1. P

    How long can a redfoot go without eating?

    it’s been at least 3 days now and all she does is burrows. We’ve finally i think gotten the heat/humidity right, but she doesn’t seem to want to go back to eating.
  2. Damkri

    Can I keep the soil moist? Russian tort

    Hi I have a large enclosure for my 2 year old, built it with wood, has open top, and many interactive things to do. The vet said "to get the shell smooth, around edges so they're not sharp, and to get rid of the dry skin around her neck, she needs to dig deeper with children sand mixed with top...
  3. TinkFoxclaw

    Please help! I really need some help and advice about my tortoise!

    Hi there, thank you for the add to your site. I really am desperate for some help and advice please. In October last year I was given a tortoise by a family member for my daughter. They didn’t know a lot about the tortoise so they gave me some info but I’m not sure how accurate it all is...
  4. Samyak Dadda

    Do Indian Star Tortoises drink water??

    My Indian Star Tortoises have never drank water from a container or when i soak them in warm water. So do they drink water???
  5. Etania Cheng

    Face Planting

    Why do tortoises face plant? My little guy, Bean, occasionally does this and I haven't seen much discussion on this and I worry just a bit that when he face plants, some dirt gets in his eye so and so whenever I see him about to face plant, I hold my hand out so that he (or she i dont know yet)...
  6. C

    Basking Temperatures

    Hi Guys, Just wanted to see how people check there basking spots?
  7. B

    Tortoise help (humidity, enclosure, protien, skin)

    Hi! I've had my red foot for about 2 months, and i rescued her, and shes not in the best shape. But she has been doing a lot better. I have a 50 gallon glass aquarium with a screen on the top as n enclosure, and I've been wondering how to get an affordable new bigger enclosure. I also have been...