1. L

    UVA basking bulb

    Sorry all but I’m still confused. I have just purchased the T5 pro kit 12%. I’m very happy with the tube light but what I’m unsure about is can I use a uva basking bulb along side it or do I need a different type of bulb? Thanks
  2. L

    Unsure on basking light needed

    Hi All, I got some amazing help with my last post so thought I’d ask you guys anoth question. I have just bought the T5 pro kit 24w tube light and I’m now wondering what basking light to use. I have a heat only one at the moment but I’m wondering if that’s all I need or would I be better with...
  3. T

    Questions regarding enclosure for my baby redfoot.

    Hi this is my first post, I've lurked around this forum for awhile and decided to join since I had some questions and were making me doubt my decisions a lot. Some info on my baby tort is that it is a Redfoot and around 3 months or so of age and I've had him for about a week. I live in the...
  4. R

    bulb reccomendations?

    hi i’m getting a hermann’s soon, does anyone have any specific recommendations for heat/uvb/uva lamps for a hatchling? specific brands to get, or dos and dont? i’ve seen a lot of conflicting information.
  5. S

    Lighting a plastic storage enclosure and cleaning instructions

    Can you please tell me how I can light up my tortoise's plastic storage container with the UVA and UVB lights required? and please send photos if you can. How often will I need to clean my tortoise's enclosure if I use a top soil safe for him? And I am getting a boy within the next 2 years I am...
  6. yay14

    Is he getting enough UV

    Hi everyone i was wondering if my one year old hermann tortoise is getting enough UV. I now this is hard to say without a UV meter but i am gonna go ahead and aks anyway. He has a 50 watt solar raptor spot Metal halide/ H.I.D lamp that is suspended 22 inches above the enclosure recomended...
  7. Z

    Is this a good bulb?

    Does anyone know if this is a good bulb for my Red Footed Tortoise? Will it do everything my tortoise needs?
  8. M

    Zilla Desert Tube lighting

    Hey guys! I'm looking to buy a tube uvb light for my tourtise tomorrow. I was wondering if anyone had used a tube uvb before in an Indoor enclosure and if they could show me their setup. I'm looking to have it hang above my turtles enclosure since I dont have a screen ontip of his cage. The one...
  9. Thomas Lamar

    Regarding halogen flood lighting in tortoise table.

    Good day! I purchased a custom tortoise table second hand, and it has a light fixture mounted to it that allows for three halogen flood bulbs to be placed inside it. The person that sold it to me linked me to these bulbs, saying that is all they ever used in the fixture, as it provided basking...
  10. ayrgrn

    Too hot?

    Hello all, I have a 100w Arcadia MVB in my 60x130cm enclosure for my tort Loki. The temperature at his height directly underneath the bulb is about 32-33° which I think is perfect. However, underneath this bulb I have a flat stone that I found in my garden, it has been disinfected of course. I...
  11. Alex Prolucs

    Heat UVA UVB Bulb

    I was searching for better heat bulbs and found these two, which is better? First one's name: "Universal E27 Reptile Halogen Heat Lamp Light Basking Full Spectrum UVA UVB Bulb 100W" Link...