Chris Leone- Garden State Tortoise & Hermanni Haven


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Jan 4, 2020
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Scott Depot, WV
Chris has been a pleasure to interact with and purchase from. He is very responsive to email and helpful. We are very happy with our new little Ibera Greek, who arrived safe and sound yesterday. Would definitely purchase from him again. 20201013_153121.jpg


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Mar 24, 2020
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After doing a ton of research on the species of tortoise that would be the best fit for our family, there was only one clear choice where I would go to purchase our Western Hermann's tortoises: Chris Leone at Garden State Tortoise & Hermanni Haven. The amount of information he has published on the web through his website and videos on youtube has been invaluable to us as new tortoise keepers. After reviewing all the available information, I feel well informed and prepared to take the very best care of these two little hatchling tortoises. We ended up making an entire outdoor enclosure and garden for them, full of edibles and hideouts and a cold box just like the ones Chris has at Garden State Tortoise. By the time the hatchlings are ready to use it, it should be green and lush and a perfect outdoor habitat for them. Barnaby and Portillo arrived right on time, beautifully packaged, alert and healthy and took to exploring their new indoor enclosure right away. Within just a couple hours, I spotted one of them in the food dish munching on the chopped mulberry, hibiscus, rose, and moistened Mazuri salad we made for them. I can not thank Chris enough for helping to bring so much joy and love to our household. Without a doubt, the best possible experience from start to finish and we love our new babies so much! Thank you, Chris!!
What kind of flower/ diet do you put your western hermanns tortoise on?
I am expecting a western hermanns from Chris in June!! Super excited. How long did you have to wait?

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