1. J

    Fungus gnats!!!

    Hi guys, just hoping for some advice. My horse field currently has top soil for his substrate, but we’ve got a serious issue with tiny fungus gnats, so I was wondering if anyone knows of any other substrate we can use to avoid this problem! Also he seems a bit bored, is there anything I can do...
  2. Stoneman

    What depth substrate for adult indian stars? I also have questions about what the best egg laying substrate should be.

    I am building a new enclosure and want to have ideal substrate depth. If I remember correctly it is 12"? I have read some places that the length of the tortoise is sufficient for substrate depth. I have kept them in small to medium sized fir bark because where I live I cannot find smaller...
  3. Tanyabobanya

    Soil, coco, for indoor night enclosure help

    Hello! I’m asking a question I’ve asked for months and still am not sure.. what kind of soil to use for an indoor enclosure I use for rainy days/ cold nights? For my outdoor one I went as far as mentioning this to my gardener who drove to the mountains and brought back the finest soil you could...