It's a boy


Jun 4, 2016
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East Sussex
I hope this is posted in the right place
I've recently found out that Bruno is definitely a boy.
About a week ago I gave him his daily bath and just when I was putting him back I noticed something coming out of his tail end. I had previously read on here tha it was one of two things a prolapse or boy part :) as I only saw a little bit I took him to the vet the next day to make sure he was ok. He had an x Ray to make sure he didn't have anything in him to make him strain that could cause a prolapse and everything looked fine so the vet said she was sure it was him flashing :) in the last three days he has 'flashed' four times. He is Two and a half years old I'm wondering is this happening too often as it seems to be an everyday thing at the moment and is it definatley his 'boy parts' I do have a picture if that would help


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Oct 26, 2011
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Little boys seem to go through a hormonal phase of which their private parts are a prominent feature.

Little male torts are no better ;)

It's normal behaviour

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