tortoise care

  1. unifiedsouls122333

    Redfoot “cool spot”

    Hey I guys I am new to this forum.. however I have always came here for info on my now 11 year old redfoot tortoise Loki. I live in the Northeast of the US where we have pretty cold winters (can get down to about 10 degrees at lowest) I have a 8 by 4 enclosure (stock tank from tractor supply)...
  2. A

    General questions before getting a tortoise

    Hello all, new member here. It's nice to see everyone being so helpful so I thought I'd join and ask a few questions. I would like to get a tortoise for my backyard, it's big, has lots of grass, flowers, etc. It's all enclosed so I don't think the tortoise would escape. I see a lot of people...
  3. T

    HELP! Tortoise not moving after soaking

    As I do every morning I put my 2.5 month old leopard to soak in water just above its head. It likes that and usually just walks around, trying to climb out of the tub. Today I put her in and she was fine, walking around like normal. 15 mins in I felt the water and it felt a little cold so I...
  4. S

    Any tips for new reptile tortoise owner?

    Hello everyone! :) About a year ago my dad came home with 4 tortoises, 3 Sulcatas and 1 (baby) Homopus Areolatus (Padloper). The Padloper fell into my care a few months after that day. I finally got a job, so it was about time I started focusing hard on helping the little bugger not only...
  5. B

    Is this normal or does anyone have any ideas what it could be?

    Hi I have a Tortoise which is around a year old and I was washing him today and noticed a White substance on him. It looks a bit like PVA glue when you get it on your hands (if you know what I mean). Is this normal? If not what could it be and what should I do? Thanks
  6. S

    I found what looks like a shell in my tortoises cage!!

    Hello, a very worried tortoise owner here! As I was cleaning my torts enclosed I noticed what looked to be a decaying shell in the dirt. I checked my tortoises shell and it appears to be just fine but with a red stain as I thought this to be blood. I gave him a wash and everything seems to be...
  7. Isabel Casiño

    No activity since we changed countries

    After we moved here to Alabama my RF King was having problems adjusting, he still does and its been over 5 months already. In these 5 months he hasn't eaten properly, just a nibble of his food occasionally and he stays in the house area of his new enclosure (a shaded dark area separated from the...
  8. B

    Opinions on isopods in a tortoise enclosure?

    hello, i’ve been considering adding some isopods into my tortoises enclosure to aid with the mold. is it worth it? i’m willing to grow colonies to replace them if they get eaten by spiders etc. a friend had recommended them to me and i wanted to double check here to make sure.
  9. HermanniChris


    What happens when tortoises and turtles hatch? When should they be removed from the incubator? How should they be set up? In this full episode, a lot of information is covered on the subject of reproducing these amazing animals. Learn about how to handle newly hatched babies and how to begin...
  10. lionheartHC

    General thank you to everyone that contributes to this forum!

    I love being able to speak to/bounce ideas off like minded people that enjoy the hobby of keeping tortoises. Not only keeping them but giving them the life that they deserve to thrive! I was on the reddit tortoise thread and it's so sad to see people keeping these incredible animals in terrible...
  11. J

    Need help

    Hi, I just started here and I’m concerned with my Russian tortoises the shells seems to have small Divets in it on some areas I don’t know if that’s just how his shell is. If you can help me thank you so much.
  12. A

    Tortoise enclosure size

    Hey everyone! I am new here but have been researching endlessly on the internet for the proper size to make an indoor enclosure for a 5 year old African spurred (sulcata) tortoise. I wasn’t given much information when I got her so she has lived in a 20 gallon aquarium her entire life. When I...
  13. T

    Bump on tortoise neck concerned

    What is this bump on my 3 year old tortoise? I’m concerned if I should get him checked or if it will go away randomly it looks like a pimple. Any advice what I should do?
  14. SuperReggie64

    Help. (some general questions)

    Hello I'm a new tortoise owner. I just wanted to ask people what's the normal time to feed and how long should they be asleep? Today my tortoise slept for over 15 hours. His 11 years old we think (his a rescue) and is a horsefield tortoise. I have been giving him food twice a day. And I also...
  15. R

    Softer bottom of shell

    Hi everyone! I had just recently adopted a baby Greek tortoise hatching that is around 8 weeks old, weighing in at 34grams and 1.2oz. I keep his temps normal, give him plenty of sunshine, as well as plenty of calcium in his food! He poops everyday and gets warm water soaks every morning. I...
  16. B

    6 month old Med Spur is she pyramiding?

    hi there! i’ve had my baby tortoise for 2 months now and she is 6 months old. She’s always had a couple lumps and was the largest out of her brothers and sisters. I am worried she is showing early signs of pyramiding and am looking for advice on how i can help/if it’s an issue. Attached below...
  17. Lulubadger7

    Female refoot not eating enough?

    Hi! I have a 3 year old Female Redfoot (Lucy) lately she hasnt been eating much? I can't get her to eat many greens, and she seems to only want to eat banana, some chicken (once a week) and maybe a grape or two. She has a varied diet and eats basically what I eat (I am a health nut/ I go out of...
  18. S

    Coconut Reptile Bedding-Coarse or Fine?

    Hi all. New to the forum/first post here! Had a question about what kind of coconut substrate to use. Two of them are the same brand, but one is fine grade and the other is coarse grade. Not sure which grade would be better for my tortoise comfort-wise (burrowing, marching around, etc.) or what...
  19. J

    Built a Tortoise Table... Decor?

    I'm adopting a Russian male soon (hopefully this week. first tortoise) and just I finished building my tortoise table. It's 6.5' x 3.5', a little smaller than the recommended 4' x 8' but he will spend a lot of the summer outside in a 4' x 8' so I am not too worried. I'm not sure how to...
  20. erinbug

    Adopting my first RF tortoise today!

    Hello, My name is Erin and I've been prowling this forum for about a month while setting up my first redfoot tortoise enclosure! Our Petco has had a RF juvenile for several years and I've finally decided to bite the bullet and rescue the little guy from his much-too-cramped tank. And today is...