1. Honeybunnfarms


    Hi! I was wondering if anyone had advice about taking care of a Tortoise in college? I have a large habitat for her, know my roommate well (she is fine with Rosie) and am giving her a varied diet. My college is ok with tortoises (I know one girl with a Russian as well and another girl with a...
  2. IMG_20200506_190412_01.jpg


    The base of the temporary (made from scrap wood) home for my rescued Russian tortoise.
  3. Bilbo’s New Home (pt. 2)

    Bilbo’s New Home (pt. 2)

    Bilbo’s old owner never bathed him nor cleaned his tank so I’ve been bathing him every three days and have made what I believe to be a bioactive terrarium with night crawlers and redwigglers to help reduce the amount of waste in the tank I have to clean.
  4. Bilbo’s New Home (pt.1)

    Bilbo’s New Home (pt.1)

    Bilbo is my first ever tortoise. He is just over 2 years old and I adopted him 4/9/20 from someone off of Craigslist. Bilbo seems to be in good shape but seems a little timid. He hasn’t eaten in front of me yet but every other day I set out fresh spring mix in his bowl and keep his water dish full.
  5. Julia B

    Tortoise’s pee is brownish red, help

    Here’s my tortoises pee, she eats a lot of dandelions but the past two days she’s mostly eaten kale and collards so I don’t see why it’s so red. Is it time for me to find a reputable vet?
  6. Julia B

    Any toys your torts enjoy?

    I’m looking for some toys your torts enjoy. I want my Penelope’s life to be enriching and I think mental stimulation is good for their brains. At the moment I just have a mini tennis ball and she is not impressed. Along with this question I was also wondering if there are any exercises I can do...
  7. Julia B

    Tortoise Bias?

    Does anyone else have serious tortoise bias? I just recently joined a tortoise group on Facebook and I’ve realized I’m super biased towards my girl. I literally think she is the prettiest Russian tort. Yeah she has her nicks and chips but man do I think she’s spectacular. And that’s coming from...
  8. DEAE18E1-E85E-4BCA-A7E5-49F1E2ECB8B8.jpeg


    Penelope in a patch of wild violets, looking as beautiful as always
  9. 6ACDC11F-1911-49C8-B7FD-6595264613BC.jpeg


    Penelope’s first time to the wildlife park here in my area
  10. Julia B

    I bought my tortoise from CB reptiles

    So I bought my tortoise from CB reptiles. From the beginning I ordered a boy and got a girl, so I got an 80 dollar refund. Besides that, she is going good but seems pretty sleepy alllll the time. It’s not until I take her outside that she starts really moving. Is this normal? Also, has anyone...
  11. RussianTortoiseLover5

    Cats and Tortoises

    Hello everyone, I am planning on adopting a kitten soon and I have a 2 year old russian tortoise currently. I will have to keep the kitten in my room (where my tortoise is) for most of the time, especially for the first few weeks, as the rest of my house is run by my dogs. What are some safety...
  12. image.jpg


    this is his cage too i just want to make sure u guys think it’s a good home 🥺 thank you
  13. PiL71

    New enclosure for my tortoise Herb

    Hello! So, for my enclosure right now, it is two 2x2x4 foot hollow wooden boxes, with Plexiglas on the top. I am wondering, not so much about reformatting it, but whether or not my Russian will climb a slight incline to get to the second one? They are going to be stacked on top of each other. I...
  14. Tinhornsnow59

    Building a nesting box? + any other advice?

    Not exactly new to Russian tortoises, but I've been looking around for a good idea for a nesting box for my gravid Russian tortoise. I'm still new to the breeding world, so any other tips would also be appreciated! Thanks! :tort:
  15. marissab

    Adult Russian Tortoise Chicago Area (Naperville)

    Currently seeking a home for our tortoise, Luigi! Marissa, Luigi’s original owner, has left for college and his foster family is no longer able to take care of him. He is a handsome, friendly Russian tortoise who although lacks in speed, makes up for in personality. His favorite activities...
  16. M

    Traveling with my Russian Tortoise

    Hello,I am going to move and was wondering how long a 3-5 years old Russian tortoise can go without his uvb lamp? Also how long can he go in the car per day and for how many days. Also how should I pack him ? I would be traveling in cold weather