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yellow footed tortoise

  1. R

    Looking for red or yellow foot tortoise breeders

    Hello, I am looking to buy a red or yellow foot tortoise from a reputable breeder. I live in Chicago, so shipping may be a bit complicated. I hope to hear from you!
  2. AT-JeffT

    Hello and Thank You, A First Time Tortoise Keeper

    Hello Everyone, I wanted to introduce myself and Arlo the yellow footed tortoise, but mostly say thank you to the community because it wasn't smooth sailing from the get go. I'll share my story and how the community has helped immensely. The journey actually begins with neither myself or Arlo...
  3. Emwolfoh

    Yellow Footed Tortoise Table

    Hello other tortoise lovers, Just wanted to show the tortoise table I have made for my yellow foot. I got him about a year ago his name is Link. He has been in his new home for about 3 months now. He seems too be enjoying it. I made the table out of an old desk we had it is the bottom...