What depth substrate for adult indian stars? I also have questions about what the best egg laying substrate should be.


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Jan 12, 2018
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Pacific Northwest, United States
I am building a new enclosure and want to have ideal substrate depth. If I remember correctly it is 12"? I have read some places that the length of the tortoise is sufficient for substrate depth.

I have kept them in small to medium sized fir bark because where I live I cannot find smaller sized bark. They have not wanted to lay in that. I am planning on putting storage bonds that are 12" deep and 16"×21" and putting those in each 3 square foot section. Or at least a few of them to provide more options for laying throughout the enclosure.

Within the buckets, I am trying to decide which type of material to use. My current best guess is to use a mix of maybe sphagnum moss fiber, sphagnum peat moss, shredded coco coir, and top soil?

Does anyone know if those would be a bad combination as an egg laying substrate?

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