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  1. L

    Greek tort lighting

    Hi! So I need a new lamp of some sort, my current one is a UVB but I fear that the effectiveness of a UVB lamp has worn out (I bought it secondhand). I recently acquired two young Greek torts, Luna is 6 weeks old, Neville is 4 months old. The live i a 90x40cm wooden enclosure, after days of...
  2. AT-JeffT

    Hello and Thank You, A First Time Tortoise Keeper

    Hello Everyone, I wanted to introduce myself and Arlo the yellow footed tortoise, but mostly say thank you to the community because it wasn't smooth sailing from the get go. I'll share my story and how the community has helped immensely. The journey actually begins with neither myself or Arlo...
  3. Tortoise_Tarzan

    Should I change a UVB bulb for a plant growth light??

    i have a BioActive tortoise enclosure and I want the plants to do a little better. I currently have an Arcadia light which lets of UVB and UVA so he gets most of his UVB there but I also have a long tube UVB light. I was wondering if it would be okay if I switched over to a Arcadia jungle dawn...
  4. Thomas Lamar

    Regarding halogen flood lighting in tortoise table.

    Good day! I purchased a custom tortoise table second hand, and it has a light fixture mounted to it that allows for three halogen flood bulbs to be placed inside it. The person that sold it to me linked me to these bulbs, saying that is all they ever used in the fixture, as it provided basking...
  5. B

    Tortoise table fluorescent tube fixture

    I'm currently in the process of constructing a new table for my red foot tortoise. I'm going to put in a uvb fluorescent tube but I'm having a problem with actual figuring how to fix the tube to the table. I don't want to use a fixed plastic tube holder as they're heavy, limit how long a tube...
  6. B

    What UVB fluorescent for an 8 year old red foot tort?

    Upgrading my current table to a new one, I've been told a uvb fluorescent tube is better than the normal uvb light I have. So my question is, what sort of uvb fluorescent tube should I get (5.0,10.0 and what length)? And what brand (Currently I'm using equipment from Exo Terra, are they good?)...
  7. Autiwara

    exo terra large tall (36x18x36/90x45x60) for juvenile red foot??

    I currently have my small red foot tortoise in an exo terra large wide (36x18) but was thinking of switching it out with the large tall, it would still be 36" long but taller so that I could maybe plant some stuff and hang the mvb lamp and CHE inside of the tank by a chain so it wouldn't have to...
  8. ayrgrn

    What UV percentage do I need?

    Want to get a T8 UVB tube. What percentage and wattage do I need for my 8 month old hermanns? I'm planning on attaching it about 10" away from the substrate and want to get a reflector attachment as well. There will be no mesh wire in the way of light. Thanks
  9. cheers2lizzie

    UVB lighting

    Hello Tort enthusiasts! I am a new Tort mom to Hebe, a Redfoot hatchling, who is 3-4 months old now. Hebe was a surprise for my husband. He is tortoise and turtle lover and has been missing something since is box turtle, Andrea, died a few years ago. Hebe is doing well (eating, soaking...
  10. Jakoob1190

    Tortoise Staring at UVB bulb.

    Hello. I just got my russian tortoise his first UVB lamp (the long one, not the compact one) and he has been trying to just climb to it and keeps staring at it ever since. I was wondering if it could damage his eyes (it is an arcadia 10% 18w lamp). Thank you.
  11. B

    UVB Lights are confusing!

    I wondered if anybody would be able to help. I'm all set up ready and waiting to get my tortoise however i'm still so confused about the UVB lighting! (obviously he will not be brought until I've sorted this!) I've heard alot of good things about the: Arcadia D3 UV Basking Lamp (this looks as...
  12. T

    Noob pre-purchase questions: Leopard, Russian, or other?

    Greetings TF family! My wife and I want to get our son a turtle for Christmas. I have been doing a bit of research and lurking a bit on TF, and today I decided to create an account in order to get the best use out of the forum. We live in Los Angeles and own to dogs. -I want to get either a...
  13. R

    New Horsefield Tort owner!!!

    Hi everyone!! Hope this message reaches you in good health :) I got a year old, female horsefield tortoise yesterday and I wanted some clarity on the heating situation. I was told to keep her UVB light on at all times (including night time when she's sleeping) however there are many posts...
  14. orgetorix

    Animal Plastics LIghting Suggestions

    Hello, while I wait for my AP cage, I was hoping to get some advice regarding lighting. The enclosure will be 84"Lx30"Dx24"H. I hope to have the UV mounted approx. 18" above substrate. What kind of output do I need? Also, for incandescent fixtures, how many and at what placement? I was...
  15. Alex Prolucs

    Heat UVA UVB Bulb

    I was searching for better heat bulbs and found these two, which is better? First one's name: "Universal E27 Reptile Halogen Heat Lamp Light Basking Full Spectrum UVA UVB Bulb 100W" Link...
  16. Z

    Hermanns doesn't like UVB?

    I've had Gemini for 10 weeks now. We had a lot of sun over summer, so he was outdoors most days, and I didn't really worry about his dislike of the UVB lamp too much, and figured he'd adjust to it. But, he just won't bask under the UVB, even though he'll bask under a heat lamp without UVB...
  17. Noodles1210

    no uvb/uva in enclosure

    so i recently had to seperate my two leos because of the male bullying the female. we had to quickly put together an enclosure for my female. we only have one uv light and the male is using it. i take both of the torts outside everyday for about 4-6 hours unless it’s raining, is the female ok...
  18. tortellini617

    I have a two-level tortoise table and want to install a Fluorescent UVB tube below.

    The substrate is about 10 inches from the 2nd level roof. Can I get a weaker UVB tube that will not be harmful from that distance or mount it horizontally to the side to increase the distance to the shell?
  19. Brit G

    Safe temp uvb with standard bulb base?

    Are these bulbs any good for a boost in UVB temporarily? I hate to mention price, but they only cost ~$15 each. I shouldn't have this Texas tortoise longer than next Friday by the latest (long story) but would hate for it to begin developing mbd in the meantime. I've had the tort about 6 days...
  20. margosha

    ZooMed T8 10.0 Tube Lighting Question

    I am currently using the ZooMed 10.0 T8 18" tube light for my baby Russian tortoise's enclosure. It is about 15" away from him, which is as close as I can get due to the size of the tank. Is that an ok distance or too far? Would a reflector help if it's too far? Thanks!