1. Utapie

    Where can I find a stand for a 40 gallon?

    I recently got a 40 gallon (36 in L x 18 in W x 18 in H) for my future tortoise Yes I know they grow big. It's only temporary till it grows out of it since I'd be baby. Then it'll be moved outside as soon as it grows. But I can't seem to find a stand for it, do they make stands for reptile...
  2. Jeffweystan

    Humidity and misting?

    Hi, I have had my Russian tortoise for almost two months. I try to keep the tank humidity around 40-50% but It keeps dropping lower. If I don’t most the tank twice a day it will drop to 20-30%. I have two water bowls at different ends of my tank and I dont know what else to do to keep the...
  3. G

    Tortoise+Water Turtle Setup ideas

    I have been tossing this idea up in the air, of trying to create 1 space for both my water turtle(Yellow Belly Slider) and my Leopard Tortoise. However I've been wrestling this idea if its even a good idea to mix waters(fish tank water from Slider as drinking water for Tortoise) and I cant come...
  4. C

    Above Tank Lighting Setup

    Hi, Apologies if there is a thread asking a similar question, I've been browsing for information all day and haven't found anything that can answer my specific question and have been getting overwhelmed with the amount of lighting information that doesn't actually answer my question. I...
  5. A

    First tank set up

    (First post) just was wondering if this was a decent first tank set up, and if anyone has any advice on what I need. (I’ve had a tortoise before but he normally just roamed around downstairs.) I’m looking into getting a Russian tortoise and need an indoor enclosure for winter. (I understand a...
  6. NewtThePinkbelly

    Where to buy large tanks?

    Newt is still a little baby, but depending on wether he's male or female (too small for us to tell) we might need a pretty big tank in the long run. From the information we have found online, pink belly sidenecks can grow up to 11inches, which means a 110 gallon tank or more. Where could we find...
  7. erinbug

    Adopting my first RF tortoise today!

    Hello, My name is Erin and I've been prowling this forum for about a month while setting up my first redfoot tortoise enclosure! Our Petco has had a RF juvenile for several years and I've finally decided to bite the bullet and rescue the little guy from his much-too-cramped tank. And today is...
  8. S

    My Tortoise won't eat but is very active. Please help

    Hello everyone! I am hoping I can get some answers here. I have been trying to get answers from a tortoise group on Facebook but I got more people arguing than answers.. I have a female russian tortoise and have had her for almost a year now. I have never had an issue with her until now. She...
  9. Sdmunoz125

    Baby sulcata tank set up

    For my sulcata I have a 10 gallon tank with Cypress mulch as the bedding and a couple of rocks around. He has a bowl of water and a hiding place. The 2 bulbs I have are a 10.0 uvb reptisun bulb and a 60 watt heat bulb (Zoo med). I the uvb on for 12 hours a day and the heat one on all day due to...
  10. B

    10g Tank for a Tortoise Hatchling ?

    I am new to the tortoise world and I have finally figured out what tortoise would be best for my lifestyle and my weather conditions, a Leopard Tortoise. But I do not know where to keep it. I know that they get large when they are adults, but I do not know how to house them when they are young...
  11. Gymtimpro

    Best things to have in tortoise enclosure?

    Hey guys leave you're favorite tortoise toys, climbable things, hiding spots, plants,decor etc