1. bezthehee

    Russian Tort Hiding/Sleeping All Day

    My Russian tortoise is about 4 years old (guessing because I got her as a ‘yearling’ 3 years ago). In the last couple of weeks she’s been in her hide most of the day and she only gets out if I grab her and place her in front of food. She eats a little bit and eventually makes her way to the...
  2. New Food Dish

    New Food Dish

    My mom got into pottery and made her grandson a new food dish out of plain terra-cotta clay (no glaze). It's much lower to the ground for Steve to eat off of so I think he loves it!
  3. shelli82

    Introducing our first 🐢 Oogway

    Super excited to welcome our first tortoise to our family. Introducing...Oogway 🐢 My name is Michelle and we live in the county of Hampshire, in England. We now have 🐈‍⬛️🐕🐕🐎🐟🐢... think we're on the way to creating a mini zoo 🤣 Never thought we'd have a tortoise, never looked after one and...
  4. L

    Tortoise won’t eat

    I have a Russian tortoise that won’t eat I have him in 6.5 foot x 4.5 foot table as that’s all the space I have he sleeps allot and eats very little but my other Russian eats just fine in the same setup but they are in separate tables he has a basking of 97 with a high quality mercury vapor bulb...
  5. SArchieIII

    Possible systemic issue: Liver problems or kidneys - Now, what?

    The Vet called me today. He has seen Archie yesterday (we didn't pay the check-in), I couldn't go as I am myself not well lately, he mentioned that in his opinion, all we have done it is all that we can do at this stage, and there should have been improvement already. It is not the case...
  6. SArchieIII

    Educate me: what causes vitamin A deficiency?

    Hello, I posted for the first time recently about my baby Russian having Vitamin A deficiency. I have been given info about temperatures (I believe I was using the "standard ones" which were not specific to babies) so I have increased the temps accordingly and waiting to add a CHE stolen from my...
  7. E

    Just adopted this guy. Anything I should be worried about/change in his care?

    I haven't really seen anything about trimming their nails? Are they supposed to do it on their own/are there products to put in his house to help him scratch them down? They seem pretty long to me. Also, the previous owner just wasn't sure if his shell looks okay with the new growth being so...
  8. Q

    Can Russians smell other Russians kept nearby?

    Hello all, I recently upgraded the enclosure for my two male Russian tortoises, a process which included separating them. I had them for a while together with no issues but when I upgraded their enclosure it reactivated their territorial instincts, so I separated them into tiered enclosures...
  9. J

    Tortoise in Wisconsin

    Hey all, Live in southeast Wisconsin and I am looking at getting either a Russian or a Hermanns tortoise. Looking to keep them outside most of the year besides winter. For the colder nights and days would a mini Greenhouse with a heat light or ceramic heat lamp work to keep the greenhouse warm...
  10. zarawyon

    Help with Improving my Esio’s Enclosure

    Hiya I have a 9 year old horsefield that I got quite young and I am now endeavouring to improve her enclosure. She currently lives in a basic set up with a mercury lamp over a tortoise table but it’s just way too small. I want to get her an outdoor tortoise house (retaining the table for bad...
  11. Dadforhire

    Odd peeling on shell

    Hector has some of his shell peeling in the center of his back, is it normal to peel from the center of the scute out and not from the sides? I can see shell underneath it just hasn’t come off on it’s own. He has a vet appt. In a week, I’m just worried it’s something serious.
  12. shellfreak

    Russians, Hermann's & Greeks, Oh MY!

    I have some Russian hatchlings, Russian well started, Eastern Hermann's hatchlings & Greek hatchlings available. Prices range from $225-$300 + shipping. For more details, check out the links below.
  13. J

    Hermann’as or Russian?

    I just got this guy(or girl). It was abandoned at a friend’s house by some people that moved. She knows nothing about it. Because Herman’s and Russians have different enclosures and diets, I want to do what is right. Thanks in advance.
  14. S

    Worried about my new russian

    Hi all. I am a first time tortoise owner and I just got my russian tortoise, Spike, from backwaterreptiles yesterday! I have done a lot of research but some things are contradictory and I just want to make sure he is OK and healthy. He has these white spots on his shell, they feel and look...
  15. M

    My Intro 🐢❤️

    Hi my name is Jasmine and I am an aspiring scientist, mostly studying Mycology and Botany. I haven't always been into reptiles, but once I met my first tortoise, I fell in love. Here in photograph two is my beloved Charlie, a Russian tortoise I rescued from a friend. He was in a plastic tub...
  16. G

    Brumating or sick? Losing weight. Help!

    I have a 5-10 year old female Russian tortoise named Sprinkles. I got Sprinkles in mid June. Up until a few weeks ago she had a great appetite, eating most of the food I would put in her 8 inch terracotta dish, a very large handful. She eats mixed leafy greens and sometimes she gets radicchio as...
  17. Lilly_Two2

    Russian Tort in Bad Shape

    So I have a teacher that has a Russian tortoise in a 20 gal or so tank it has a hide it can fit under not much space to walk around only a heat lamp nothing else a big water dish and a food bowl, I'm pretty sure it only gets fed iceberg lettuce though, it gets nothing to supply it calcium. And...
  18. thegringler

    ISO Female Russian Near Oklahoma

    Looking for a female Russians to put in my big indoor enclosure, I am in NE Oklahoma willing to drive a couple hours please let me know.
  19. Wookie

    New enclosure

    Hi all! I've been on here awhile now but this is the first time posting. We have had our little guy or girl (not too sure on gender yet) just coming up to a year now. From seeking plenty advice from here we realised that the table top we were sold at the pet shop with our little horsefield...
  20. mrpresitort

    Very lethargic Russian tortoise (2yo, M) - Is he sick?

    My russian tortoise is a 2 year old (ish) male. He's usually very active in the mornings and goes out in search of food, but for the past week, maybe week and a half, I have had to encourage him to come out of his burrow to eat something, and then once he's eaten he goes right back to his burrow...