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  1. Stump Sulcata Tortoise eat pet burp

    Stump Sulcata Tortoise eat pet burp

    This guy is out of control sometimes with the eating. Tell me what you think in the comments. His favorite giant and office buddy pets him while he's eating.
  2. TonytheTortoise_

    Need Help ;-; (no poop or pee??)

    Hey guys, so I recently got a Sulcata tortoise (Tony) from my boyfriend. A little background about Tony is that he was bought in Cali around 2020, lived with my boyfriend in Flagstaff, Az around late 2020 to early 2022, and now Tony is living with me in Yuma, Az. For timeline purposes, I got him...
  3. J

    New Member - 7 month old Sulcata

    Hi! I am new here and I have a 7 month old Sulcata. I got him/her last September (2021) at Reptile Expo Anaheim. I just want to know what a tortoise that age should weigh and look like. He/She really loves to eat Mazuri pellets and a bit of lettuce, kale, and clover sprouts. Weighs 233 grams and...
  4. O


    I noticed this bruise on my 2 year old tortoise while bathing her. Any idea what it can be? She's eating and active, shell is good
  5. ashleymiller28

    Night time temperature for young Sulcata?

    Hello, I was wondering which way I should go about temperatures during the night for my young sulcata. I recently just purchased a 100W CHE to use during the night to keep temperatures warm, however under the CHE my thermometer is reading 92-95 degrees while it is 82-84 degrees on the opposite...
  6. Aurum0

    How to keep an adult sulcata indoors?

    Hi there. I have an adult sulcata... 7 years old, and I want to keep him inside. I plan to let him roam the house, specifically the large kitchen or my room. I live in Florida, and what I do with my other turtles/tortoises is let them eat and bask in the sun for a couple hours, then bring them...
  7. thelifeofbuttons

    Adding a Sulcata to the family...

    I don't know if it's because I'm really missing my CDTs while they hibernate, but I'm obsessing over adding a Sulcata to our family (and so is my 7yo son, who is equally obsessed with becoming a Herpetologist). Anyway, we currently have two CDT loves, I have raised since they were about one and...
  8. H

    Help Check if condition of baby sulcata is ok

    Hello! I am new to the forum and certainly very new to tortoise keeping! I have recently bought a baby sulcata this month during a reptile show. The sellers said it was a hatchling and that the babies hatched last August. I wanted to know if my new sulcata looks okay at the moment. I'm...
  9. Emily Contreras

    Tips for new sulcata owner?

    Ok, I need some major advice, I know to feed the baby some grass, he has heat, he has a humid hide, he has access to water, I just need some advice on the BEST food to give it daily, (im not a pro so please dont use some fancy words, break it down for me!) Please tell me a good daily food, and a...
  10. NewTortEnthusiast

    Can someone tell me how old my two sulcatas are?

    Hello all. 4 days ago I had purchased two small sulcata tortoises. Both of which are about as big as a base ball. I bought them from a close neighbor for really cheap because I am his neighbor, who in hindsight isnt a very good sulcata breeder. He had shown me most of his sulcatas, from...
  11. Ramirezm2

    How to have a Happy/Healthy Sulcata

    There are a number of great Sulcata topics explained in this site and based from my experience, i have been very successful on my Sulcata care. One thing thing that i tell customers when it comes to tortoises is that you want to let your tortoise feel that that are doing everything what they...
  12. Jazmyne

    Can my tortoise eat this grass/weeds?

    Hello, im new to the site and i have an urgent question that i cant find answers currently i have 3 yearlings, and one teen. We are moving to a new home that has "grass" i have never seen before. But around the edges it has what looks like longish burmuda. Im concerned idk what this type...
  13. Shaye

    New baby, hopefully good care.

    Hi! I'm new to the forum, as I just got a baby sulcata a few days ago. I have learned a lot reading on here and I feel far more confident in taking care of my little tortoise (Aristortle). I just wanted to confirm that he is being taken care of well for now. There is a lot of conflicting...