1. N

    How many hours a day should the uvb light be on?

    Hello everyone, I’ve ordered a 12% T5 uvb light for my baby Herman tortoise which will be arriving soon, and was wondering how long to leave it on for. Would 3 hours a day be enough? I plan on placing the uvb light 16 inches away from the substrate and apparently will give a reading of around...
  2. The_Four_Toed_Edward

    Conflicting advice on vitamin D and calcium supplementation

    I am worried whether my tortoise is going to get enough vitamin D here in Finland, so I did some research. Unfortunately the advice I found was conflicting, and as a new keeper I don’t know what advice is good and which sources to trust. So, I decided to turn to you with my questions and the...
  3. The_Four_Toed_Edward

    UV index and tortoise outdoor enclousure

    Hey! I have been planning an outdoor enclousure to house my tortoise outdoors in the summer here in Finland. I have already been worried about the heat, but one thing I have also been thinking about lately is the low UV index here in Finland. UVI 3 can be reached from May to August on a sunny...
  4. PerezG94

    UVB and Heat Info Guide

    Hey all, I just wanted to post some info for all you to see. I am new here but constantly see posts asking for UVB and Heat recommendations in other groups. I had made this post on Facebook but thought I’d share here as well! Most of this info will be for Sulcata torts of hatchling to juvie...
  5. M

    Finding the right UVB bulb and fixture

    Hello all, I am struggling with finding the correct UVB bulb and fixture for my Western Hermann’s tortoise. I currently have a 10.0 UVB bulb in a dual repti zoo dome fixture because my tortoise was a baby and in a small enclosure. Now that he’s getting larger I upgraded his enclosure and am...
  6. C

    Slowing down or do i need more UVB on my tortise

    Hey, So i am thinking my russian tortoise might be slowing down. He still eats when he wants but mostly sleeps now since the weather is getting colder. I am in the Midwest(Chicago Area). I am wondering though do i need to add some UVB on him. He usually stays by the heat lamp where there is...
  7. P

    Need a uvb and heat lamp for 6m old leopard

    Can anyone recommend me a reasonably priced uvb and heat bulb for my tortoise? Thanks in advance
  8. R

    Tortoise lighting and enclosure

    Hello, I have had my tortoise for two years now, she is about 6 years old Russian Tortoise. When I first got her I got a long Guinea pig wire enclosure, the height was perfect and she did well with her lighting (100 W uvb zoomed powersun) and everything, no issues. Then I started having trouble...
  9. WanderingFupaQueen

    UVB for Red Foot Tortoise

    I've been researching the best UVB bulbs for Red Foot Tortoise. The bulbs I've been looking into include Zoo Med ReptiSun T8 10.0 UVB Lamp, Arcadia, Mega-Ray, Powersun, and the bulbs from ReptileUV website such as the ReptileUV 100watt SunStream. I'm not sure which one is best. There are too...
  10. WanderingFupaQueen

    UVB for Russian Tortoise

    I've been researching the best UVB bulbs for Russian tortoises. The bulbs I've been looking into include Zoo Med ReptiSun T8 10.0 UVB Lamp, Arcadia, Mega-Ray, Powersun, and the bulbs from ReptileUV website such as the ReptileUV 100watt SunStream. I'm not sure which one is best. There are too...
  11. I

    All In One Bulb

    Hello guys. I need one of those all-in-one bulbs. I have found this bulb called Jbl ReptilDesert. Is it good? Thanks for all of your replies.
  12. M

    Urgent and Inexperienced DIY enclosure

    Hello everyone! I am building an enclosure for a young sulcata. I have no experience with reptiles. He is currently in a very tiny plastic tub and needs to be in something larger and healthier immediately. I want to complete this enclosure ASAP. I recently got the tortoise from someone who no...
  13. C

    UVB UVA 2in1 bulb

    So I was looking into bulbs, and I saw that there’s bulbs that have uvb and uva in one. So my question is which brand is better. I’ve been seeing posts that some brands are good and thn another site saying they are bad. Just wanted to know which ones are really good. Thanks
  14. JaimeJPC_PR

    Baby Redfoot, indoor enclosure UVB

    I have a question regarding an Arcadia T5 D3+ Desert 12%. I have one installed in my RedFoot enclosure, that is about 15 inches high (Following the Arcadia introduction https://www.arcadiareptile.com/lighting/medium-uv-species/) In my current setup I put the light on top of the Exo Terra Large...
  15. C

    Above Tank Lighting Setup

    Hi, Apologies if there is a thread asking a similar question, I've been browsing for information all day and haven't found anything that can answer my specific question and have been getting overwhelmed with the amount of lighting information that doesn't actually answer my question. I...
  16. C

    Horsefield lighting configuration

    Hi guys, I have recently built a new enclosure for my horsefield tortoise . The measurements are 4ft x 3ft with a height of 1ft. What would be the optimal heat and lighting setup for indoor only? I'm thinking about somehow attaching a T8 UVB to one of the sides with a clamped on ceramic...
  17. Y

    Arcadia T5 light fixture

    I'm having a hard time getting an Arcadia T5 light fixture (tubes can be found at local PetSmart). It's out of stock everywhere (petsmart, reptilighting, etc.). I'm wondering if any of you know where to get one.
  18. Second Hand Tortoise

    Not enough exposure to sunlight?

    Hello all, I have a bit of a problem and wanted to get your advice. My 6 year old tortoise, Pippi, spends most of her time outdoors, only coming inside at night. She has a run that she is put in when she cannot be supervised that is half indoors (filled with hay), and half on the lawn so she...
  19. G

    how much UV does my juvenile yellow belly slider need?

    I have a 30 gallon aquarium that has been for fish only until recently. I rescued a young YBS (approx 3.5 inches long) crossing the street in a residential area, and picked it up with the intention of releasing it into the creek behind my house, where I have seen wild YBS living. Instead of...
  20. M

    UVB help

    Can I use this UVB for hatchlings (5 weeks old) They live in a tortoise house at the moment while a larger more appropriate enclosure is being built. What do you recommend? A strip light? 10 or higher? How high?