Ibera Greek instahatch egg


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Jun 13, 2010
$200 plus shipping.

Ibera Greek instahatch egg (Testudo graeca ibera). This egg was laid on 2/8/19. Via candling, I have documented it’s chalking, veining, and embryo growth. The projected shipping date is April 9th, 2019. If you have never hatched a tortoise before, this is an experience of a lifetime. I walk you through every single step. I provide care sheet that explains what to do from the day you get the egg, to pipping, to hatching, to moving your new tortoise out of the incubation and into a growing enclosure. Customers receive my personal cell phone for any questions or concerns you might have and I am promptly responsive to your calls and/or texts.

*I have shipped 44 instahatch eggs (all different species) since 7/31/18. All 44 eggs have hatched. That’s a 100% success rate.

*I donate $10 to a turtle/tortoise conservation group for every egg/tortoise purchased from Tortstork. The donation is made in the buyers name and an email confirmation from the conservation group is sent to you.

If interested PM or email [email protected].

What is an Insta-Hatch egg?

An Insta-Hatch egg is 100% fertile and days away from hatching. The egg is candled and documented through out incubation to confirm that it is developing properly. The egg is shipped 10 days before its predicted hatch date. Like a human’s due date, an Insta-Hatch predicted due date is just an estimate. Based on our experience and knowledge we make the judgment call on when the egg is ready to ship. We use the percentage of airsac that remains in the egg to predict when the best time to ship is.
I ship in a novel way that protects the egg from breaking. If for some reason the egg arrives damaged or the egg does not hatch, we will deal with it in a case by case situation.

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