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  1. Rodriguez Chelonians

    Official Rodriguez Chelonians Account

    Hello everyone! Some of you know me and to some of you I am new. My name is Amber Rodriguez and I run Rodriguez Chelonians with my husband Chris, in Southern California. I do have a personal account on the forum but wanted to set up a more official account as our business for you all to have...
  2. Dinner time

    Dinner time

    My Indian star having some din
  3. Xpxgizmo

    New Burmese hatchlings!! Wahoo!

    Hi all, Just got two Burmese star hatchlings that are 1 month old. This forum has helped me so much. Purchased a closed chamber enclosure from my local reptile store and it’s been working really well. Just wanted to say thanks all and let me know if have some tips or advice that’ll improve my...
  4. Christmas Day 2019 and 370 grams

    Christmas Day 2019 and 370 grams

    Christmas Day soak and now at 370 grams. Hatched April 2018
  5. Tortoise tornado

    Identifying tortoise specie

    I bought a baby tortoise awhile back can, any help me identify what kind of star tortoise it is.
  6. akahry

    Reputable Breeder for Star Tortoises?

    Hi, Nice to meet you all! Roy here I just started raising tortoises, very passionate about them! Recently got some ivory Sulcatas from Balland’s ranch and they are doing great! I hope to get some Star tortoise hatchlings this season, Sri Lanka or Indian or Burmese, would like to see if anyone...
  7. H

    Hello from FL

    I have worked in pet stores for many years (not currently tho) and have had quite a few pets. Starting with (of course) dogs, then on to fish (my first love), turtles (mata mata, spotted), tortoises (leopard, red foot), leopard geckos, crocodile skinks, birds (red lored, love birds) , snakes...
  8. C

    Young Adult Indian Star Tortoise Pair

    Greetings, I am selling my pair of young adult Indian Star Tortoises. I purchased them in June of 2017 from a local pet store. They informed me that the individuals were around 5-7 years old, and raised in Florida before he had purchased them to sell. I have kept them for the past two years...
  9. C

    Young Adult Indian Star Tortoise Pair

    Female by Chad Matthews posted Jun 15, 2019 at 4:48 PMFemale by Chad Matthews posted Jun 15, 2019 at 4:48 PMMale by Chad Matthews posted Jun 15, 2019 at 4:48 PMMale Weight by Chad Matthews posted Jun 15, 2019 at 4:48 PMMale by Chad Matthews posted Jun 15, 2019 at 4:48 PMBoth by Chad Matthews...
  10. L

    Solution for my problem about my star tortoise

    hi friends iam lucky and im from india , andhrapradesh , kakinada city i havve read many forums about tortoise diet supplements but i have an another problem regarding its place as i was living in apartments we have two balconys which i kept those in small balcony, can any one tell that is it...
  11. Dipu0076

    Star tortoise urinate problem

    Hi i have a star tortoise.. Since 2 days i notice my tortoise feels like pain while urinate. When she pees she closes her eyes which is like same she does while she pass the poop. Looks Like its painful or she has to do the pressure which she does while she passes poop. I am worried about her.
  12. georgecarlintheredfoot

    Redfoot & Sri Lanka Star Cohabitation

    I have a captive bred hatchling Redfooted Tortoise. I was considering getting a captive bred hatchling Sri Lanka Star Tortoise. Is it at all possible to house them together? I have seen several replies say nay but from what I’ve seen their temperature and humidity setup is very similar. I keep...
  13. adptorts

    Burmese Star Tortoise

    We have one 2 year old CB male Burmese Star tortoise available. He's 6" and 650g, rock solid with a beautifully smooth shell. We are asking $1200 plus shipping. To see pictures please follow this link to our Facebook page...
  14. g4mobile

    Tom: AKA: "Captain Knowledge" Review

    I recently purchased a Burmese Star Tortoise from Tom (AKA: Captain Knowledge). He is a very well respected member here at Tortoise Forum. Tom and I were discussing several different species of tortoise before making my decision to go with a Burmese Star. He and I were initially discussing the...