1. shellfreak

    Russians, Hermann's & Greeks, Oh MY!

    I have some Russian hatchlings, Russian well started, Eastern Hermann's hatchlings & Greek hatchlings available. Prices range from $225-$300 + shipping. For more details, check out the links below.
  2. J

    Hermann’as or Russian?

    I just got this guy(or girl). It was abandoned at a friend’s house by some people that moved. She knows nothing about it. Because Herman’s and Russians have different enclosures and diets, I want to do what is right. Thanks in advance.
  3. S

    Worried about my new russian

    Hi all. I am a first time tortoise owner and I just got my russian tortoise, Spike, from backwaterreptiles yesterday! I have done a lot of research but some things are contradictory and I just want to make sure he is OK and healthy. He has these white spots on his shell, they feel and look...
  4. M

    My Intro 🐢❤️

    Hi my name is Jasmine and I am an aspiring scientist, mostly studying Mycology and Botany. I haven't always been into reptiles, but once I met my first tortoise, I fell in love. Here in photograph two is my beloved Charlie, a Russian tortoise I rescued from a friend. He was in a plastic tub...
  5. G

    Brumating or sick? Losing weight. Help!

    I have a 5-10 year old female Russian tortoise named Sprinkles. I got Sprinkles in mid June. Up until a few weeks ago she had a great appetite, eating most of the food I would put in her 8 inch terracotta dish, a very large handful. She eats mixed leafy greens and sometimes she gets radicchio as...
  6. Lilly_Two2

    Russian Tort in Bad Shape

    So I have a teacher that has a Russian tortoise in a 20 gal or so tank it has a hide it can fit under not much space to walk around only a heat lamp nothing else a big water dish and a food bowl, I'm pretty sure it only gets fed iceberg lettuce though, it gets nothing to supply it calcium. And...
  7. thegringler

    ISO Female Russian Near Oklahoma

    Looking for a female Russians to put in my big indoor enclosure, I am in NE Oklahoma willing to drive a couple hours please let me know.
  8. Wookie

    New enclosure

    Hi all! I've been on here awhile now but this is the first time posting. We have had our little guy or girl (not too sure on gender yet) just coming up to a year now. From seeking plenty advice from here we realised that the table top we were sold at the pet shop with our little horsefield...
  9. mrpresitort

    Very lethargic Russian tortoise (2yo, M) - Is he sick?

    My russian tortoise is a 2 year old (ish) male. He's usually very active in the mornings and goes out in search of food, but for the past week, maybe week and a half, I have had to encourage him to come out of his burrow to eat something, and then once he's eaten he goes right back to his burrow...
  10. Harvey_Halfshell

    Summer brumation, dos and don'ts?

    Hi all, I'm really annoyed by the lack of information on a google search about what to do when your tortoise burrows in their enclosure and there is a risk of night rain. My instinct is to dig him up or risk him drowning but says "Do not try to prevent a healthy tortoise from...
  11. Harvey_Halfshell

    Harvey not eating

    Hi everyone, I took Harvey to the vets and the vet said that he had most likely slowed down his eating cuz he was in a kind of Summer hibernation (name of this please?) due to hot weather but it has since cooled down and he is still extremely lethargic and not eating much. He will eat his...
  12. Harvey_Halfshell

    Hello from Harvey

    Hi all, just joined the forum so thought I'd introduce my 6-year-old Russian tortoise (re)named Harvey. Had him for around 4 months and he is a joy to keep! Built him and outdoor enclosure with a secure heavy-gauge mesh lid but he has been very lethargic as the weather here in the UK has been...
  13. J

    Is this safe?

    My Russian tortoise is about 4 months old and digs alot, I gave him some extra bedding so he had more room to dig but for the last 2 days he seems to be lying head first in the holes he is digging. He always lies in his holes however not normally like this. Is this dangerous for him? Should I...
  14. Falcon70

    Help Building a New Outdoor Enclosure for Year Round Use

    Hey all! I'm looking to build my Russian tortoise a new outdoor enclosure. The old one has done an admirable job over the years, but is tired. Plus, I'm moving and Mzee's going to have a much bigger yard to roam, so it's time to expand and improve. I've been browsing through the enclosure...
  15. plutoparty

    Conflicting vet opinion on whether tortoise is male or female

    Hi, Just got back from a vet visit for my newly adopted tortoise. This vet is convinced that "Hank" is female.... but the vet at the animal shelter that I adopted from thought it was a mature male tort. If Hank is female, the vet thinks they would be fairly young, around 5 years old, since...
  16. No1much

    Electric fan in indoor table

    Hello. Just wondering if small desktop fans are okay in the tables. I have two Russians in (separate) indoor tables atm. It's summer in the UK and we're getting a bit of warm weather and Aircon is rare here. I live in a flat that's partially in the roof space and it gets warm. It's currently...
  17. Oxalis

    OK for Russian Male to Ram Rocks?

    Just a quick question regarding the safety of my Russian. I've not noticed him ramming anything until this year, but he has been rather amorous with a particular rock in his enclosure for quite some time. Is he OK to ram this small paver in his enclosure? I'm hoping to get him some more outside...
  18. Inspire2be

    Oogway our rescued Russian 🐢✨

    Oogway catching some ☀️ He’s doing great & no more issues going on! So glad I drove 1.5hrs to rescue this dude. 💚😊 He’s so chill & loves to be by you. …….and….escaping 🤦🏼‍♀️😂
  19. Inspire2be

    Safe outdoor weeds? Please help. Appreciate responses! (Russian)

    I have a new Russian & I live in upstate NY. Can anyone glimpse these 6 (labeled with each pic for clear photo) pictures & tell me if these are safe for Oogway to eat or not. I’m sure it’s been asked a ton but I just want to make sure lil dude eats right & appreciate any...
  20. M

    I'm going to buy a tortoise, but I have a question for it

    I'm going to buy a Russian Tort, and I just want to know if me being in Upstate NY (def not an ideal temperature) if it would be fine to take him out of his exhibit every once in a while, probably just once or twice a day for no longer than an hour, but probably more like 30 mins, outside is...