sri lankan star tortoise

  1. T

    Sri lanken baby!! Does anyone know what this weird spot is!!!??

    Hello I picked up a baby star tortoise yesterday, suposidly a sri lanka, it is very tiny. His shell is a bit deformed… but im also concerned about this spot on him. I havnt even had him 24 hours yet… he seems pretty healthy. It almost looks like a mole, in the center of his scute. If anyone...
  2. shellfreak

    Sri Lankan Star Tortoises

    $705 shipped I only have a few left. captive bred raised in closed chamber eating it all soaked daily [email protected] or text 215.840.5240
  3. georgecarlintheredfoot

    Redfoot & Sri Lanka Star Cohabitation

    I have a captive bred hatchling Redfooted Tortoise. I was considering getting a captive bred hatchling Sri Lanka Star Tortoise. Is it at all possible to house them together? I have seen several replies say nay but from what I’ve seen their temperature and humidity setup is very similar. I keep...
  4. W

    About to be a new sri lankan star tortoise parent.

    Hi all. I'm about to be a new tortoise parent. I joined here before I get one to find out about best ways to give a best start to a young little tortoise and what to buy and from where to buy things economically.