1. C

    Above Tank Lighting Setup

    Hi, Apologies if there is a thread asking a similar question, I've been browsing for information all day and haven't found anything that can answer my specific question and have been getting overwhelmed with the amount of lighting information that doesn't actually answer my question. I...
  2. C

    Horsefield lighting configuration

    Hi guys, I have recently built a new enclosure for my horsefield tortoise . The measurements are 4ft x 3ft with a height of 1ft. What would be the optimal heat and lighting setup for indoor only? I'm thinking about somehow attaching a T8 UVB to one of the sides with a clamped on ceramic...
  3. Y

    Arcadia T5 light fixture

    I'm having a hard time getting an Arcadia T5 light fixture (tubes can be found at local PetSmart). It's out of stock everywhere (petsmart, reptilighting, etc.). I'm wondering if any of you know where to get one.
  4. Second Hand Tortoise

    Not enough exposure to sunlight?

    Hello all, I have a bit of a problem and wanted to get your advice. My 6 year old tortoise, Pippi, spends most of her time outdoors, only coming inside at night. She has a run that she is put in when she cannot be supervised that is half indoors (filled with hay), and half on the lawn so she...
  5. G

    how much UV does my juvenile yellow belly slider need?

    I have a 30 gallon aquarium that has been for fish only until recently. I rescued a young YBS (approx 3.5 inches long) crossing the street in a residential area, and picked it up with the intention of releasing it into the creek behind my house, where I have seen wild YBS living. Instead of...
  6. M

    UVB help

    Can I use this UVB for hatchlings (5 weeks old) They live in a tortoise house at the moment while a larger more appropriate enclosure is being built. What do you recommend? A strip light? 10 or higher? How high?
  7. S

    UVB Lighting for baby tortoise

    There are so many different opinions online of what UVB to get, it's rather overwhelming... I have a baby padloper tortoise (and a agma atra lizard, think of this as a smaller version of a bearded dragon if you don't know about it), what would be the best UVB to get them? I am now moving off of...
  8. T

    Anyone else used this PowerSun H.I.D combo? Thoughts?

    https://zoomed.com/powersun-h-i-d-combo/ getting this for my Russian tort. I really am looking for a lamp that heats and has all the other needs such as UVB. Anyone used this before? Does it seem okay?
  9. S

    MVB pyramiding

    my mum and I picked up a MVB bulb to try for Colin over the next few months before he goes into an outdoor enclosure for the warmer months. I posted a thread about the tube lights yesterday and we went to pick a new one up + fixtures today but they didn't have any of the ones we were looking...
  10. S

    uvb set up fail.. help!

    Hi all.. possibly a silly question here but I cannot figure out how my set up should be. I've been reading through other threads about the lighting set up needed, and someone kindly pointed it out on an instagram post I made, and I've realised my UVB tube light is incorrect. The previous owner...
  11. J

    Coil/compact UVB bulbs in 2021

    Hello everyone! I am a new tort mom and also a new member of this forum :) I've been caring for a baby sulcata for the past 2 months now and all is going good. I let him/her get some sun as much as I can (usually in the weekends) when I have the time. Lately though I have not been able to do...
  12. T

    Questions regarding enclosure for my baby redfoot.

    Hi this is my first post, I've lurked around this forum for awhile and decided to join since I had some questions and were making me doubt my decisions a lot. Some info on my baby tort is that it is a Redfoot and around 3 months or so of age and I've had him for about a week. I live in the...
  13. R

    bulb reccomendations?

    hi i’m getting a hermann’s soon, does anyone have any specific recommendations for heat/uvb/uva lamps for a hatchling? specific brands to get, or dos and dont? i’ve seen a lot of conflicting information.
  14. S

    Lighting a plastic storage enclosure and cleaning instructions

    Can you please tell me how I can light up my tortoise's plastic storage container with the UVA and UVB lights required? and please send photos if you can. How often will I need to clean my tortoise's enclosure if I use a top soil safe for him? And I am getting a boy within the next 2 years I am...
  15. S

    Should I turn off the heat lamp and the UVB lamp during the day?

    My tortoise’s enclosure is right by the window and she gets direct sunlight throughout the day. Should I turn off the heat lamp and UVB lamp during the day? She also has another heat lamp that doesn’t have the light, just the heat. I’m thinking of leaving that on and turning off the other one...
  16. J

    Does my screen blocks UVB from SUN?

    Hi Guys, I'm getting a sulcata hatchling tortoise and I have a few questions. I'm living in the Philippines a tropical country. (Dry season currently with a temp ranging from 29C to 35C) 1. I'm thinking to put my sulcata in this spot. Since the afternoon sun directly hits my windows, is it a...
  17. daddy_frankenstein

    Is my Greek tortoise getting enough UVB? [Photos attached]

    Hi there! New to the forum but wanted a second opinion on whether my tortoise is getting enough UVB light. My tortoise is set up in a converted wardrobe, half of which is taken up by another tortoise enclosure (which I've not attached as their tortoise set up isn't mine to share) - The two...
  18. khepur

    Proper UVB for Hatchling Tortoises?

    Hello! I'm Khepur, and I am very much a newbie with owning tortoises, and the ones I'm caring for aren't technically 'mine' but I've fallen in love and desperately want to give proper care. They are three Arizona Desert Tortoises (probably Gopherus agassizii) and are around two months old. I've...
  19. yay14

    Is he getting enough UV

    Hi everyone i was wondering if my one year old hermann tortoise is getting enough UV. I now this is hard to say without a UV meter but i am gonna go ahead and aks anyway. He has a 50 watt solar raptor spot Metal halide/ H.I.D lamp that is suspended 22 inches above the enclosure recomended...
  20. Marz ??&?shelly

    Baby spur thighed SHELLY only wants to bask under her UVB strip light

    Hi all I’m a new mum to my baby Greek Spur- Thighed tortoise - Shelly - she is beautiful! I was bought her and her home plus accessories for Christmas. I have continued to monitor her every 5 -10 minutes checking the temperatures in the room and around her home.Our home in general is always...