1. BHiLL

    Hi! New Eastern Hermann's Tortoise Owner

    Hi everyone! My name is Brian and I live in Los Angeles. I recently became an owner/proud parent of an Eastern Hermann's Hatchling, Tortilla! He (maybe a he?) has been getting daily soaks, has a great appetite, gets some sun during lunch, burrows down for long sleeps, and already enjoys us...
  2. K


    Hi! Does anyone know where Tortstork ships from?
  3. Crazyturtlelady

    TortStork Review

    I was wanting to add a smaller addition to my tortoise family, and was so happy to have found Randy and TortStork! He was so helpful in selecting the right tortoise for what I was looking for, and has been so kind and knowledgeable throughout the process. I ordered an Eastern Hermann’s...
  4. V

    Tortstork Review

    A great experience from beginning to end. Randy took the time to answer a ton of questions and help me find the right tortoise for our family. We ended up getting Instahatch # 108 and a pair of hatchling Western Hermann’s. Communication was great responding quickly and shipping went smoothly...
  5. Kingsley7

    Tort Stork

    Ray was great, you can tell he really cares about his tortoises and has the best interest of the animals and the customer in mind. Great prices for top quality animals. He gave me an extremely healthy 100% HET for Ivory Sulcata and it is doing amazing investigating its new home right out of the...