1. jsheffield

    Too much humidity?

    Good morning, I've been noodling with Darwin's enclosure setup for about two weeks now, and feel pretty good about the light and heat and temperature gradient from one end to the other ... I'm concerned about high humidity levels (possibly nervous parenting). Questions: Can levels above 80%...
  2. Rainbow Tortoise

    Help! Wrong Tortoise basking temps!

    I recently got a 1 year old horsefield tortoise and thought his temperatures were fine as I was using a 100W bulb and a temperature gage on the side of the cage said it was 30 - 35 degrees Celsius. However I recently got a temperature gun that says the temperature directly under the bulb is...
  3. Beedee

    Advice on outdoor tortoise enclosure - Hermanns

    Hi everyone, I have two Hermanns, one is 11 and about 20cm and the other is 4 and about 12cm. They currently live indoors in a tortoise table but the larger one needs more space now he is bigger and I have built him an outdoor enclosure. It is about 1.5m x 3m. Its the biggest I can do in my...
  4. Mia&Felicity

    To High night temperature. Can anyone help?!

    Tonight the temperature in my tortoise table is 27.3°c. This is way to high, right? Has anyone got any advice? Thanks.
  5. Crotalis

    Getting the right temps

    I have a 60w incandescent basking bulb low on the far right (100 degree basking spot). I have a CHE on the far left, situated high in the enclosure; 20" above substrate. (UV lighting is in the middle.) I have a thermostat connected to the CHE, at 82 degrees. But, sometimes it gets to an ambient...
  6. Schildlkröte

    Cool-Side Temp for Russians vs. Hermann's?

    I have never had a tortoise before and am really appreciating the depth of experience on this forum, including and especially the Beginner's Mistakes. I am debating whether to go for a Russian or a Hermann's tortoise at a fair this weekend. I live in Minnesota, so the tortoise will need to be...
  7. Avery.s

    Many many hermanns questions

    hello! my name is Avery, I'm very new to the tortoise world. I felt very prepared for the little tort to arrive after all my research, right until he actually got here. He (we've been saying he for now) is about two months old and named Allo (picture in my profile pic). my list of questions...
  8. mushroomandcucumber

    Hi! Soon to be Hermann Tortoise owner! I have a lot of questions!

    Hi, soon I will be welcoming a baby Hermann tortoise! I'm really excited because I've never owned a tortoise before even though I've wanted to ever since I was a child However, I have a lot of questions that I'm struggling to find answers for, and I would greatly appreciate any help you could...