1. L

    Pebbles the Sulcata Enjoying his new spa

    We finally were able to buy our funny boy a soaking tub for his outside enclosure! He loves it and enjoys it every day!
  2. IMG_20210711_093228_3.jpg


    Soak time
  3. So close.. yet so far

    So close.. yet so far

  4. B

    Is there something wrong with my Red Foot?

    Hello everyone, I’m new to this forum. I have about a year with my tortoise and recently I’ve noticed that she/he likes to be in the water the whole day. He likes to be under the basking light in the water and sometimes he goes under his tree but his body is still in the water. not sure if...
  5. turtlebean

    Proud Tortoise Mom Moment!!

    Hi all! This morning I woke up and went directly upstairs to grab my little nugget. When I soak him, I usually put him in his soaking bowl while I shower. Super cute. Today I walked upstairs and found Tortillini sitting in his saucer water bowl in his enclosure all on his own!! I’m not talking...
  6. L

    New Caretaker for Sulcata Animal Ambassador

    Hello Friends! I am the new caretaker for several animals at a very small non-profit nature preserve. Our main animal ambassador is a 17-18-year-old Sulcata Tortoise named Pebbles. This is my first time taking care of a tortoise and I want to make sure I am doing right by Pebbles. I seem to...
  7. Mystic_Queen (Rosa)

    Quick question (about soaking)

    Am I right in thinking that a 30/40 min soak once a week is ok for pumpkin or should this be more often with her being 4 months old?
  8. A

    Hatchling soaking and diet

    I am a new owner of a little guy named Elvis. I have noticed my leopard hatchling Elvis doesn’t drink the water he soaks in. Is this normal? I have noticed that when we take him outside on the grass he eats plenty of clovers and clover flowers(which I have read are good for him), and he also...
  9. J

    my tortoise has no urates just liquid that is colored white.

    I need help I soaked my tortoise for about 45 mins and later that day. I took her out and put her on my floor with a table cloth there and her urates were non-existent and just white liquid.russain tortoise
  10. Eredant

    Purpose of soaking

    I just read this post by @Tom about soaking, which made me wonder what exactly is the purpose is of the daily soaking of hatchlings, especially when they're kept in a humid environment with a water dish. I did a quick search of the forum posts and while there are many about soaking, couldn't...
  11. wonderfulwildlife

    Buying Redfoot Hatchling at Repticon

    It’s my first time going to an expo & I’m getting my first tortoise. I have three questions about buying a hatchling at an expo: (A) What is a good guarantee on a hatchling? A lot of places seem to have a 7-day guarantee & I’m wondering if that’s good or on the low side for a guarantee on a...