yellow footed tortoise

  1. A

    Yellow foot safe plants

    im building my rescue tortoise Shelby a outdoor enclosure . Shelby is 20yrs old and came from a old dude who had her and a couple red footed tortoises he died and his family didn’t want them and i got her she was severely neglected im pretty sure she ate dog/cat food most of the time cause she...
  2. A

    Can you please tell me what’s around my tortoise eye and what’s causing it

    so u just noticed my tortoise had these white stuff around his eyes… can you guys help me out:( I’m so concerned and I have no idea what is it or what to do
  3. F

    Help identify species? (Testudinidae)

    Howdy, I'm new here and hope to not be annoying BUT I have a tortoise that makes me question the species. 'She' was sold as a redtail but, Ive always questioned that. She was from a local chain pet store, they are great people there and I chose to purchase her after she had been there for 8...
  4. M

    Breeders in Canada for yellow foot

    Hi Everyone! I'm in Alberta, Canada! And we're thinking of getting a yellow foot hatchling. Can anyone direct me to anyone in Canada that are selling these little guys??
  5. TortymcShorty

    Best type of tortoise for Nashville, TN?

    Hey again!! So I know last time I posted about wanting to purchase a Herman’s tortoise, but after doing a lot more extensive research and obsessively scrolling through this forum (heh heh) I have found that Red footed tortoises or yellow footed Torts might do better for my area. I’m honestly...
  6. donatello-the-yf

    White scales around the tortoise's eye

    Hello, I'm new here! So, I have a 17 years old male Yellow-Footed Tortoise named Donatello. So, generally there is white foam in his eyes that I think may be due to the enclosure's humidity. His enclosure, I've to admit, is not appropriated for a tortoise yet. The floor is made of cement and...
  7. K

    White spots on shell? Help!

    Hi there! I’m a new red(yellow?) foot owner. I’ve had Tortilla for going on three weeks now. Thursday while soaking I noticed these white spots on their shell. I’m not sure what they are because it’s not chipped. After looking back at pictures Tortilla had them when we first got him as well...
  8. X

    Yellowfoot or redfoot tortoise?

    I recently found this turtle in my yard so I did some research and discovered that it could either be a redfoot or yellowfoot tortoise. Can someone please tell me which one it is or if it’s a different kind?
  9. M

    Red vs Yellow Footed Tortoise

    Hey guys I can’t decide between getting a red footed tortoise or a yellow footed tortoise. So I was wondering if anyone could give me the pros and cons of each one and which one you prefer. Another question I have is I’ve read that red footed are more sociable than yellow footed and I was just...
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    yellow-footed tortoise (Chelonoidis denticulatus) named Ginger
  11. yellow 2.jpg

    yellow 2.jpg

    yellow-footed tortoise (Chelonoidis denticulatus) named Ginger
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    yellow 3.jpg

    yellow-footed tortoise (Chelonoidis denticulatus) named Ginger
  13. jjaymeza

    Yellowfoot tortoise breeder

    Hey guys I’m looking for a reputable Yellowfoot tortoise breeder I really want some hatchlings. Thank you so much in advanced
  14. R

    Looking for red or yellow foot tortoise breeders

    Hello, I am looking to buy a red or yellow foot tortoise from a reputable breeder. I live in Chicago, so shipping may be a bit complicated. I hope to hear from you!
  15. AT-JeffT

    Hello and Thank You, A First Time Tortoise Keeper

    Hello Everyone, I wanted to introduce myself and Arlo the yellow footed tortoise, but mostly say thank you to the community because it wasn't smooth sailing from the get go. I'll share my story and how the community has helped immensely. The journey actually begins with neither myself or Arlo...
  16. DougK

    Amarillo, yellow foot hatchling and a yellow hibiscus❣️

  17. Emwolfoh

    Yellow Footed Tortoise Table

    Hello other tortoise lovers, Just wanted to show the tortoise table I have made for my yellow foot. I got him about a year ago his name is Link. He has been in his new home for about 3 months now. He seems too be enjoying it. I made the table out of an old desk we had it is the bottom...