runny nose

  1. P

    Is my tortoise beginning to get sick?

    Hi everyone. I went to the vet last week to give my tort an examination and the vet said my tort's poop had germs and protozoa, so they gave me 2 deworming potions to give to the tort every day. Today, a couple of hours ago, I saw a bubble coming from my tort's nose while I was giving him...
  2. H

    upper respiratory tract infection and what tests to determine.

    Yesterday when I was out, my internal electricity was cute but not the AC, my tortois wasn't in a room with an AC but the apartment get cold so fast. I was out for 4 hours, so I don't know when this happened, but when I arrived my tortois was cold. I placed her near a heating source but not...
  3. ManAlive85

    RI or sinus problems?

    I’ve kept a growing collection of Indian Stars for the last three years. The oldest is a male I’ve had since he was a 30g hatchling, he now weighs over 800g. He eats everything in sight and is very active. I follow the advice prescribed on this forum quite closely in terms of habitat and...
  4. C

    Runny Nose, Possible RI, to vet or not to vet?

    Hey all! Skrink's mom, back at it again with the worrying. Skrink is about 8 months old now. Since we got him in January he has grown by about one inch in length and 127 grams in weight. He has daily soaks, good food, good temps. For the last 2-3 weeks I have noticed he has a wet nose. Not...
  5. A

    Runny nose but only in the morning

    Hello fellow tortoise lovers, I am the owner/best friend of a one and a half year old hermanns tortoise named Atlas, that has been having a runny nose for the past week, but the strange thing is that it only happens in the morning for about fifteen minutes and then for the rest of the day he is...
  6. XNicolle91X

    Poorly tortoise worried owner

    Hello all my tortoise is around 2 years old and has suddenly stoped eating he is drinking and is still moving about but I I’ve noticed a small cut on his neck and that his nose seems to be a little bit runny I was just wondering if any one could help before I take him to the vets as I’m a bit...