredfootbigredheart

    Smart meters

    What smart meters does everyone use in their enclosures?🙂hoping to get one with multiple sensors for a more accurate reading, the govee brand multipack is so expensive though and we’re in the middle of an entire enclosure upgrade, So was wondering what brands other people might use? The ones I’m...
  3. Littleredfootbigredheart

    Hide ideas

    Hello all, I’m currently in the process of helping a family member upgrade their red foot tortoise🙂 Her cave hide is starting to become too low for her size, I’ve looked into a few different cost effective options, broken/flat back plant pots are a bit of an awkward shape for her to turn round...
  4. S

    First Red Foot Enclosure - Advice Appreciated

    Hello everyone! First time posting here, and I apologize because it’s a long one. I am currently working towards getting a red foot tortoise. I don’t have one currently but have been doing research for years on and off, knowing I would one day be getting one. I found this forum a little while...
  5. Littleredfootbigredheart

    UVB timing

    Hello, I posted a thread recently about getting a family members red foot tort an enclosure upgrade as she’s definitely long out grown her current one, I think I’m more or less sure about how to get her set up now, the people who answer on here are so helpful and kind! She’ll be in an 8ft...
  6. S

    Red foot tortoise foaming out of the mouth and whistle when breathing

    Hello, I just brought two red-foot tortoises back from Petco yesterday, and I just found that one of them might be sick. We found him foaming and whistling and we took a video ( this morning. Can anyone help see...
  7. Littleredfootbigredheart

    Red foot enclosure advice needed

    Apologies in advance for long post!! I’m looking for advice on a few things regarding an approximately 12 year old red foot enclosure, I think she’s on the smaller side for her age, she’s currently in too small an enclosure, measuring 4ft length by 1.5ft depth and a height of nearly 2ft, her day...
  8. Layla

    Female Red Foot needs Loving Home, California, will not ship

    I am heartbroken to no longer be able to keep my son's precious Red Foot, Tortie. I lost my son 3 years ago so its very hard for me to let her go. She is approximately 13 years old and very social. She loves to sleep next to my cat in the cat bed and gets along with people and pets. She has a...
  9. wiery

    How about this brand of edible dried flowers for tortoises?

    I stumbled upon this brand of edible dried flowers for tortoises on an online shopping site, has anyone used them, my RF's diet is currently lacking in this type of flower plant, so I want to add this type of food to her diet. How about this brand of dried flowers, is it suitable for RF? (Or any...
  10. T

    Hey, I am a new red-footed tortoise owner.

    He is 2 years old and I have been feeding and bathing him every other day, but every time he eats he hides in his cave and I don't know if that is normal.
  11. wiery

    Seek for red foot diet

    I want to know how people determine if the food given to terrapins is reasonable? Previously I fed my red foot daughter a lot of tortoise food based(Mazuri), random lettuce veggies and fruits, which led to some protein overload for her.(a little pyramiding back and little obese)and she dislikes...
  12. WanderingFupaQueen

    UVB for Red Foot Tortoise

    I've been researching the best UVB bulbs for Red Foot Tortoise. The bulbs I've been looking into include Zoo Med ReptiSun T8 10.0 UVB Lamp, Arcadia, Mega-Ray, Powersun, and the bulbs from ReptileUV website such as the ReptileUV 100watt SunStream. I'm not sure which one is best. There are too...
  13. T

    Bigger viv for my red foot

    Hello I was just looking for some help on upgrading my torts vivarium they are getting to 5 years now and starting to look like they need a bigger viv currently they are in a 4 foot viv but I don't know what size of vive to get next or what size of uvb strip light any help would be appreciated...
  14. S

    Red Foot Baby Tortoise

    Hi everyone! My boyfriend gifted me a red foot tortoise for my birthday yesterday. I brought him home, gave him some fresh spinach to eat and water and he explored his new home for awhile, and then he burrowed in the substrate under the hideaway log I have in there. This was last night. I know...
  15. nameillregretlater

    Dry skin no matter what - possible fungal?

    Hi! My red foot Tortilla always has dry skin on his head no matter how much I soak him and how good the humidity is. Someone suggested it actually could be a fungal situation. What do y'all think? Fungal or dryness? What do I do either way? Here's his picture.
  16. MaryKay

    Hi from Maumee, Ohio

    Scarlett moved in with us in November. Thanks to all the good information on Cherry head red-footed tortoises I found here at TF, we have her happy with the right heat and humidity, food and daily soakings. In the spring we are going to get her set up with a bigger indoor enclosure. ☺️ If anyone...
  17. stina92

    Any vets recommendation for "Red foot tortoise" in Atlanta GA?

    Hi guys! My hatchling red foot tortoise is pretty sick=( I'm sure he has a respiratory infection. He had the same symptom about 2 weeks ago, and I needed to wait until to see a doctor. So I gave him a tiny bit of "Doxycycline" in his water, and he drank some, and he was recovering. I still took...
  18. motherofCHAOS

    Swollen cloaca with blisters/bumps?

    Hello, Professor Chaos is currently dealing with some issues with his back end area. Today during his soak I noticed some reddish looking tissue and some blisters/bumps on the tissue. Does anyone have any idea what these bumps/blisters are or if this is normal/signs of infection? Progression...
  19. Napper51

    Squirt and Crush from South Carolina

    This is Squirt and Crush coming to you from Summerville SC. It’s been a beautiful weekend here and I brought their terrarium outside for the first time. I have an area in the yard that I put them where nothing can get to them but they spend their whole time trying to escape. I thought if I...
  20. BonBonSammy.jpeg