tortoise care

  1. J

    Need help

    Hi, I just started here and I’m concerned with my Russian tortoises the shells seems to have small Divets in it on some areas I don’t know if that’s just how his shell is. If you can help me thank you so much.
  2. A

    Tortoise enclosure size

    Hey everyone! I am new here but have been researching endlessly on the internet for the proper size to make an indoor enclosure for a 5 year old African spurred (sulcata) tortoise. I wasn’t given much information when I got her so she has lived in a 20 gallon aquarium her entire life. When I...
  3. T

    Bump on tortoise neck concerned

    What is this bump on my 3 year old tortoise? I’m concerned if I should get him checked or if it will go away randomly it looks like a pimple. Any advice what I should do?
  4. SuperReggie64

    Help. (some general questions)

    Hello I'm a new tortoise owner. I just wanted to ask people what's the normal time to feed and how long should they be asleep? Today my tortoise slept for over 15 hours. His 11 years old we think (his a rescue) and is a horsefield tortoise. I have been giving him food twice a day. And I also...
  5. R

    Softer bottom of shell

    Hi everyone! I had just recently adopted a baby Greek tortoise hatching that is around 8 weeks old, weighing in at 34grams and 1.2oz. I keep his temps normal, give him plenty of sunshine, as well as plenty of calcium in his food! He poops everyday and gets warm water soaks every morning. I...
  6. B

    6 month old Med Spur is she pyramiding?

    hi there! i’ve had my baby tortoise for 2 months now and she is 6 months old. She’s always had a couple lumps and was the largest out of her brothers and sisters. I am worried she is showing early signs of pyramiding and am looking for advice on how i can help/if it’s an issue. Attached below...
  7. Lulubadger7

    Female refoot not eating enough?

    Hi! I have a 3 year old Female Redfoot (Lucy) lately she hasnt been eating much? I can't get her to eat many greens, and she seems to only want to eat banana, some chicken (once a week) and maybe a grape or two. She has a varied diet and eats basically what I eat (I am a health nut/ I go out of...
  8. S

    Coconut Reptile Bedding-Coarse or Fine?

    Hi all. New to the forum/first post here! Had a question about what kind of coconut substrate to use. Two of them are the same brand, but one is fine grade and the other is coarse grade. Not sure which grade would be better for my tortoise comfort-wise (burrowing, marching around, etc.) or what...
  9. J

    Built a Tortoise Table... Decor?

    I'm adopting a Russian male soon (hopefully this week. first tortoise) and just I finished building my tortoise table. It's 6.5' x 3.5', a little smaller than the recommended 4' x 8' but he will spend a lot of the summer outside in a 4' x 8' so I am not too worried. I'm not sure how to...
  10. erinbug

    Adopting my first RF tortoise today!

    Hello, My name is Erin and I've been prowling this forum for about a month while setting up my first redfoot tortoise enclosure! Our Petco has had a RF juvenile for several years and I've finally decided to bite the bullet and rescue the little guy from his much-too-cramped tank. And today is...
  11. Heathcliff

    Russian Tortoise Closed Eyes

    My wife recently brought home a Russian Tortoise. When he first arrive two days ago he was active and eating. A day later and his eyes had closed and now wont open. He's stopped eating and generally doesnt move around much during the day. We were using a sand substrate but we switched to Coco...
  12. Lulubadger7

    Hi New here! Redfoot mom

    Helllooo! :) I am new here and not the best with posting tech etc... I have a redfoot who I adore named Lucy. She is hilarious.
  13. S

    where to keep a Spur-thighed tortoise?

    Hi everyone! I'm struggling to find somewhere to keep my spur-thighed tortoises when it is too cold to let them go in the garden at night. What is best to keep them in a vivarium or tortoise table? Also what sizes are needed? I read that a vivarium does not allow enough ventilation, but a...
  14. S

    What are the main problems you have found with your tortoise

    Hi everyone!! I am making a new tortoise enclosure for my tortoises Henry and T.Rex to stay in and I am looking into tortoise tables, does anyone have one? What are the benefits of having one over a vivarium? Also what are the main difficulties that you find when looking after tortoises? I have...
  15. RobMilkz

    New Owner Tips (Hermann Tortoise)

    Hello, I got my tortoise, Atlas, at a reptile shop along with his tortoise table, heat lamp, heat mad, soil substrate, water dish and vitamin powder containing calcium and vitamin D3. He is a 2017 Hatchling and came with a microchip. He is very active and loves to scratch at the corners, he...
  16. SBTortMom

    Experienced Tort Foster Mom Available

    If you are a CA Wildfire Victim in need of FREE S/T or L/T foster care for an adult Mojave Desert or Sulcata tortoise or two, I can help. Offering outstanding loving care, diet, custom outdoor habitat (or indoors, as as appropriate during brumation period). Retired RN with considerable Animal...
  17. B

    Tortoise just eating tortoise diet

    Hi i have a red foot tortoise that will just eat tortoise diet if i give him/she tortoise diet he/she will not eat his/she greens what should i do to get him/she to eat his/she greens or she/him is ok to eat tortoise diet
  18. B

    Is my red foot tortoise pyramiding?

    Hi i got a red foot tortoise it is 5 months old but i am new to tortoises it is my first tortoise could you tell me if my tortoise is stating to pyramid or that is ok like that is normal for a baby red foot tortoise i have a few pic of my tortoise if you want to look and see if he is starting...
  19. M

    Read ASAP ! Box turtle isn’t cared for

    There is a box turtle that my step brother “rescued” from the wild. He found it one day and took it and kept it on a land that his dad owns. He named it Bob and isn’t taking care of it. A little back story on my brother : he is my mom’s fiancé’s son. His dad bought him 2 sulcata tortoises just...
  20. K

    Newcomer from So Cal!

    Hello all! I recently joined this forum the other day, and wanted to introduce myself. My name is Kelsey and I live in Southern California. I’m the proud owner of a 20 year old Texas Box Tortoise (I think that’s what she is, a vet suggested it), but recently rescued a tiny adorable baby...