russian tortoise

  1. Harvey_Halfshell

    Harvey not eating

    Hi everyone, I took Harvey to the vets and the vet said that he had most likely slowed down his eating cuz he was in a kind of Summer hibernation (name of this please?) due to hot weather but it has since cooled down and he is still extremely lethargic and not eating much. He will eat his...
  2. M

    Where to buy a tortoise enclosure

    I'm thinking about getting a Russian Tortoise. Could any one recommend an enclosure that I can order online?
  3. A

    looking for advice caring for my tortoise

    so, ive had my indoor russian tortoise for around a year now. she was young when we got her - the pet store said she was around 2-3 months old. in all honesty, our care for her has not been optimal. i listened and have been following the advice of an aunt with a russian tortoise, and my tort...
  4. M

    VERY Inactive Russian tortoise, not normal with him

    My russian tortoise is around 6-7 years old. I posted a while ago about a possible fungal problem with his shell. Some of you did not know what is was, someone said it is new shell growth, another suggested using athlete's foot cream. I used the foot cream daily for a couple a weeks and it...
  5. C

    White dry marks on my Russian tortoise beak

    My Russian tortoise has been sleeping and not eating the past few days, her would walk with his eyes close mind you it’s summer so I did some research online on what could it be and I came to a conclusion that he could of gone to aestivation ( Aestivation refers to the process of dormancy or...
  6. Q

    Russian tortoise wound

    My Russian tortoise got a small wound in one of the back legs, Im not sure what happened but it did not bleed much, but it is still open and I wanted to know if it has a risk of infection and if I should get some kind of ointment, I have a product intended for aquatic turtles named turtle fix...
  7. C

    Russian Tortoise shell

    Hello! I’ve had my Russian for about four months now. He was living in a glass enclosure when I got him and was only fed romaine lettuce every other day and didn’t have access to clean water. Well now he has a 4x8 wooden tortoise table, fresh water daily and gets a large variety of different...
  8. J

    Female Russian behavior

    Hi I have a one female Russian tortoise and a male Russian tortoise living together in a tank. Neither one of the tortoises have shown aggression to each other they have both been very nice to each other no head banging no ramming of their shell no hissing no biting. The only thing here...
  9. C

    Recommendations on how to find a good breeder?

    Hi, I am looking to adopt a Russian Tortoise for the first time. I live in Vermont and haven't found any local breeders within 2 hours of me online. I was looking at some online sites like Tortoise Town and Backwater Reptiles and a majority of the reviews were negative. As I don't have any...
  10. Inspire2be

    Can I please see Russian tort indoor setups. Looking for more inspiration for our lil guy when he’s not outside!

    Just wanted to see if anyone is willing to share their indoor Russian tortoise setups? Ours is in proper size, proper lighting etc…it just needs….more lol. He has a hide, water, a feeding rock & my son & I our going to our river tomorrow for stones! So that may help. Thanks in advance! 🐢
  11. ChunkieMonkie

    Egyptian or Russian

    Hello, I am looking for an Egyptian or Russian tortoise preferably something young hatchling, juvie, or even a sub adult!
  12. P

    Russian Tortoise Shell

    Hei people, I have a little russian tortoise. She is about one and a half years old I believe. However, I have her for about five months only. I started noticing some strange patterns on her shell, so I am wondering if it is normal or not? First two pictures from when I got her and others two -...
  13. C

    Russian Tortoise in need of rehome in Virginia area

    Apologies if this is not the correct forum. I have an adult male Russian Tortoise who I've had for nearly 3 years. He's been a great addition to the family and so much fun. I love him to death but due to unexpected health problems I am looking to rehome him to someone who can give him the care...
  14. J

    Looking For Adult Female Russian Tortoises

    I've been lurking on this site for a couple years. I have a 10 foot diameter, 2 foot high planted stock tank that I've prepared for tortoises. I'm looking into buying a couple adult female russian tortoises because I may want to get into breeding a few years down the line once I have more...
  15. biochemnerd808

    Brumation post week 1: start winding down

    For those of you who plan to fridge-brumate (hibernate) your tortoise, I'm going to post wind-down updates here for you to follow along. You may have noticed that your tortoise has stopped eating, and spends a lot of time hiding or even digging down. Even our captive bred Russian tortoises seem...
  16. A

    Obsessed and want to make sure I'm doing it right

    I got Trixie about 3weeks ago, I was told she's 2-2.5yrs old and about 4" but I never measured her to confirm. Her indoor enclosure is 2'×7' with different lights and an between 75°-100° depending where she's at in the enclosure. I researched all foods she'd need but sure only eats the romaine...
  17. biochemnerd808

    CB 2 year old male Russian tortoise

    This handsome little 2 year old captive bred MALE Russian tortoise is available and looking for an awesome family. He hatched in 2019 and was one of several holdbacks I raised with the intent of keeping. However, I don't really need more males. $250 shipped anywhere in the contiguous US. You...
  18. biochemnerd808

    Tortoises know what weather is coming

    I thought this story might make you smile. First: My outdoor habitats are escape-proof, 10ft x 10ft each, with the walls sunken 12-18" into a trench, down to rock, and there are lids with hardware cloth on them, with locking latches with quick links. There is no way to get out. Here is a pic...
  19. TenTonTurtle

    Hello from Ohio! New Tort-father.

    Hello friends, I'm Steve and I recently adopted a male Russian tortoise. His name is Gregori (He is my display picture). I have two aquatic turtles but this is my first Tortoise ever. Just looking to make friends, chat about tortoises, turtles, and much more. I am also looking to discuss indoor...
  20. TacoTheRussianTortoise

    Red eye crust on russian tortoise

    My mom and I are really worried about our 3 yo Russian Tortoise, Taco. This morning I got up to go and feed her and she acted normally, but then i noticed this red crusty thing on her eye. Here are a few pictures: I really have no idea what it is, but I feel like she knows it's there and it's...