1. F

    Sudden Tortoise Owner-- How is she Doing?

    Hello all, firstly I just want to say thank you for everyone who posts on this forum, all the information and advice on here has been a lifesaver and I’m so glad I found this site. We just bought a house, and as we’re moving in we saw that the old owners just left their tortoise. They were...
  2. E

    Just adopted this guy. Anything I should be worried about/change in his care?

    I haven't really seen anything about trimming their nails? Are they supposed to do it on their own/are there products to put in his house to help him scratch them down? They seem pretty long to me. Also, the previous owner just wasn't sure if his shell looks okay with the new growth being so...
  3. DerinLovesYoshi

    Sould I panic? I live in an obscure part of an island and we do not have any reptile vets. Could this just be shedding?

    I asked a sort of professional and he said that Yoshi could be shedding and that it's normal in spring season. Altough i am worried that it might be a fungal infection. Yoshi is a rescue tortoise and has an outdoor enclosure. I have been busy with exams and I am ashamed to say it but I couldn't...
  4. D

    What species so I can build a suitable enclosure.

    Hi guys, yesterday when I finished work my brother spotted a tortoise walking on the road which nearly got run over by a car, I quickly reacted to stop the car luckily the driver stopped. Now I have bought it home with me but have no idea which breed it is. Can you guys please help me identify...
  5. K

    Tortoise Training

    Has anyone worked on training a tortoise, Curious to hear if anyone has had success here is my story of my journey training my Russian tortoise named Yoshi. Yoshi is a 4 year rescue who loves to sleep in hoodie pockets, watch finding Nemo (he will not watch anything other then that), yoshi...
  6. S

    Need immediate advice: rescue

    My mom became recently disabled in a car accident and could no longer take care of my little brother's tortoise. Upon taking over responsibility of the tortoise, I began to realize that she wasn't taking very good care of him anyway. I have no idea what kind of tortoise he is, just that he's a...
  7. JohnnyDigester

    Before and After Sulcatas

    haven’t posted in years, thought i’d share my success story with my original 2 rescues that were in horrible shape…. before and after, hope this lets people know there is hope for these guys, just takes years of proper care. although they have both grown in size and are walking correctly now...
  8. Sarah2020

    Double coastguard rescue for runaway

    To make you smile......
  9. L

    Looking to adopt a Russian tortoise. Albany NY

    We are looking to adopt a Russian tortoise. Let me know if you know of one. Thanks, Leah
  10. steven nix

    *wanted* terrestrial turtle in Georgia

    I don’t know if these wanted posts ever get any traction but thought I’d try it. I would like to adopt a couple of box turtles, or elongated tortoise, or Russian. I keep red foot tortoises currently, so I am not new to keeping turtles, but would like to expand to other breeds. I’m in Georgia...
  11. Glosseryck

    Adopted tort keeps trying to escape.

    I adopted a fully grown Greek male a couple of months ago. He's never been able to look outside of his current enclosure, but since his previous owners just let him walk around in the house, he knows that there's an outside world. He spends all of his days trying to look our of the enclosure...
  12. K

    Terrible beak on my rescues, tips for trimming, parrot beak?

    Any tips on what to do with this beak? This is a rescue I have had for a few months. Each month I slowly dremmel the top beak back not wanting to cause too much distress. But I’m not sure if I should attempt to do the bottom beak at the sides. I dont want to break/dislocate her jaw. So far I...
  13. Igor the Russian

    New Russian adopted

    Hi All, I’m taking a Russian in that my can’t take on their move. I’m in Massachusetts. They actually found him running loose 6 years ago so don’t know how old. I have read so much conflicting advice online so just wondering some basic stuff. They have him in a 48”x13” glass tank with garden...
  14. Ubercat

    Newly rescued Horsefield in the UK (diarrhea, poor appetite)

    Hi everyone, We're excited to be here! I managed to rescue an approximately 2.5 year old Horsefield tortoise last week. I'm completely new to tortoises, but I've been researching like mad, so I will hopefully do a better job than his previous owners. I have a couple of questions. Firstly, he's...
  15. C

    Set up for a Rescued Russian

    Hello all Tortoise lovers! I am in need of help and guidance.... Recently, I went to a local, reputable, reptile pet shop, to buy a baby (1 year old) Tortoise. As my sister did 3 years ago, and her little Russian Tort (Cinders) is ace. When I got there I was introduced to an adult male who had...
  16. M

    I need to free this poor red foot

    So my brother got a red footed tortoise about 5 years ago on a whim. HE did not tell anyone he was getting one he just showed up to the house with one and I don't think he really realized that this is a LIFE LONG pet that need SPECIAL CARE! My heart goes out to this tortoise because he is quite...
  17. yongsaurus

    Hello from Doha!

    Hello everyone! I’m a new tortoise owner residing in Qatar, Doha. I’ve never had a proper pet before due to some circumstances, I once was given an adult red ear slider turtle (i think he was, since he was big) by my cousin who no longer was able to house him. One day tho he went missing :( we...
  18. Questingbeast

    3-legged box turtle with shell damage - need some help

    I received this rescued 3-legged box turtle from a wildlife rescue and museum to work some magic with, but there is SO much going on with his shell that I'm honestly a bit confused with what kind of damage this all is or how to tackle the problem areas. I am more than willing to take him to the...
  19. K1RK

    another ornate saved from the road.

    This has the be the prettiest turtle I’ve help so far this year and figured i’d Share the beauty I briefly had in my company with all of you. She is safely in an adjacent pasture now.-