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  1. C

    Vet is suggestion a Mouth smear & getting blood count how important are these?

    Hello I am going to take my tortoise for his yearly check up. The vet is suggestion a mouth Smear and a blood count. Are these needed or is this something i can hold off on. My tortoise has been healthy over the past year. One problem is I moved 30 plus miles away and i cant really do multiple...
  2. I

    Red foot swallowed a huge stone

    Please help! Saw my three-year-old red foot choking on something huge, and I think it was a smooth rock. She was foaming a lot at the mouth when I saw her, and there was something just smaller than her head stuck in her throat. She could still breathe and ended up swallowing the thing whole...
  3. tamzsturg

    medications made my tortoise ill?

    Hi everyone, so my tortoise’s appetite decreased over the last few weeks to the point where now, he doesn’t want to eat at all. We persevere, and usually manage to get him to eat a couple of his wet pellets, a small bit of broccoli, or a tiny bit of lettuce/kale, and then he gives up and...
  4. A

    Impacted Hermann's Tortoise - not sure what to do!

    My 11 year old Hermann's tortoise has been at the veterinary hospital since last Wednesday - 6 days. She has had scans that confirm an impaction in her upper digestive tract. I've been given 2 options - wait it out or have them attempt surgery. They have advised that her chances of surviving...
  5. D

    Mr. T’s Hurt Leg

    We have, some type of, California Desert Tortoise that has recently been injured. For some time, not sure how long, he was stuck with a lead/rope around his front arm that was left on a chair in the yard after a dog bath. Somehow the tortoise had managed to get it so tightly wrapped around his...
  6. M

    Russian tourtise Vet in Delaware/Mayland Area.

    Hello, I'm looking for experienced vets that can help me with my Russian tourtise. I didnt know if anyone had any experiences with tourtise vets in the Delaware/Maryland area. Thanks. Maddy
  7. PurpelesKoowaid

    For the vet

  8. alyssa_rosa

    Russian Tort Abscess Surgery Southern CA

    Hello everyone! My tortoise had a nasty abscess on her throat. I went to take her in and the vet has removed it yesterday. The overall cost for everything (sedation, pain meds (3 were given to me), ward care, the removal of the abscess, everything absolutely necessary) was $355. It was pricey...