Fully custom garden enclosure

Gerardo Mtz LA

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Oct 17, 2017
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Ive been caring for my red foot for 10 years now and finally able to build my own home. I want to make a place for it, indoor or outdoor garden with edible plants. I live in Queretaro Mexico, max monthly temperature is 30C 86F and min is 18C 64F it’s a dry state, around 40% humidity. I wanted to know this forums’ opinion on what would be the best approach on making an area for my tortoise, I preferably want an area I can step in so I can spend time with it. I’m able to install misting or automatic sprinklers for its area, a self cleaning fountain area for it to soak and drink from, and I’m looking to make a heated cave/house/hole for it to hide in. I have no idea on which approach is better bulbs vs heating pads in a natural scenario. Any input or previous experience you could share with me would be greatly appreciated.

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