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    Lucky and Chikky says hi They are both rescued pets since 10 years They are both Indian stars and chikky is the younger one and weighs around 2 kg and lucky weighs around 3kgs They are native species to our region
  2. TommyTheV

    Meet my new "True" Sri Lankan Star Tortoises

    Say Hi to Crush, Shelly and Squirt Picked these beauties up directly from a local breeder that is 2 hours from San Diego on May 23rd but just been so busy enjoying them forgot to update. I am told these are temp sexed so hence the names already and was told the breeder does have a 80%...
  3. T

    Snake plants for the Indian Star Tortoise?

    I recently planted a snake plant in the enclosure for our Indian Star Tort. He likes to nibble it here and there. But I read on the tortoise table website that it should be fed in moderation, should I remove the plant from the enclosure then?
  4. T

    [Help needed]A complicated little relationship with our star tortoise in India.

    Hi, I've been reading about star tortoises on this forum and found some really good threads which have given me great info about having a star tortoise as a pet. Now, about the tortoise I have: Technically, the tortoise isn't ours. It belongs to my cousin who has had it since 7-8 years I think...
  5. S

    Male or Female Radiated Star Tortoise

    Is my radiated star tortoise a male or female? I think is a she. Not really sure, what do you guys think? 😀
  6. Rambo at 4 y/o

    Rambo at 4 y/o

    Our Burmese Star tortoise is now a little over 4yrs old (hatch date approx 04/2018) and 7 1/2" in length. He is outside full time and loves South Florida Summer. Afternoon rains and he's under his favorite bamboo plant. We renamed him "Rambo" as it fits his personality. Purchased from @Tom
  7. A

    WANTED- Star Tortoise in Hawaii

    Aloha from Oahu! I am looking to add a Star Tortoise to our home and seem to be having a very difficult time finding one- at least that isn't a scam. Any suggestions for finding a reliable breeder who either is located in Hawaii or is willing to ship to Hawaii?
  8. TurtleLadyKatie

    Star Tortoise Cool End Too Cold

    Hello! I recently changed the ceramic heat emitters for my 2 year old Indian stars because I discovered using a probe thermometer that their hot side temps were too high. I moved them down to a 50 watt instead and now hot side temps are perfect (high 90s Fahrenheit directly under the bulb, about...
  9. gregcalverley0327

    Hollywood loving lunch time

  10. Pattjunior

    Any Burmese Star Yearlings FOR SALE? South Florida Preferred

    Good evening I am looking to purchase another Burmese Star Tortoise preferably 50-100 grams incubated for female or showing female characteristics. I know its all a crap shoot. If you have or know of some of the other members on here please send over their info! I am located in SWFL.
  11. P

    Indian star Tortoise's teeth got brownish

    From last one month Indian star tortoise's teeth got brown colored. It don't have any problems he eats normally as he was eating before just because of his tooth colour changed we are concerned. Here I'm sharing it's photo.
  12. gregcalverley0327

    Hollywood’s new home!!

    Finally was able to build my 7 month old Indian star a new setup, not completely finished as I’m still waiting for some plants for him but so far so good, temps are all perfect and he seems to be loving it, besides pooping in it 2 seconds after I put him in there lol
  13. T

    Sri lanken baby!! Does anyone know what this weird spot is!!!??

    Hello I picked up a baby star tortoise yesterday, suposidly a sri lanka, it is very tiny. His shell is a bit deformed… but im also concerned about this spot on him. I havnt even had him 24 hours yet… he seems pretty healthy. It almost looks like a mole, in the center of his scute. If anyone...
  14. gregcalverley0327

    New baby Indian star, Hollywood!

    Hey everyone just wanted to show my new baby star tortoise, roughly 5 months old. Not sure on the sex but very excited to own a star tortoise, the name is Hollywood of course
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    Cherry ??
  16. A

    How and what type of heat source should I add here?

    Hey guys any ideas on what type of Heat source I should add here and how? There’s a power source at the back, don’t know if you can see the wore
  17. A

    Tortoise Not Pooping when Soaking

    Hey guys, I have 2 Star Tortoise. I tried to soak them in Lukewarm Water but the girls are not pooping. I’ve checked their enclosure and seen their poop. Any tips on what foods to give to make them poop? I’m worried they’re keeping their poop inside their body
  18. A

    Safe for My Torts?

    Hey guys just wondering is it safe for my tortoise if you look at the bottom you can see her chilling there. There’s a glass partition to separate her. Scared she might flip over and roll down if I let her go up
  19. A

    Why does My tortoise loves this Spot?

    Hey guys, I’m just really curious. I live in Maldives and have 2 Indian Star Tortoise. I’ve had them for 21years. Now the plant in the picture is a Pandan Plant. I always find my Tortoise hiding deep inside the plants. So deep to the point I can’t find them. They’re out in the open so sometimes...
  20. A

    Star Tortoise and Rain

    Hey guys i Have a Pair of Female Star Tortoises in Maldives. Ive had them since i was 10. Theyre 21 Years old this year. My question is i keep them outdoors and whenever it rains especially Heavily, i bring them in and place them under The heat Lamp. But then they go out again in the rain. Now...