1. S

    Male Russian for Rehoming in Indianapolis

    Hello, I am posting to see if anyone in the Indianapolis area (will travel up to 2 hours for the right fit), is looking to adopt an adult male Russian tortoise. He belongs to my step daughter, whose parent has gotten a work placement out of the country and cannot bring him along. I can offer...
  2. A

    Russian Tortoise was attacked. Will she heal on her own?

    Hello. Last night, my tortoise went missing and I assumed she just climbed out of her enclosure and went wandering. This morning when I found her, her plastron was broken and she has some marks on her shell. Will this heal on her own or do I need to take her to an exotic vet? I am keeping her...
  3. frenchsuite

    Tortoise Medical Products

    Hello everyone! I am a new tortoise owner and recently got three tortoises (two Russians and one red foot), all from petsore. They currently live in three enclosures and seem to be happy and active most of the time. Based on the online medical info I ordered Panacur (Fenbendazole) animal...
  4. frenchsuite

    Our red foot tortoise is lazy alone but very aggressive when he sees Russians

    We got two Russians about 1 week ago and one red foot right after (my wife thinks red foot is beautiful). Russians are from PetSmart and red foot is from Petco (we already spent 2000+ to buy them plus all enclosures, a lot of equipment and food. We are almost broke lol). I found that our red...
  5. frenchsuite

    Some big morality issues for my new tortoises

    So, I got two male Russian tortoises from PetSmart a few days ago, and both of them look happy and healthy so far. I separated them into different enclosure because I noticed that they did not get along in the same enclosure when they were in PetSmart. Now I noticed something that is wrong...
  6. frenchsuite

    Just got two tortoises from PetSmart. Do they look good?

    My wife and I both like tortoises and today we bought the two tortoises from our local PetSmart. The person working there is not sure about their age and gender, but told us they are very healthy and they are young tortoises. We bought two big enclosures for them, as they were housed together...
  7. S

    Left my Russian in the tub by accident but it may have cured her illness?

    My Russian tort, Pearl, may have gotten left in the tub a bit longer than expected when I got distracted by chores. She was soaking between an hour to an hour 15 (I usually only soak her for 30 minutes max and frequently change the water so it’s warm). I put her in her basking spot under the...
  8. O

    Rehoming adult male Russian tortoise Nashville, TN

    Looking to rehome my adult male Russian tortoise to a good home. He is predicted to be at least 8 years old and is very active little guy. I am located in Nashville, TN. Please shoot me message if interested or for any details/pictures.
  9. Snoozing on my wheel

    Snoozing on my wheel

    Since introducing the wheel (added anti slip tape). It is used daily and even falls asleep on it. Total success and happiness. I feel this has added enrichment to his enclosure
  10. C

    Tortoise food toppers UK

    Hi there! Does anyone know if there is anything similar to this product available in the UK? I have an (almost) 2 year old horsefield torty, William, and I think he’d love this! Any help would be really appreciated. M
  11. D

    Preserving Testudo Horsfieldii eggs until incubator arrives.

    Hello, as you can read in the title a certain incubator didn't arrive before my tortoise went into labour... This can happen of course but it won't arrive for another 5-6 days at least. The female tortoise lives together with a male and another female, this is her first batch and I've read that...
  12. F

    Sudden Tortoise Owner-- How is she Doing?

    Hello all, firstly I just want to say thank you for everyone who posts on this forum, all the information and advice on here has been a lifesaver and I’m so glad I found this site. We just bought a house, and as we’re moving in we saw that the old owners just left their tortoise. They were...
  13. Jeffweystan

    Leo and Jeffwey

    Hi! My name is Leo and I have a 3 year old Russian Tortoise named Jeffwey. I have had Jeffwey for almost two months. I have been obsessed with turtles for a while and finally got one. Jeffwey is really friendly and loves being pet. He is a bit of a picky eater, mainly eating collard greens and...
  14. bezthehee

    Russian Tortoise Clawing at Wall and Trying to Get Out

    Hi everyone, ironically compared to my last post where I mentioned my Russian is sleeping a lot and staying burrowed, she is now very active which is great but she is also constantly clawing at the walls and trying to get out. The enclosure has two levels. The bottom is 31” x 93” and the top...
  15. C

    Slowing down or do i need more UVB on my tortise

    Hey, So i am thinking my russian tortoise might be slowing down. He still eats when he wants but mostly sleeps now since the weather is getting colder. I am in the Midwest(Chicago Area). I am wondering though do i need to add some UVB on him. He usually stays by the heat lamp where there is...
  16. Poseidon's Mama

    Greek or Russian?

    I’m new here as I recently adopted a tortoise from a shelter. Before I got there to pick him up, I was told he is a Russian tort and approx 1 yo. I joined another tort group and upon seeing Poseidon, all the commenting members said he is Greek and definitely not a year old. Maybe even closer to...
  17. IMG-20230915-WA0001.jpeg


    was absolutely beside myself, I had let Sheldon roam around the house,only he did his usual, following the cat, and wandered outside. We have a very long garden, about 2 hours of picking through all the hedges and weeds, I heard him stomping over the gravel at the end under the trampoline
  18. E

    HELP swollen tail

    After his soak i noticed my russians tail was inflamed and swollen. I am very concerned does anyone know what could be causing this?
  19. bezthehee

    Russian Tort Hiding/Sleeping All Day

    My Russian tortoise is about 4 years old (guessing because I got her as a ‘yearling’ 3 years ago). In the last couple of weeks she’s been in her hide most of the day and she only gets out if I grab her and place her in front of food. She eats a little bit and eventually makes her way to the...
  20. New Food Dish

    New Food Dish

    My mom got into pottery and made her grandson a new food dish out of plain terra-cotta clay (no glaze). It's much lower to the ground for Steve to eat off of so I think he loves it!