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  1. Lucy’s new home to be

    Lucy’s new home to be

    I’m working on new enclosure for red foot yearling Lucy. I keep on looking up ideas and pictures, but now that I’m starting, all ideas are gone. What shall I make as ground cover? I’m gonna have part grass, some wood chips and rocks… Edible plants? Hawaii is limited, so I’d have to order.
  2. S

    Taco got an enclosure reno

    I just finished renovating Taco's enclosure! I added a new hide (he outgrew his old one), new plants, and some more sphagnum moss. He seems to love it so far!
  3. milesm916

    New red foot tortoise seems nervous+not eating?

    So I just brought a juvenile redfoot home yesterday, got him all set up in his new enclosure, and he seems to be doing ok-ish. I was wondering how to know if he's doing well or if his behaviors are something I should be concerned about? So far he mostly just sits and bobs his head in and out...
  4. S

    Upgrading Redfoot Enclosure

    Hey everyone! I have a beautiful ~7 month old redfoot that I purchased from Southern Reptiles last year. He's already more than doubled in size and quadrupled in weight since October. He will occasionally explore his enclosure, but I think he needs more plants/coverage to feel fully comfortable...
  5. L

    New with no knowledge.

    Just got a red foot from Petsmart yesterday utterly unprepared. Currently in a 45 gallon plastic bin with Cypress mulch, a 100watt ceramic heat emitter and a 5.0 uvb bulb, I’ve got the heat emitter right next to the hide so she can bask under it and help keep the humidity up in the hide. I can’t...
  6. S

    New To Tortoises, Need Advice for Redfoots! (Habitats)

    Hello everyone! I’m Narji from Michigan, Excited to be here! So, I’ve been interested in getting a little tortoise for a while now, and I’ve been researching a ton on the topic (several things I learned from this forum before deciding to join), but even so, I’ve come across conflicting...
  7. C

    Intermediate Red Foot Enclosure.

    I want to share my quick and easy tortoise enclosure. My 21 year old son and his tortoise live with me. The tortoise was originally housed in a clear rubbermaid container. He is very used to watching TV (he likes Family Feud), watching us, watching the dog. He is our first tortoise and we find...
  8. akcoff

    New Redfoot Tort Owner!

    Hi! I was hoping to get some insight and care tips for Redfoots. I purchased one today and have him in a large glass aquarium with coco coir substrate, a large shallow water dish, a dark and humid hideout, and I feed him mustard/collard/turnip greens mixed with ZOOmed tropical tortoise pellets...
  9. S

    Redfoot Hatchling Enclosure

    Hello all! I just received my RF hatchling in the mail yesterday, and wanted to share his enclosure setup. On the warmer side I have a UVB bulb (on a 12 hour timer) and a basking lamp. I am going to be switching out the basking lamp for a CHE today, as I've found the lamp dries out the tank...
  10. Dankneepowpow

    New enclosure for Chevy!

    Lil’ Chevy has Almost doubled her size in the 5 months I’ve had her and I knew it was time for a new enclosure. I spent the last few weekends building and I’m super happy with the way it came out. I had a perfect spot on the side of my house that sits below a canopy of passion fruit. This way...
  11. A

    HELP red foot tortoise care/enclosure

    My red foot tortoise is about 1 and a half years old! I am afraid that I am not giving him the correct care. I am looking to upgrade his enclosure but because of the pandemic I’m not able to go out and purchase things. Could someone tell me what to purchase, where to purchase things - preferably...
  12. Meaghan4

    Would this be okay for an indoor Redfoot tortoise enclosure?

    This portable, solid wooden greenhouse is perfect for extending your growing season and protecting your plants. Flowers in it can enjoy sunbathing and grow healthy in cloudy, in snowy or in other conditions. Feature with solid fir wood frame, the greenhouse is durable and sturdy. Perfect size...