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Sep 7, 2007
I'd still like to generate a few more funds for the Asian Turtle Program (to help with in situ work on Cuora species) in addition to what we already have come up with from the Western Hermann's tortoise sale a few weeks ago, so some of the money from this sale will go to them.

The last of this year's Box turtle crop is now available.

I have Tan Phase Gulf Coast as well as Pan Handle Gulf Coast box turtle babies and also Eastern box turtle babies. All were produced here and born from exceptional adults which many of you have seen photos of. The adult easterns are some of the most intense oranges, yellows and reds and the Pan Handle Gulf Coast adults have impressive white and blue heads with massive sizes. The Tan Phase Gulf Coast adults are beautiful uniform colored animals littered with yellow dots and specks.

Prices are as follows:

Tan Phase T. c. major- $65 each plus shipping
Pan Handle T. c. major- $65 each plus shipping
High Color T. c. carolina- $75 each plus shipping
Extra/Split scutes animals available for $50 each plus shipping

*KNOW YOUR STATE LAWS. Will not sell these animals to states where they cannot be legally possessed, no exceptions.
*Turtles under 4" sold for scientific/educational/exhibition purposes only and will not be sold as pets
*Please read terms & conditions at gardenstatetortoise.com before ordering

**Please no replies to this ad or PMs, instead send an e-mail to me at:

[email protected]

Below are photos of a few of the adults that produced these, they are not for sale. These are just to give you an idea of what they babies should turn out like since right now they all look like carbon copies of each other.
Thanks again.

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