shell repair

  1. Questingbeast

    3-legged box turtle with shell damage - need some help

    I received this rescued 3-legged box turtle from a wildlife rescue and museum to work some magic with, but there is SO much going on with his shell that I'm honestly a bit confused with what kind of damage this all is or how to tackle the problem areas. I am more than willing to take him to the...
  2. KieranMcKeown

    Shell rot?

    Hey guys! So when I got Alaska a week today, she had a bit of white markings on her shell, however a week on and it seems these white marks have spread to other parts of her shell. I was wondering if you guys could take a look and tell me what it is (shell rot??) And how to fix it? Many...
  3. Niki68

    Hi Folks, I'm new to the forum

    Hi all I have recently been given a Russian Toitoise whose previous owner could no longer take care of her, she has settled in well however when giving her a soak the other day I noticed her shell was split underneath between her front legs, I know that in her previous home she had been attacked...