1. L

    indian star tortoise keeper need help (sleeps a lot, poor appetite)

    hi i am relatively new to turtle keeping I have 1 Indian star which i think 4-5 months old i need help as it only sleeps and i have wake it up to feed it it only eats cucumbers i have tried lettuce and a lot of other greens pls help. and do i have to leave him water or something
  2. Nancy Freeman

    Show me your tortoise/turtle jewelry

    Hi everyone, I hope you are doing fine! I've found the perfect turtle necklace I've been looking for! I'm so excited to show it to you😍. I recently bought it from a very reliable and affordable website. The site is called MadeInSea if you are curious. They have a lot of turtles jewelry pieces...
  3. Nancy Freeman

    I'm looking for a good place to buy tortoise or turtle jewelry !!

    Hi everyone ! I am currently looking for a place (website, business or seller) where I can buy turtle or tortoise jewelry. I'd like to start a small collection, so if the same place sells necklaces, rings and bracelets, that would be very much appreciated! Thank you 🤗
  4. D

    Tortoise / turtle identification

    Hello! Recently got a tortoise / turtle from my pops boss. Any idea what type of tortoise / turtle it is?
  5. W

    Baby box turtle in water all the time

    Hi everyone, I adopted a baby eastern box about a month ago and he has made great progress in general but I still have a few concerns about his health in the long run. My main concern right now is that spend almost all his time in the water. I dont think its bad for him since I have seen the...
  6. C

    4 turtles to good home

    We have four turtles looking for good homes. Two are red eared sliders and two are yellow belly. They belonged to an elderly lady who could no longer care for them. We took them temporarily as they were being kept in small fish tanks. We are located in Waynesboro Virginia. No cost for the...
  7. J

    Please help me identify this yard tortoise/turtle!

    Hi! We just moved to Georgia and found this turtle/tortoise in our backyard. It is approx 10-12 inches. It takes its daily walks in the early afternoon and hasn't left the yard in weeks. We placed this clay saucer out and the rain filled it with water. We found it swimming in there today. We'd...
  8. Paschendale52

    The end of winter strikes hard

    Here in Albuquerque we got warm again a couple of weeks ago for about a week. Then it went back into the 40s, but now we're coming back up. Today I went outside and saw that one of the map turtles, who I saw swimming around a month ago after the worst of the winter, was at the bottom and...
  9. Wayfarin

    Red-eared sliders and American bullfrogs living together? (LONG THREAD)

    Hello, folks! Some of you may already be acquainted with our turtle, as I've already introduced her on another thread. We currently own a female red-eared slider named Teresa or "Terry" who's a little over 12 years old. We've had her for that long, and we suspect she could live many more years...
  10. Wayfarin

    Hello, folks! I'm "Wayfarin" and this is Teresa

    Hello, folks! I'm "Wayfarin" and this is our red-eared slider, Teresa. She's our 12/13-year old red-eared slider female whom we've had for a very long time. She's been living most of her life indoors in a 30-gallon tank, but we're finally in the process of upgrading her living conditions to...
  11. Eastern Diamond Back Turtle

    Eastern Diamond Back Turtle

    DBT waiting for lunch at SERC, Edgewater, MD
  12. Paschendale52

    Bruminating Painted turtle health scare

    @Markw84 @Yvonne G Hello, I just went out to check on the turtles bruminating in the pond and I noticed that Fatty (southern painted map turtle) was upside down. Three map turtles were in evidence at the bottom, the others I'm sure are hiding out somewhere. The map turtles all look fine. Fatty...
  13. D

    Water Food Dish

    Anyone ever try one of these for putting greens in?
  14. A

    Reeves turtle has been excessively shedding for 2 months

    Hi guys, My male reeves turtle(8yr) has been excessively shedding for almost 2 months now. At first I thought it was due to high water temps bc its really hot where I live, but then I moved him to my apartment where the air temp is 70-75degrees and his water temp stays around 75-78 degrees. Then...
  15. M

    What kind of turtle/tortoise?

    What kind of turtle/tortoise? I purchased a home and it came with a turtle. Previous owners purchased home 45 years ago and she came with purchase.
  16. Paschendale52

    Pond Build

    Hi all! I'm finally working on a pond at our new house here in Albuquerque, NM. The excavation is done and I'm currently working on getting concrete footings poured for the walls. The pond will be basically a 20' x 10' square with dog ears in opposite corners. The walls will be ~2.5' tall and...
  17. S

    Been seeing this guy around my yard for about a month now, what kind of turtle is he?

    I know he is not a wood turtle, box turtle, or gopher tortoise but I can’t determine what he is extremely curious to know! He’s about 9-11 inches long and pretty wide, and I live in North Georgia near the Atlanta metro.
  18. D434F5AD-1F89-4A04-AC9F-C8340FEC73B1.jpeg


    My juvenile softshell Flapjack
  19. jorg3beto

    What type of turtle is this?

    Hi, I hope someone here may know. My parents found this turtle in the woods, near a highway by the center part of Mexico. They decided to keep it in and they've had it for some months now. I wanted to help them find the best conditions to keep It healthy, but I just don't know what type of...
  20. CharSparda

    Species identification

    Hey! It’s me making my 838384 thread But yeah, today a friend of mine found a (turtle?) under his car who was being bothered by some dogs and he took it to his garden. He went to a vet who told him this was a land turtle but I am not quite sure if that’s the case, to me it looks like a water...