Feeding Russian tortoise with indoor gardening


Aug 28, 2020
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Berkeley CA
Hey everyone!

I have started growing indoor plants for my Russian tortoise, and I am looking for some advice on the best things to grow indoors for him, as well as the best way to incorporate variety into his diet.

Currently, this and this are the easiest for me to grow, and I have also been growing him some more clovers. Those I grow in flat foil trays, and then put into his cage once they are grown so he can graze on them. I am trying to grow dandelion like this too, but having some trouble with it. I am also growing him some mesclun and california poppy, but they are in big pots so I will have to replant them or clip them and put it in his food bowl.

I supplement these with spring mix primarily, as well as whatever other limited variety they offer at the grocery store. I used to go to the farmer's market to get him a larger variety, but my schedule does not permit that anymore, hence the indoor growing.

I am wondering, what is the best way to rotate out greens so I can be sure he's getting everything he needs? Also, is there anything I should be growing (and it easy to grow indoors!) for him? I am new to this, so I would appreciate any thoughts or advice!

Also, as an aside, he can be picky. He grew up on spring mix, and does not like eating grass and tougher weeds, not matter how much I try to make him! I think he's not getting enough fiber...
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Jun 4, 2021
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Greenwood, Mi
I’m a super new owner, but from what I read they like wheat and oat grass and both of those are super easy to grow as fodder. It’s on my list to try.


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Jul 30, 2018
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Richmond, VA
My go to in yard plants are Hibiscus, Mulberry, Honeysuckle and opuntia cactus. All of which should thrive in your area

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