western hermann's

  1. J

    Looking for reputably bred Western Hermanns tortoises for sale!

    Does anyone know where there are western hermanns for sale? The in my place I can find is tortoise town and I’ve seen some not great reviews.. definitely want to get from a well known breeder that cares for their animals! Thank you
  2. K

    Western Hermann's Availability

    Hello, First time posting here so hopefully I'm in the correct thread group. I'm looking to get a tortoise in the next 6 months or so and the western hermann's caught my eye. One thing I noticed is that they seem harder to come by than some of the other Mediterranean tortoises. I've got a...
  3. T

    Eli @ Tiko’s Torts

    This is Eli . Anyone else have a Western Hermann’s? Share pics plz 💚
  4. O

    Eastern or western hermann's?

    I'm wondering if anyone here could help me figure out if my juvenile Dash is an eastern or western hermann's tortoise? The place I purchased from didn't give any information about it. Also I'm very aware of his slight pyramiding, he already had it when I got him and I'm trying my best to fix his...
  5. N

    Western Hermanns Hatchling Advice

    Hi!! I am getting a beautiful western hermann in the next week. She is my dream tortoise, I at first ending up buying a zoo med tortoise house, but I have noticed the benefits of a closed chamber enclosure. I am wanting the best care of my little one, I do want to make sure her lighting is...
  6. tinytortoise

    Happy Thanksgiving from Apis!

  7. tinytortoise

    Almost 1 y.o. ~ Apis the Western Hermann's

    She'll be 1 year old in 1 week!<3